2015 Predictions (Proj Año Results)

2015 Predictions (Proj Año Results)

Welcome to 2015….another year to remember. How do I know? Well, truthfully, I don’t. But if history is any guide (especially with all the stats we’ve been keeping), then our recent dream initiative called Project Año should give us about an 80-90% look at what the next 365 days might bring us.

Starting in November of 2014, dreamers at the NDC started intending for Project Año, whereby they went to bed with the intention to conjure up dream images of what 2015 will look like. The procedures were very similar to our wildly successful Project August.


Just to be clear on how these predictions were derived, we utilize a process called DreamForecasting, where we look at dream content that came from specific intentions (in this case to dream about 2015 headlines). We look at the nature of the dreams, the emotional content, the objects and metaphors, and we begin by scraping out what appears to be “day residue,” or that dream material that might have come from TV or reading an emotionally-charged book. When the day residue is eliminated, we then use procedures to identify the material that is most likely the stuff from the future. In Carl Jung’s view, every dream has at least some future material in it, and with our intentions protocol, we’ve found that the dream incubation actually increases the number of images that resemble future events.

But we don’t stop there. We run the dream content through a linguistics processing software that spits out language markers, which are then used to triangulate the future. Specifically, we look for linguistics that overlap with actual dream content, because that’s where the money is when it comes to predictive analysis in dream land.

So what the reader will notice in this report is that in each prediction or headline, the DreamForecasters (DFs) provided the supporting documentation for how they derived their prediction. In the bulk of the predictions, the support will include both linguistics and actual dream content. To be sure, there is a plethora of material that hasn’t been covered by our team for one reason or another (mostly because a lack of manpower). And because there is so much potentially untapped future content in these dreams, we’re allowing anyone to participate in drafting more headlines. Although experience is a huge help in this fun and exciting method of seeing the future, the basic process is rather simple.

First, you head over to the forum to see what the linguistics engine spit out for Project Año. Then, you head over to the DreamBase to see what the Project Año dreamers saw in their nighttime movie projectors. Basically, any dream in the Project Año DreamBase category is up for grabs. So all you do is look for overlaps between the linguistics and the actual dream content.

When readers find something that wasn’t discussed in this original article, then we have a full discussion thread dedicated for new additions. In short, you’ll go to this link and post a reply. All the updates and discussion about 2015 headlines will take place in that forum thread. Remember to indicate the number associated with the linguistics and the link for the dream(s) you used. If you’re finding news to substantiate a prediction, please indicate the prediction number that you’re referring to when posting your reply.

Before we get into our main headlines…


Hawaii / Wave

One thing most people might notice when perusing the dreams is that many people dreamt of coastal issues, big waves, Hawaii calamity, etc. However, we did not create a headline for this in the 2015 predictions because of several issues. First, we have every reason to believe that the Hawaii meme has already occurred in SE Asia (that meme was fully explored in this blog post, but more was covered in numerous forum threads, too.)

However, the big reason we were disinclined to include that meme in 2015 is because of two other big concepts. First, the notion of day residue is key here because most of those dreams occurred by NDC dreamers after the Yellow Caution was published warning about a possible Hawaii wave. The other reason had to do with one of the most important findings from Project August. Statistically speaking, the more overlap in a meme, the higher the probability that the meme will come true and the higher the probability that the prediction will be very accurate.

HOWEVER, also from the same statistics is a concept similar to the Law of Diminishing Returns. It basically states that at some point in the increasing slope of overlapping dream material, there exists a saturation point, whereby accuracy and probability both degrade as more and more overlap is obtained.

Such is the way with the Hawaii meme. Although there are not yet any hard and fast rules about where that diminishing return point lies in any DreamForecasting curve, I personally believe we have reached that saturation point, and so combined with day residue and the Pacific Island superstorm in late 2014, we elected to relegate the Hawaii Meme to the list of lower probabilities (toward the bottom of the report).

With that being said, there are 5 main topic areas in this prediction document. We also have a section entitled “lower probabilities” and a Bonus section chock full of lingo and dream material that seemed too perplexing to tag with hard and fast headlines. We feel it’s still important to include that dream material because the memes and overlaps are rather distinct and substantial. The main categorical areas for our predictions are:

Asia (for some reason this non-local region became pronounced during Proj Año)

Military Sphere

Political Sphere

Socio-Economic Sphere

Misc & General Calamity

Lower-Probability Headlines

BONUS Section: You-build it.







