Fireworks exploding on Headline #90: Paradigm 3 needed ASAP!

Fireworks exploding on Headline #90: Paradigm 3 needed ASAP!

Reporting the amazing hits from Project August is so far beyond ego-level touting. Now it’s just getting downright scary. When the Spanish King stepped down, I thought that was pretty amazing, as it was our first really big Proj Aug “hit.”

But then the wall of fire took out a neighborhood, just like the PA headline said. That was a near-direct PA hit, but couldn’t hold a candle to the record cold weather this summer (especially August), to include wiping out of a major August harvest, just as the PA headlines said.

Of course, Project Uno was very ominous and accurate as well. We saw striking headlines that we NEVER wanted coming true, but Virus went Viral for sure (as well as several other big headline hits).

Train derailments right on schedule, airliners impacting the ground, terrorists targeting busses….dreamers definitely have a connection to the future. There’s just no denying it anymore, but for those still in denial, what about Headline #90:

Violence hits new highs in wake of emergency/riot in major US metropolitan area


This might end up being our biggest Proj Aug hit, as more and more real-world headlines are appearing regularly in the media-sphere. The Ferguson riots are happening not just in the St Louis metro area, but many big cities are following suit (not with all-out violence yet, but in large-scale protests.)

But the biggest news we have now is that the Missouri governor has called in the troops. Yes, indeed. We’ve hit a new crescendo of violence, which makes our scary Proj Aug prediction the absolute highest score available.

The headlines just won’t stop, and now Feds are getting involved…











New Paradigm

The biggest problem of all is that the very riots that produced a 5.0 score on Headline #90 is the catalyst that opens another bag of worms that the NDC warned about on July 27th. Racial tensions are unusually high right now in the wake of the Ferguson police shooting, but I need the readers to understand just how much the collective unconscious picked up on this at least 3 weeks prior to the escalation of white vs black sentiment.

Therefore, if there’s a time needed for Paradigm 3, it’s now. In this paradigm, we have a dedicated body of individuals who will be on call to intend the exact antidote to immanent woes flooding humanity’s gates. This group will be called Team 2 (or Paradigm 2 players), because they will be taking the dream memes, formulating a different outcome and conducting collective intentions to make it happen.

I’ll have more on this in the coming days and weeks, but I want everyone to start thinking in terms of the next phase. That is, its one thing to dream the future (we know that part of it works based on our astounding success in Proj Aug), but now we’re going to be influencing the future now. That will be called Paradigm 3.

I’ll explain all that later and I will introduce our new forums hopefully later this week. The forum is the place where all the grunt work will happen for Paradigm 3. We’ll be identifying the big memes, iteratively dreaming for more details, and formulating the most probable, successful, and beneficial outcome for humanity.

Everyone get ready ‘cause it’s about to get really exciting in the next week or two! Thanks for your support,

In Gratitude,

Chris McCleary



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  1. Scarlett Amber Buchanan August 18, 2014 at 2:37 pm - Reply

    My husband, said to me that the USA would have another revolution. Before our 22 year marriage, he was involved with communist party. So many people waiting for the RV. They have too release the TRN’s. Our nation is more awake than ever due to the internet. Thank you for your site.Pp

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