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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this problem report, but FIRST:

1. Have you established a separate account for the forums? Although we’re working to change this with a different software platform, right now the DreamBase (dreams database) is completely separate and does not talk with the Forums. The two locations require two different login accounts. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.

2. If you know you have an account, but the login form is messing up or auto-populating, try this: First, click into the username block and type the user name (you may have to highlight the current name–if the name is super long, simply click anywhere in the username and then press CTRL and A…then with all of it highlighted, type your username). THEN, DO NOT USE THE MOUSE. Instead, press TAB to go into the password and fill that out. Press enter or click ‘submit’

3. Hhave you tried a different browser? Sometimes it’s the browser incompatibility that causes some problems. Consider trying it with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer….basically try a different browser if you don’t mind.

Thanks again for your time….


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