Asian Sphere



Año 01: Tanker truck crashes: poisonous gas flows though Chinese valley

Supporting Dream(s)

[Dutch] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/DreamBase_2_0/2997_The_Iberian_Dream (people crossing valley; poisonous gas fog flowing into valley)
[JC1005] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3003_Nuclear_war (nuclear missiles = poison launched; driving truck; tangled compressor hose; truck now a bicycle; hose tangled in spokes; not enough time)
[aletalete] The Conglomaration: HARD TIME BREATHING IN DREAM; COCOA POWDER SPELLED WITH A “K” INSTEAD OF A “C” = Key Terrain Observation and Fields of Fire, Cover and Concealment, Obstacles, Avenues of Approach

Overlapping Linguistics

23. enjoy powers falls highway emotion despite tank double carry farm papers safety Chinese smell (None of these words are on the Año ranking list.)
A large double tanker truck carrying a herbicide/pesticide agent crashes on a highway in a valley in China, becoming a safety issue re: inhalation of poisonous fumes.


Tags: Gas, Leak, Asia, Tanker/Truck


Año 02: January 22, 2015 – Asia (China and/or Japan): New Medical Cure Discovery/Breakthrough

Año 03: July, 2015 – Couple implicated in failed open surgery medical trial causing death

Supporting Dream(s)

[raindrop] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3135_A_Procedure_for_Cleaning_the_Blood (procedure for cleaning blood; highway)
[raindrop] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3136_Strange_New_Medical_Equipment
(tower; experiment with medical equipment with layered sets of cups; technology; man making move on dreamer)
[blueDream]  http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/DreamBase_2_0/2768_P1_08_SCUBA_Diving_in_the_Mountains (wooden industrial tower; office space; man and blonde woman; 11 minutes; July mission)
[raindrop] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2868_On_a_Mission (security at military lab; disemboweled dead people; blonde woman; guy and woman conversation re: rings, Good Ollie Six)
[sherriann] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2845_New_Medical_Discovery_Breakthrough
Intention: Headline for January 22, 2015 (thick glass wall divide; cadavers; test tube drops, pair of Chinese women; pair of Japanese men; medical breakthrough scroll; hugs)

Overlapping Linguistics

1. looks red got before came thought well getting ready point feeling coming couple comes (Año ranking 106-119)
looks red = blood; thought came before; getting ready – getting well; couples involved in associated dreams
Good Ollie Six is a skateboard move involving stairs or railings; Ollie also associated with robots and a pig used in swine genetics

Tags: Medical, Discovery, Surgery, Asia


Military Sphere


Año 04 (Already fulfilled): Gruesome murder scene discovered, perhaps at a military base; doctors called in to assist forensics

News Links: TIK December 16, 2014 – http://rt.com/news/214675-mexican-students-new-evidence/
Mexico feds directly involved in student massacre, witness torture – independent probe
Has come true: December 27, 2014 http://rt.com/news/218047-mexico-protests-iguala-base/
‘Here are the murderers’: Mexico protesters storm & graffiti military base

Supporting Dream(s)

[Grim Reaper] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2986_Killers (gang running from Michael Myers; reaching into man’s chest and ripping his heart out; slaughter that guy)
[raindrop] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2868_On_a_Mission
(security at military lab; disembowelled dead people; terrible smell; doctors, nurses, medics; no stretchers; working on people prior)

Overlapping Linguistics

1. looks red got before came thought well getting ready point feeling coming (Año ranking 106-119) looks red = blood; thought came before; getting ready; point feeling
4. why never dark doing hand kept behind open actually seen (Año ranking 159-168)
A convoluted emphasis on as to why the dark hand was never seen although it was right out in the open, which is often the case in multiple murder scenes.


Tags: Mexico, Military Base, Murder


Related to Previous Headline with same supporting documentation:
Año 05: January – March 2015 (1st quarter) – Women control park in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico demanding a truthful information/investigation into the murder of 43 students…possible drug cartel involvement


8. working somewhere women control park brown town tells makes clear words snow high (Año ranking 229-241)
Working women control a park in a mainly ‘brown town’ (Mexican town) telling (demanding) that words (information) be made clear re: heroine/cocaine incident.

Tags: Mexico, Women, Cartel, Murder


Año 06: A new military brain project/procedure (may be considered mind control) is revealed or announced.

