2015: A Look Ahead to the New Year

2015: A Look Ahead to the New Year

As the elves are quietly wrapping up the 2014 predictions into a Top Ten list and our DreamForecasters are working overtime trying to derive predictions for the coming year (from the Project Año dreams and linguistics), I thought I’d take some time to document what 2015 might look like with respect to the NDC’s mission and internal operations.

I think the best place to begin is with the actual website design. If all goes well, then in the very early part of the New Year, you will see a website that suddenly makes sense. Right now, our electronic abode is compartmentalized, fragmented, and confusing. The new website design will be all inclusive of our different mission sets into one seamless repository of dream material. As many of you already know, the current DreamBase software is maladaptive and ancient. The latest problem is just getting to the dream input form itself. The main problem with the DreamBase is that it is growing more and more incompatible with the underlying server scripts, and so a whole new platform must be rolled out pronto.

The front page will be telling a story and guiding our cliental with up-to-the-minute information at their fingertips. Users of the DreamBase and Forums will enjoy a single login for all dream inputs, blog comments, DreamBot runs, and forum posts all integrated under the same umbrella. Best of all, we will migrate all the users over into the new system when it’s ready to go.

The Mission

The mission itself hasn’t changed. We’re still looking into the future through the lens of dreams and linguistics, except the modalities will improve. We have a DreamForecaster (DF) entering some specialized training to improve her already keen prediction-making skill set. We have another doing self-training into more robust linguistics analysis capabilities. And we also have some external affiliates who are actively exploring some revolutionary ways of working with the dreams. All the new knowledge, combined with our growing experience levels should enhance the prediction details and the accuracy thereof.

Therefore, just so there’s no doubt here: 2015 will be all about more dream-based predictions with an emphasis in exploration, training, and new data investigations.


Although nothing has been set in stone yet, the NDC has a few affiliates across the country who are interested in getting us more publicity, and the venue (if successfully scheduled) would be even more impressive than our previous radio shows. With fingers crossed, we hope this will be the right door opening for us this year. The NDC also has some proposals submitted for the 2015 IASD Conference. That’s the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and if picked up, we’ll be addressing a large crowd in Virginia Beach this coming June.

Don’t hold us to this, but 2015 could be the year where we begin reaching out to real, physical people in real, physical locations. We’re taking it to the streets. It’s time for dreams to be recognized for what they are: A magnificent and fun way to peek into the future.


The staff has been learning from everyone who makes their way through our website. In 2014, we’ve become aware of some really terrific possibilities for working with dreams and the associated data we’ve been collecting. Although I cannot produce exact details about how it will change, I do see the daily DreamBot runs as only getting more and more accurate by including some of the concepts and suggestions from outsiders. So the goal here is to continually strive for better processes to garner a better picture of future trends. The world already sees linguistics as an effective device for identifying future trends, and so we’re constantly searching for better ways to work with the data.


As of now, the project list is a completely clean slate. We hope to have some more fun projects, but we’ll wait to design and advertise those until after our new platform is up and running. You can probably expect the first quarter to be project-free, with exception of our standard daily activity, and we may begin announcing new fun projects in subsequent months.


2015 proves to be another monumental year in terms of real-world events, and we hope to see all those big events prior to them manifesting in our outer reality. That’s it for now, but in the coming days, you can expect our countdown list from 2014 and the long-awaited results of Project Año, including predictions/headlines that we might expect in 2015. Have a wonderful holiday season!


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