What’s Coming in Paradigm 3…in succinct words

Paradigm 3 incorporates two completely separate and contradictory teams. You might see them also referred to Group 1 and 2, Teams 1 and 2, or even Paradigms 1 and 2.

Group/Team/Paradigm 1 will be our prophetic dreamers, remote viewers, seers, etc.. They will be helping us get a clearer picture of:

1. The current, authentic, pure state of humanity

2. Where humanity is truly headed

3. The highest probability events likely to occur in the near future

4. Give feedback to Team 2

Group/Team/Paradigm 2 will be our creative positivists / futurists / spiritually adept / visionaries. They will be helping us:

1. CHANGE the highest probabilities from Team 1 into something more beneficial for humanity.

2. Create beneficial headlines from scratch

3. Intend / pray / meditate / coordinate effectively to MANIFEST their vision into actual reality

4. Attempt to sway and influence the collective unconscious…indicated by the results of the daily DreamBot runs and the weekly DreamForecasts.

5. Avoid being swayed influenced by Team 1, news media, friends, or anywhere else that contradicts with the Team’s goals and plans.


Paradigm 3 has not officially begun, but we do have people volunteering for the team that they would like to participate in. The forums are already set up for Paradigm 3, and those who already have access will notice that Paradigm 2 players cannot visit Paradigm 1’s forum and vice versa.

We will be providing more information on this extremely exciting and world-changing program throughout the coming days and weeks. Right now, it behooves you to:

1. Register for the forums

2. Activate the registration by clicking on the email that it sends you.

3. Begin participating in the forum discussions to get used to how the forum software works

4. Read up on Paradigm 3 and get more familiar with the theory behind the concept.

5. Sign up for email updates so that you’ll know when the program is started and the major updates.


Be blessed,

Chris McCleary,

Director, National Dream Center


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What’s Coming in Paradigm 3…in succinct words — 2 Comments

  1. Chris & NDC,
    I would like clarification in regards with the NDC. Are you now accepting not only dreamers who have prophetic dreamers but is NDC also open to remote viewers, seers, people who are psychic or highly perceptive and intuitive etc.? Are you open to predictions? If so how would you like us to post or are there separate places to leave those perceptions?
    Sorry I haven’t posted my dreams lately because they have been more personal in nature.