3D Printing: We have our first villain!

3D Printing: We have our first villain!

As we’ve stated before, 3D printing absolutely REQUIRES a villain, and now it begins. If you remember, 3D printing has just enough potential to pretty much wipe out every major areas of the manufacturing sector, including (but certainly not limited to) biomedical supples, plastics, telescopes, you name it. We’ve even written about how the military and prison systems are testing/using it for organ farms, skin, and even food.

If you were one of those who stands to lose a lot if the current economic paradigm falls away, you would most certainly be against the proliferation of the 3D printer. So here we are; this could be our first villain, and it’s much later than we expected.

Proj Aug Headline #72 and 73 are just screaming for underground 3D printed weapons. It’s just a matter of time before the people who stand to lose a lot will have to take down this enterprise called 3D printing. So, it’s only fitting that our first villain takes place in August 2014. After all, we’ve been talking about it all summer long…

Conman used 3D printer to make false fronts for cash machines and cloning bank cards – before accidentally cloning his own and getting caught

    Man, known only as Hamid P, made ATM facades with a 3D printer
    Got away with £24,000 before French banks discovered the fake fronts
    Police tracked him down because he tested cashpoints with his own card

A close inspection seems to pinpoint some nefarious activity with this news article. This conman is alleged to have been caught by the police, but for some reason, they can only locate his name as “Hamid P.” Does this pass the sanity test? His own credit card is accidentally cloned, which means that this card that he cloned was apparently a real-life account. Do we know ANYONE on the face of the planet that is allowed to have a credit card with “Hamid P?”

What a joke. Just remember, 3D printing needs villains…and quickly!


…almost forgot: Be on the lookout today for a large building burning down. Headline #63 thinks it’s in an English-speaking country. Might that building be in Dallas?


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