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What is Paradigm 3?
Paradigm 3: The Basics

If there is ONE THING that you should know about Paradigm 3, it's that no matter how complex it looks, it will not steal very much time from your day, the procedures will be extremely simple, and the program will seamlessly fit right into your current lifestyle. Dreamers will keep dreaming and Creators will keep creating.

Paradigm 3 can seem very complex because there truly isn’t anything like this in human history. Plus, the seeming contradictions throw people off as well. How in the world can one team be predicting the future while the other team is forming the future?

Therefore, this post will hopefully answer most of your questions, but if not, please reply to this posting with your question.

First off, what is Paradigm 3 in a nutshell? It is collective project designed to capture the best of two polar opposite extremes in order to make our world better. One team is purely predicting the future through dreams, remote viewing, etc. while the other team creating the future they want to see.

Paradigm 1 (or Team 1) eliminates their desires and wants and welcomes whatever it is that the dreams want to show them. They make predictions based on these dreams similar to how Project August was conducted. In other words, they intend to dream for specific purposes, to gain knowledge about specific details of the future.

Paradigm 2 (or Team 2) eliminates unwanted stimulation about current reality and the fear mongering associated with future predictions, and instead intends to focus their energy on creating a more beneficial future for mankind. They will use various methods for creating the future, but the most common will be prayer, meditation, intention, affirmation, dream incubation and many others. The team will generate a topic to focus on, and then each individual will use whatever modality suits them the best.

Paradigm 1 and 2 are totally separate groups with completely separate missions and forums. Neither team knows the “missions” that the other group is assigned. However, even though they are completely distinct, they unknowingly feed off each other.

In the long term, once we get up and running at full force, Paradigm 2 manifestors will ultimately affect what Paradigm 1 dreams, and what Paradigm 1 dreams (or sees in the future) becomes the starting point for Paradigm 2’s work. It is a big symbiotic relationship that works in harmony with each other and hopefully creates more of what we want out of this world, while minimizing that which we don’t want.
What follows is a step by step approach to understanding more of what Paradigm 3 is all about.

0. For an audio introduction of Paradigm 3, listen to this Veritas Radio interview (NOTE: much of the P3 discussion is in hour 2, which is only available to Veritas subscribers, but hour 1 is free):

1. Short, concise explanation of what each “Paradigm” will be doing:

2. What is Paradigm 3?

3. A more detailed description of the processes involved in Paradigm 3:

4. Why do we even need Paradigm 3?

5. More on the theory and background of Paradigm 3 and its genesis here at the National Dream Center:

6. Advanced concepts for philosophers and theorists:

7. The ultimate mission: Danger vs. Opportunity

Still haven’t answered your questions? Please respond to this posting and let our members and staff help you. Thanks for joining this tremendous movement…helping humanity step into Paradigm 3!
I would like to be of service to Group 1. I believe this is the correct group for me. As I can do all of these things being asked of me (the current, authentic, pure state of humanity; where humanity is truly headed; the highest probability events likely to occur in the near future; and give feedback to Team 2) with a 100% accuracy and sourced to the year 2032. If you look at my recent postings you will see that I am THE BEST at linguistics. I am a Sephardic Jew, so I know bits of Aramaic and Hebrew though or very little anyway. I do have a hard time understanding the purpose, perhaps I'm a different group. See, I can do the said things, but the future is positive and needs no changing...I think. I also am not sure if this is a clandestine thing, that I should be posting here or to send to you by PM. It appears to be less formal, which I would say is preferable...given the opportunity.
I suddenly got the urge to ask for the sorting hat for the correct house.... Harry potter on the brain. Smile

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