Smoketown and other new memes

Smoketown and other new memes

We’re going to begin here by presenting an exhaustive list of the linguistics run late yesterday on hundreds of dreams. I simply copied the phrases directly from the DreamBot printout. I pulled out some of the more meaningful ones and discussed them below the list.

Some of the ones that don’t really lend themselves to headlines, per se, may speak to you on a personal level. If so, feel free to let me know….

DreamBot2 Linguistics:

– then one days when time people could back into other
– way before night has went felt even
– girl last did while never saw real sort man again
– black school door
– long want eyes sleep
– building maybe open
– wanted plane does happy different sky
– talk close took dead
– pretty waking fall
– baby green seem together happen somehow normal
– sister ended comments
– hear air three far believe must whole change
– fact perhaps realized sex lived college
– future lost completely however ready situation fell fighting
– hot child laughing hurt stuck drug
– giant sound couple power forgot
– smoke town decided least crash
– crash boat ocean today appears leg
– voice hanging called hill scared
– met police recently colors extremely possible crazy


First off, the DreamBot1 was strikingly (and very surprisingly) useless today, so I didn’t even include it here. If this carries any predictive value, then boring might be a good word for the coming week. Maybe that’s why George Ure concluded his comments yesterday with…

Research into “how stuff works” down at the deepest levels is a lot of fun, especially when markets are boring as hell, lately.

DreamBot1 agrees with him.

DreamBot2 was also semi-lame. I don’t want to try and make something out of nothing, but this does make me appreciate the previous runs and all the relevant phrases that came out of them (and, of course, the predictive value they held).

I have included what I call ShortRuns on these dreams, and this is actually where some very interesting items pop out. First off, there’s the location markers…


The most common cities in our dreams over the past week were Phoenix, Atlanta, then Chicago, Nashville, & Seattle. Since this is new, we’ll have to see if “phoenix” is reliable since the bird archetype could also be included in here (aka rising phoenix). I thought it was VERY interesting that both Chicago and Nashville both show up equally because these were two of the cities in our airplane meme.

By the way, the most common US states: Delaware (big time), Ohio (slightly less), Florida (meaningful), and Mississippi (meaningful). The most dreamt country was Japan (5), China (4), Australia (3), Russia (3), England (3).

Topographically, we have “Ocean” as the most common geo-marker and “Beach” was immediately below it.


Happy is still on top, but the rest are all a bit different from last week: Pleased (31), Confused (21), Love (21), and Hurt (20). Just below all this, we were scared, angry and tired.

The top color is Black and by a very large margin. Working out colors is somewhat dicey, but I’ll interpret it based on black = void or emptiness. What’s super interesting to me is that there is one Project August dreamer in particular who constantly finds herself in this very place (a black void) every time she intends to dream about August.

Can the void be happy? Some people equate light with happiness, but Jung showed us that we all have a shadow, and I would reckon that he would approve also of a collective shadow. The point is that true happiness cannot be attained without first identifying, accepting, and even cherishing the side of us we’d rather ignore or shove under the rug.

Incidentally, seeing that we have fear and negativity all around, inundating us 24/7, could it be that it’s actually “happy” that’s our shadow, that we’ve somehow collectively shoved under the rug? Perhaps our dreams really are trying to tell us something….that “HAPPY” comes from within.

True happiness comes from the void, the non-material world. Black and happy work well together, and the result, if done regularly, is bliss. With that, let’s move toward our somewhat non-happy phrases…

Expanding the Newsworthy Phrases


“Smoke town decided least crash”

I hunted down some news for “Smoke Town” and only one emerged:


“The Lancaster chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association will hold its annual fly-in and cruise-in on Saturday, June 7, at Smoketown Airport off the Old Philadelphia Pike.”

The rain date appears to be June 8th. So, what do we make of the linguistics here, especially with combining our previous airplane linguistics with this one? Should we be concerned? The curious words are “decided” and “least,” which to me implies that they would have to choose to have a crash (huh?) and that they’ve decided not to (i.e., decided least, or this would be their last choice in other words.) So, I really don’t know; we’ll just have to wait it out.

Interestingly, there’s an old article that explains why Smoketown is the 14th most dangerous neighborhood in the US, but….

