August Dissolving Redux: A closer analysis

August Dissolving Redux: A closer analysis

Welcome to a big date. Today not only happens to be the day when a full moon appears within the same hour that it’s path reaches perigee (making it look much larger), this is also the front end date of the Sky Flash time window! Wow, was that any coincidence?

In this post, we’re going to do some plug-and-play action with one of our dreams. It’s a mixed blessing because on the one hand, it was this very dream that ignited one of the biggest dream themes in NDC history…that of Sky Flash. But if this dream is warning about something else, then I think I’d rather have the Sky Flash back!

Her more recent dream first

Call it day residue or a message from the other side, here was Edna’s latest dream:

I dreamed: I was sleeping on the couch dreaming I was at a great party.

another myself walked up and said : remember to ask where and when you are for the dream center research.

Gotta love embedded dreams! Sometimes it can be very disorienting. I know because I’ve been there.

If this was a message from beyond about our operation, then we hear you loud and clear! We still struggle with the two questions of WHEN and WHERE.

When & Where will this happen…?

Now what we need to do is revisit Edna’s now-famous “Ashes/Dust” dream that got us all into a frizzy about a month ago. Remember this dream?

dream mood: calm, relaxed and in color

3 locations: woods, office and home                                 

walking through a wooded area, nice sunlight through branches, mild temps, birds singing. I touch a tree leaf trying to decide what kind of tree and the leaf turned to (to my eyes) ash (to my brain) dust. Walking further away from area I looked back and all the trees are changing and falling like dominoes.

in my home watching television got up to change the channel (old style!) and touched the dial and the TV dissolved into ash/dust. Then the whole place turned to dust all around me.

in my office across from my desk was a calender showing July. I got up to change it to August and as I turned the page it dissolved into dust/ash.

I woke up just as office dissolved.

A vocal message said “This does not mean everything “you touch” turns to dust as in you are a failure”. “It is what is coming!”


When we collectively began playing lego’s with all the Sky Flash dreams, Edna later clarified in her post that she never saw a flash and never heard an explosion. Her intuition told her this…

My clarification : Illness, The exposure to this disease will spread wildly and be deadly. (ashes to ashes). Since I saw no people anywhere in my dream (where is my family?) I take this to mean it was pandemic.


One way to gain clarification is to observe reality. Something strangely similar to this dream is happening on the globe now (or at least metaphorically). The New York Times observed how Africans are currently being told: “Don’t touch the walls.”


Additionally, the following article insists that if the ebola pandemic reaches our shores, that there are certain things we have to do make it through alive. One of them is…

Finally, you would need a way to burn bodily waste, clothes, and potentially bodies so as to eliminate the possibility of reinfection.


Remember Edna’s comment, “Ashes to Ashes?”

I’m now fairly convinced that Edna’s dream was not primarily a Sky Flash dream, and maybe it had nothing to do with Sky Flash to begin with. Her intuition begged us to consider something else, and now I concede. However, when is the last time a dream meant only one thing?



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    Did you know that with Ebola they are basically dissolving from the inside out? I read about this today. Scary disease.

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