More on Phase II: The Transition

More on Phase II: The Transition

In perfect synchronistic fashion, as soon as I posted the new scoring system (which I believe will serve as the backbone to our future operations here), one of our active users posed several very synchronistic questions.

Let me first back up and make an apology to everyone. I am very sorry for not being able to respond to everyone’s excellent comments and headline posts, etc. I have been extraordinarily busy, but I know everyone else has too. I regret having not been able to respond adequately to everyone.

The following questions are synchronistic because I was wondering about when I would begin releasing more specifics about where we’re headed now that Proj Aug looks like a shoe-in for being extremely successful.

Here are the questions we need to consider:

How do/can we arrange for easy following of conversations about the dreams that are discussed? Do you encourage conversations about the dreams? Do you even want conversations about the dreams? Do you want reports about headlines that we see that might fit the dream? What is the easiest way to track a dream that I find most interesting and want to share with friends?
Almost all of the women in my family have experience with wujo and warning dreams and I am trying to get them involved here. None of this was covered in FAQ. Thank you for your answers and I hope I have not bothered you with things that you have already covered in your blog.


I am absolutely floored at these questions because I have been spending the past few days trying out a few different software packages that might provide the kinds of services outlined in her message!

The Vision

In the long, long-term, obviously we’re looking for a seamless location for dreams, analysis, blogs, headline-formulation, real-time statistics, etc. all from the same platform. However, the more I check this out, the more I realize that there is no off-the-shelf program that will fit all our needs.

We could certainly pay for someone to design it (which is what would be required), but my nil budget won’t allow that. We will go that route in the future but only after 501(c)3 charter has been established and full time staff members are employed (oh yeah, and we’ll need to start generating income, too…forgot about that!)

In the meantime, we have a lot of work to do without all that materialistic money-talk, and thus we’ll have to rely on a blend of inexpensive packages to get us through this middle period between seedling and sapling.

Here’s what you can expect at the NDC here very shortly. The plan is to:

1. Maintain WordPress blogs and articles (i.e., the front page will look the same).

2. Maintain the old dreams database for now (i.e., the old DreamBase will continue looking the same)

3. ADD A FORUM or DISCUSSION board where users can:

– Do exactly what our reader is asking about above (discuss certain dreams, discuss trends and memes, hypothesize about future predictions, identify and grade certain real-life events, etc.)

– We’ll be primarily using this new forum as the behind-the-scenes grunt work for Paradigm 3. In other words, Team 1 will be collecting dream themes out of view of both the public and Team 2. Team 2 will be developing specific intentions to either accentuate what the dreams are showing or to turn the tide on the collective unconscious. But they’re doing all this without pubic knowledge and out of view of the Team 1 members.

– We’re going to be heavily reliant on group access restrictions in this new forum.

Timeline – Transition

– Now – Sept 1: accept volunteers to help us decide which forum software will best suit our purposes. Sign up through the contact us page and tell us you’ll be willing to informally “mess around” in these new forums to help us decide which one is best.

– NLT 1st week in September: announce which FORUMS application we’ll use and let the links go public.

– All of September will be used to iron out the new forum with willing participants. The types of participants we’ll need are:

— People who want to participate in Paradigm 3 (either Team 1 or Team 2). For those who have never heard of Paradigm 3, either listen to my Veritas interview or read these articles. We’ll also have many more explanatory posts upcoming.

— People who are interested in becoming DreamForecasters (these people will look at the latest dreams and linguistics logs and create headlines from what they see. Highest scoring people will get a chance to join me on one or more radio shows)

— People who would like to participate in finding and analyzing news headlines to match our dreams and predictions.

— People simply passionate about dreams, esp. the precognitive variety

— Anyone else not mentioned yet


Throughout the Transition

Please continue posting comments in the current DreamBlog. Please continue searching for headlines for Project August and posting those on the PA Headlines page (comments section). I’ll get that PA Headline spreadsheet updated hopefully tomorrow or this weekend.

Lastly, as per a request from one of our other awesome all-stars, I created a new DreamBase category for INTENTIONAL dreaming (Time Intentions). I absolutely encourage people to continue the intention protocol like Proj Aug, but for whatever day, week, month you desire.

PLEASE annotate exactly what your intention involved when you document the dream, and select the appropriate month when inputting it into the database.

IF YOU HAVE A DREAM THAT CAME TRUE….Simply fill out this form! It’s important that we spend the time to document what comes true for many reasons. I spell that out in that link, so please familiarize yourself how the process works.

Please don’t be afraid to query me on any questions you might have. We’re in this together, so dreamers do have a say in how we move forward in the transition period. Be well everyone!



To view Proj Aug headlines, click here.

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