The other interesting tidbit is that there appears to be at least two Smoketowns in the USA: one in PA and one in KY. The airport fly-in is attached to Pennsylvania and the 14th most dangerous town is in Kentucky.

One LAST consideration…the word “Least” also has the word “Last” in it, and so another hypothesis is that “Smoke town decided LAST crash.” This could round out the trifecta and possibly end the airplane meme that was running amuck. Either way, planes aren’t the only concern out there….now there’s a boat meme potentially starting…


“Crash boat ocean today appears leg”

It’s been a couple of weeks since the massive boats appeared in the dream content in very synchronistic fashion from multiple sites. Since we’ve had little in the way of major news surrounding boats and cruisers and aircraft carriers, we have successfully passed the typical one-week marker for the standard precognition window. Of course, a couple of those dreams were Project August dreams.

Keep in mind that this phrase doesn’t really overlap with our previous dream material, being that no boat ever “crashed.” Therefore, I’m keeping this linguistics aside from the manifest content, and reducing its likelihood of occurring in real life. In other words, if a boat crash were to happen, it would be tagged to this phrase and not the earlier boat dreams, except…

There could also be the remote chance that both these ideas come true. For that to happen, we’d need some sort of crash followed by some sort of evacuation, both happening from a boat or several boats, and what are the chances of that happening?

(midnight update) After further research, we might have already found the story that this linguistics was attempting to relay to us. The article came out yesterday (same day as the DreamBot2 run), and it talks about a capsized boat. What’s more, is that an evacuation also took place (two people extracted)…


Rescue efforts have been suspended for two people missing since a boat capsized over the weekend on Lake Michigan, about 6 miles from Chicago’s shoreline, authorities said.

Two other passengers were pulled from the water Sunday morning, but one of them died at a hospital and the other was stabilized.

The boat was believed to have left Chicago’s Burnham Harbor sometime Saturday, authorities said. It stopped in New Buffalo, Mich., and capsized on its way back to Burnham Harbor about 7 p.m., Chicago Fire Chief Joe Roccasalva said.

Let’s play both cards here, if you don’t mind. This particular story receives a DreamSeer score of about 2.5, but let’s wait it out a bit to see if there’s another story with a tad bit more correlation. What went right here is 1) a boat capsizes (that’s close to crash right?), 2) a huge body of water that actually looks like an ocean, 3) people were saved (matches “appears leg” somewhat), but also, 4) the timing is solid (both the linguistics and the news appeared on the same day….”today,” which is exactly what the linguistics told us!) The detracters are obvious…we don’t know if the boat crashed or not, it was technically not the ocean, and “leg” never shows up in the news articles. Therefore, DreamSeer 2.5 for now, possibly lower.

“Ohio control live business food”

This particular phrase seems strangely real, but what exactly would be happening in Ohio if a headline comes out that resembles this? Could Ohio be the first state to protect its consumers from GMO? On the other hand, the phrase seems to have legislation written all over it, and the word “control” seems ominous.

[update 8AM June 4, 2014:   reader Dean correctly informed me that Ohio can’t be first to address GMO because Vermont already passed the first bill in the USA, but I also found that NY is poised to do the same (this article published just today). Also out today is that Ohio made legislation to lower the price of chemo pills (to be signed now by the Gov). We get a blip on the DreamSeer scale (oh, like a 0.5 to 1.0), knowing very well that chemo pills are not “live food.” ]

The word “Live” makes me think of livestock, and I can totally see a headline about a control measure for some livestock problem. The only related article I could find so far doesn’t give a whole lot of direction, but I present it as a basis for discussion later (i.e. perhaps this story gets more attention)…

The number of people needing help with food continues to increase in Northeast Ohio, local charities are reporting….A lot of people are losing their jobs, benefits or health insurance. People have to pick between prescriptions, insurance, their rent or food. Most people who live in Lake County don’t think hunger’s an issue, but based on the 2-1-1 numbers and the food pantry numbers, it continues to grow. It doesn’t have to be a homeless person living under a bridge. It could be your neighbor who lost his job and has to make a choice between keeping the lights on or food.”


“Sister ended comments”

Maybe I’m concerned about nothing, but this one goes out to my beloved Catholic Sister Rosemarie. Sad would be the day if she ever stops sending me her daily dreams and inspirational poems.

