Headline #103: “You’ve been warned” (for a second time)

Headline #103: “You’ve been warned” (for a second time)

In the words of one our news articles that we’ll present later, “You’ve been warned.” Yes, but that was actually the second warning. NDC readers were actually warned way back in May that this summer was going to be unusually cold.

The future is finally catching up with us.

We actually had two big headlines associated with unusual cold weather, and both of them have already been rendered a 5.0 score. Let’s start with NDC’s Proj Aug Headline #103:

More cool weather on tap” or “Fall shows up early.”

The reason for the word “More” in that prediction was because Headline #31 had already come true with flying colors:

Unexpected cold front freezes major August crop harvest.”


Just in case there are any naysayers still out there that can’t feel the unusually cool weather this August, this article was written just for them.

Let’s start with another Polar Vortex, shall we?

Polar vortex in September’s forecast

By Janice Habuda | on August 6, 2014 – 5:08 PM

You’ve been warned.

The polar vortex – that extremely cold air that swirls above the North Pole – may make a brief visit to the Northeast next month, AccuWeather.com reported Wednesday.

“There could be a significant shot of chilly air that comes across the Great Lakes region and into the interior Northeast sometime in mid to late September,” said Paul Pastelok, the lead long-range forecaster for the State College, Pa.-based weather forecasting service.


Ouch! But there’s even more direct ouchness. Imagine being in record cold weather when the power goes out:

Antarctic Researchers Lose Heating At -55.4C

The 13 staff members from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have been dealing with a “serious operational incident” at the Halley Research Station since the end of last month.

British researchers living on an ice shelf in Antarctica have said they are in “good spirits” after experiencing a 19-hour power outage during record freezing temperatures.

The 13 staff members from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have been dealing with a “serious operational incident” at the Halley Research Station since the end of last month.

Temperatures have been as low as -55.4C (-67.7F) on the Brunt Ice Shelf causing extremely difficult living conditions for the Cambridge-based team.

He wrote: “Whilst all the fun was happening at #halley6 (not that it’s over) we had the lowest ever recorded temps down here at -55.4. Which was nice.”

Another Ouch! But Antarctica wasn’t the only place with record cold temps:

Coolest Summer On Record In The US

Posted on July 26, 2014          by stevengoddard

The frequency of 90 degree days in the US has been plummeting for 80 years, and 2014 has had the lowest frequency of 90 degree days through July 23 on record. The only other year which came close was 1992, and that was due to dust in the atmosphere from Mt Pinatubo.

So shall I believe, then that all these masses of glaciers are still melting? Or is all this showing signs of the next Ice Age? All that news above certainly supports our Proj Aug headline, but this last article is spot on about fall showing up early…I mean spot on!

Experts: Record Cold Summer Leads To Changing Leaves In August

August 15, 2014 5:32 AM

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)- Pittsburgh is dealing with one of the coldest summers in history, and it’s having an effect on the trees.

Friday morning temperatures fell into the 40s in Western Pennsylvania.

Meteorologists say these cold temperatures are leading to trees changing colors in the middle of August.

Only question left: Is there anyone here who wants to argue against a DreamSeer 5.0? Let’s not forget to give a huge round of applause to our awesome dreamers. There are too many Proj Aug dreamers to name all of them here (remember this became a big meme starting in late June. However, I do want to mention the very first indication that we had about this unusually cold August.

It was Albelba, and behind my Knife Juggling dream, his was the second Proj Aug dream. I find this absolutely remarkable. Check this out (just a snippet that was dreamed on April 20, 2014:

“…There is also a deciduous tree nearby (only one) that has dark bark but no leaves. It is in its winter/dormant mode (leaves gone naturally, not torn off by wind. It is a living tree). In August, maybe this is in the Southern Hemisphere, like New Zealand, but no information available to confirm that.”

Absolutely amazing. Albelba “saw” this very article several months prior and got us both wondering about the Southern Hemisphere (that’s where the bogus Headline #9 came from: “Something in the Southern Hemisphere?” Our new iterative approach to predictions would have cured that, but alas, I’m starting to sound like a broken record…our dreamers have got some SERIOUS talent!





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  1. dean August 18, 2014 at 5:33 pm - Reply

    Sorry but glaciers are melting, I can not only see it for my self in my region of the country but you can see it for yourself in many areas through yearly photographs and measurements. The NE quarter of the US is not the whole world despite what the NYC media think.

  2. BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor August 20, 2014 at 1:25 am - Reply

    Some trees, such as silver maples, also turn color and drop leaves in response to drought.

    That being said, there are quite a bit more dead leaves on my patio than usual for mid-August, and no drought in my area.

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