Building the NDC Community (Vol 2): Big to Small

Building the NDC Community (Vol 2): Big to Small

This article is the second of an important series of articles about how the current NDC mission is going to morph into a community organization, run by an eclectic group of dreamers and visionaries. The first article was here, and it outlined WHY an urgency towards community exists.

Note: If you’re uninterested in NDC community building, all the action is over in the forum, so please check that out.

Let’s start with some feedback from the last post. Probably the biggest concern that showed up was in the overall structure, and thus working big to small is the best way to approach this project.


A couple of readers were concerned about the idea of the non-profit group, and I have to admit that I’ve since forgotten the downside of being chartered under the 501.3C. For those concerned, you can relax now because I’m taking that off the table. However, this dovetails into my other concern which is having an operation with a single-point of failure.

I have a plan for the overall structure, but this aspect of the NDC Community will remain with the Elders, the small group of strong, committed dreamers/visionaries who will ultimately lead this organization. Although the NDC will likely never be a publicly owned business, I’m familiar with business and military organization and will structure it more like the former with aspects of both.

The Mission

In my radio interviews, I keep coming back to Robert Moss and his book, The Secret History of Dreaming. In his excellent prose, he makes a compelling case that humanity is basically doomed unless we return to our dreaming nature. In a nutshell, the future NDC is the community that will do this for humanity.

The NDC mission is two fold, just as anyone in Paradigm 3 should probably already know. First, we assess and PREDICT. We assess the collective unconscious. We look at trends in the dreams to see how much the mass collective mind has been manipulated. We’ll be able to tell whether propaganda has had an effect or not. OR we’ll be able to tell when humanity is poised for important breakthroughs. Regardless, we look at what’s coming, or at least assess what’s most likely to come.

There are controllable and uncontrollable forces in our world. With our advanced and ever-improving DreamBot algorithms, we’ll be able to differentiate between the two. Our growing basket of historical dream data will help us determine whether a growing trend is something we can control or something that we cannot control and how much probability it has for manifesting in our physical, collective experience. Also, this will be critical for the second thing we do…CREATE

Secondly, we humbly but boldly create the reality that is much more beneficial for mankind than where it is currently positioned. Our P2 team is conscientious, authentic, and powerful. They are humanity’s primary conscientious objectors because they do their thankless job without public awareness. They are behind the scenes creating a positive outcome. They are releasing the shackles that are holding humanity back.


It might appear that a mission of this sort might have some enemies. Any outside observer can easily recognize the incessant desire of humanity (programmed or otherwise) to remain in a state of amnesia for far too long. We might accidentally make the mistake of recognizing the source of any undue influence and thereby granting undue power to these folks / entities who might be considered an enemy by dwelling on their possible existence.

In truth, the only enemy at the NDC is ourselves. We are, quite literally, our own enemy. Yes, this looks quite strange to most people, especially those who believe in the NDC the most. Here’s what I am postulating: If the NDC has enemies, it means that it has not done its job correctly.

One option for an illusionary enemy is actually attempting to meld P1 and P2. We already have ample indications that removing the wall between these two can spell disaster for the whole operation. Therefore, the separation between P1 and P2 will be strictly upheld, perhaps even tightened going into the future.

That being said, we have experienced a rash of problems on the login screen of the forums. Please help us diagnose this problem by filling out a problems report here. Do we have hackers, or are we being inundated by bot spammers trying to invade our unseen borders? Thanks for your help figuring out what this is.



(Don’t try to read this sub-portion unless well versed in Paradigm 3. Otherwise, read this link instead)

I imagine that one day our P1 team will be humming on all cylinders, cranking out dream memes and accurately measuring the collective mind without any prompting from DreamForecasters (with a process in there where P1 can actually warn the DFs that something is coming). I also envision having a team of DreamForecasters vice just one or two of them. The DF’s in that team might have their own area of specialization (agriculture, transportation, technology, entertainment, etc.) The DFs will be intimately working with both P1 and P2 to give the most accurate headlines ahead of time.

Therefore, the DF will need to know the dream overlaps and major predictions from P1, but they’ll also factor in the work being done over in P2. It will be the DreamForecasters who must ensure that P1 and P2 aren’t accidentally meeting head to head, creating an NDC stalemate.

The highest level processes we need to iron out soon are these:

1. P1’s main process. The exact process by which the P1 team is notified for certain missions, precipitated by linguistics intuition, dream overlaps, or a manifestation of physical-plane archetypes.

2. Headline development. Who can write them? Where will they be posted? How will they be tracked? Who will write about them when they do or do not come true? In the past, the world’s only DreamForecaster (me) did all this by myself, but this job is monstrous, especially as we add more and more people to Paradigm 3. We need a team of DF’s, and this team MUST rev up like a well-oiled engine. In other words, this team has got to be quick and efficient with impeccable processes laid down. I project that this will be the hardest of the processes to develop.

3. P2. They create the future instead of being succumbed to it. However, who approves their collective inputs, or do they have a separate autonomous process for generating creative headlines? P2’s biggest challenge will be with their rulesets. What is off limits for them? What sorts of things will they be allowed to do?

There is actually much testing to do before P2 is fully operational, but it’s never too soon to hammer out all these concerns before we get started. Incidentally, most of this is worked out already in my own head, but the Universe is working towards a collective project, and so leaders step up.

Next time

Want to contribute just a small amount of volunteer work? Just hang on because we’ll have greater details and ways you can contribute to the world-changing operation in subsequent posts. If nothing else, your dreams and intentions is a GREAT place to start. Paradigm 3 won’t cost you any extra time out of your day, but you will be contribute to humanity’s transformation by helping. See below for directions.

Just so you know, most of our work is being conducted over in our forum now. The blog will keep going, radio shows will keep going, daily DreamBots will continue, but the most up-to-date material is over in the forums. Check it out daily.




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