There’s surely something deeper here, though, which is why I’ve included it, and I KNOW it’s not about Twisted Sister celebrating their 30th anniversary.

I know Rosemarie will give me the right leads on this linguistic trail.


“Wanted plane does happy different sky”

This one is likely to never see a news headline, but I discuss it here because it reminds me of my last conversation with George. He’s apparently decided to sell his beloved airplane. Not sure if I was allowed to discuss that here, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind some extra offers.

And speaking of George Ure, I felt compelled to put his theory about reality-creating in our blog. The reason is simple….if he’s right, we’ll be revisiting this theory time and time again.

Maybe soon I can get him to create a name for his theory, but for now, I’ll just use the subheading he used in his own blog…

Hints about the future may be scattered about in multiple “mental locations”.

by George Ure

For some people, these come through as “intuitions” while in others, they hear a “voice of God” (or Jesus, or plug-n-play a religious figure), and still others get their via some level of dream state which ranges from the semi-conscious (daydream) all the way to the deeper reaches of lucid dreams.

Oh, and sometimes it’s right at that “moment before touch” with the physical here and now world, like those mornings you wake up and just know something.

There are lots to think about in this field, and I continue to be fascinated, more than anything, with the shape of the curve that seems to lead into how “future” arises from quantum noise.

This is how I think the future works out.  (see figure below)

george analsysis

At point ‘a’ we have the earliest inkling that something will occur in the future.

At ‘b’ as the event draws closer to the vertical axis, the number of sensitives who can “see” increases.

At ‘c’ this future event may begin to show up in deep dream states where it crystalized.

At ‘d’ the “future” is being pretty well resolved with semi waking states states, meditations and “feelings” like something is going to happen takes place.

Then, the future “pops” at ‘e’  into reality and then (since humans view reality slightly off timeline) with see a very steep rise at ‘f’ at the event ascends into our everyday sphere of awareness.

The zone where prayer and intention seem to work best is in the b-c range.  Before that, the future is not organizing itself well, but after that, it is.  Yet, when you get up past ‘c’ very far, the future becomes less malleable because it’s already quickly getting ready (in quantum terms) to “pop.’

What Chris is doing with Project August is he is working out the details and data that will help up define the specifics of this curve over time.

Oh, and yes, I’m pretty sure this is why more people don’t find prayer useful:  A lot of people don’t even get interested in “praying” or “intending” something until the ‘d’ or ‘e’ and often well over into ‘f’.

It doesn’t work that way.  If you want to have an effect on your future, you need to get back into the ‘a’ and ‘b’ region and sense how things are going and then focus your intentions in that area.

In other words, you need to get ahead of the problems in your life.  And if you want something, particularly financially, remember the Miracle Money Technique we’ve discussed (and thank you again to our consulting Astrologer, Michelle, for sharing it:  you need to do your intending ahead of of time.

So if you want something in a few weeks, get on to “intending it now” or you’re likely to be disappointed if you’re “intending lotto tickets” at ‘e’ since that battle was over down around ‘c’.


Miscellaneous Stuff …

Another plane

This one, however, does not hit any of our forecast phrases, so this will not qualify as our third event. It’s a small prop doing an emergency landing on a beach somewhere and almost lands on top of a sunbather!




New question about Project Uno:

1. “What newspaper will be used to determine the [winning] headline?  Should you focus on one newspaper headlines?  I am asking to see what will happen will be printed in New York papers for the first week of August.   As the headlines for a London paper is going to be different than the headlines for New York and Los Angeles.

Answer: This is a great point. Let’s actually look at it differently. I’m going to take everyone’s Uno dream and find a matching headline (if it has one). Then, I’ll score it based on the DreamSeer scale, taking into account the hits and inaccuracies. Then, I’ll rack and stack the scores, skimming off just the top ones (i.e. the ones that are the most accurate). Then, I judge the associated headlines to see which one was the biggest headline.

Depending on the number of contestants, I MAY have two categories (one for the biggest headline hit and one for the highest DreamSeer score).

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    Vermont became the first state to regulate and label GMO’s I believe earlier this year, so I think Ohio at best would be second

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    Boats do indeed crash as when that ship plowed into the landing in New Orleans years ago.

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