Time traveling car

Time traveling car

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The following dream is much more than just any ordinary blood moon dream. You see, the National Dream Center has, among all the other things going on here, established a new project that has yet to be announced. (The project was actually conceived this weekend, when all these crazy dreams were being input into the database). My goal is to make this announcement tomorrow or Thursday, as long as I can get all the prerequisites finished before then. Yes, this sounds like hype, but I’m telling you that this will be an exciting addition to our work here.

So this dream below has many of the synchronicities that confirm we’re on the right track. So please continue to check back here at the DreamBlog or at our main page, and we should have everything squared away in a couple of days. Announcement forthcoming…

In the meantime, here’s a wonderfully written account of someone else’s fantastic blood moon dream. The dreamer provided it to us clearly because there are more of the elements from our dream analysis packed inside this dream. Right off the bat, we have the word “car” which I pretty much breezed by in our original analysis. Also, there’s a definite sense of new destiny and not turning back.

But even more than that, the dreams signals to our staff that it’s time to get a move-on with this new project. While you’re waiting for the announcement, check out the dream below…


The “Time Traveling Car”

My dream happened about a week ago, around the time of the eclipse, which I observed here in cental California.  I was happily at college in my dream getting ready to take final exams and graduate.  The newbies were scheduled to arrive and the old dorm where I lived had to be vacated. The dorm was not at all like the dorm I actually had at college; it was a wood paneled place with high  ceilings and ceramic mask like decorations, some missing, some broken.  I said thanks, and that you really helped me to a good friend(an actual friend from high school, Jan) and said my farewells.  I recognized one of the newbies as someone who I knew in my childhood, Barbara.  She was actually older than me, but was now younger.  She was very tiny and cute, surrounded by admiring guys.  (as a side note, she has become significant in the last day as I sort through some family history)  I realize that I would love to stay here and study for my degree again, but of course, I can’t. I load up my car to leave, but have forgotten my purse, run back in to get it and say one last goodbye to the dusty, timeworn dorm. As I go to my car a fellow student(totally anonymous, not someone I remember), a guy I know is standing there by my car. I say you can come with me if you want, but I understand if you don’t.  It’s not like he’s a boyfriend, just an acquaintance, but it’s an intense moment in the dream.  He says he’ll come  and I’m delighted. We get in the car and he drives.  It’s like we’re driving at night in a dust storm:  I can’t see anything.  I realize I left my iD behind, but I think, well, I can’t go back and it won’t work where I’m going anyway.  We finally get to our destination in the morning, and pull into the empty gravel parking lot, and go inside.  No one else is there. It is like the old dorm, but brand new.  The walls are beautiful burnished wood and the ceramic masks are new and perfectly in place.  We go into the large living area with big windows overlooking a natural scene.  My companion sits down at the baby grand piano and begins to play.  I say I love you to him and wander off to look at the masks in the hallways with the music floating around.

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