Supporting Dream

[Eagle] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2839_Dr_Evil_s_Son_Takes_Over

There is some new eye procedure where they take a small rod and tap the top of the eye socket and then the bottom. It was vivid, but strangely I was empathically feeling what the person undergoing the surgery felt. It was sheer pain, and I concluded that the procedure was worth it, although I have no idea what it was for..

Overlapping Linguistics

12.   military project carrying brain pointed drop november lay sick

Note that the dates don’t match up between intention (Jan 26th) and linguistics (November), therefore, if this headline manifests, expect it either in the 1st quarter or 4th quarter.

Tags: Military, Brain, Project

Año 07: (Timeframe: 90% 1st quarter, 10% 4th quarter) – Soldiers deployed on a military project become sick

Supporting Dream(s)

[awakenedDeamer] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3122_2_Choices_not_2_Chances (statement dated January 26, 2015 for treatment; doctors present to perform a procedure)
[raindrop] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2868_On_a_Mission [high security military laboratory; dead disembowelled bodies being carried out; no stretchers; military  medics, doctors, nurses present]

Overlapping Linguistics

12.   military project carrying brain pointed drop November lay sick (None of these words are on the Ano ranking list.)
Soldiers, as part of a military project (Africom in West Africa who departed for Sierra Leone after the end of November announcement), will begin getting sick from Ebola.


Tags: Military, Illness

See also the Bonus Section below for more possible Military/War-related headlines





Socio-Economic Sphere


Año 08: Statistics revealed: more extended families (more than one family) living together and the associated problems

Supporting Dream(s)

[raindrop] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3008_Riproaring_Tantrum (big apartment; extended family; tantrum; missing coat and cell phone; work (job)
[twyer] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3077_Wierd_Work_Dream (warehouse; moving documents; layoffs)

Overlapping Linguistics

33. told last help work front found knew sure standing together (Año ranking 134-143)
34. did think two has felt come area will large apartment room looking small house first old (Año ranking 36-51)
Last resort is the work front; needing to stand together.
Large apartment too small for two; looking for big older small (affordable) house

Tags: Socio-Economy, Family, Statistics

Año 09: Gold Market has major problems like a default or theft or a public acknowledge that some country’s gold reserves are (gasp) empty! Most likely Canada.

Supporting Dream

[Sherriann] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3088_Dream_7_Harper_s_Gold

‘someone has cleaned out the last of the Canadian gold reserves.’
Sherriann identifies her own dream as metaphoric for gold mining issues in Canada; however, the linguistics suggest that GOLD escapes below spot price. Is that a theft? Is it a significant drop in the spot prices? Is it acknowledgement by a Western government as having inadequate gold reserves?

Overlapping Linguistics
#19 Below spot edge escape gold

Interestingly, a supporting news clip: http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/canada-s-mining-sector-braces-for-another-challenging-year-1.2884873?cmp=rss

Tags: Gold, Canada, Default, Theft, Economy

Año 10: Destruction of Europe (and/or this could be the) End of the Euro (or) Another round of economic crisis in Euro-land.

Supporting Dream
Trapper’s “Apocalypse of End” (no intention)
The dream actually seems like the explanation for the lingo.
America destroyed first, then Europe.

Linguistics Overlap

14. insight specifically announced associated destruction europe

Tags: Economy, Europe, Euro, Destruction

Año 11: Some type of monetary shift between May 23rd and July 31st, 2015. Notes: The actual nature of the shift is debatable, but the supporting documentation highlights the words “Transformation,” “New,” “Bright,” “Technology (to replace exchange),” and “Birth.” Therefore, the “Shift” here seems to imply something very new in terms of exchanging goods and services and so we might see the new Amero, perhaps a new Gold-backed currency, or maybe the Global Reset happens in this period of time. At any rate, expect some sort of coin transformation probably having to do with muddy credit issues and/or central prime rate problems.

Supporting Dreams

[Raindrop] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3134_Premature_Baby

12/14 Dream character has last name of “Coin” and they have a premature baby. The theme is birth, so birth of a new coin?

[Thalidomay] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2901_Friendships

11/6 Thalidomay’s dream has a young boy with a black leather bound book of coins and currencies.

[AwakenedDreamer] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2985_Pandemic_forces_ca_hless_transactions_benefits_the_ADA_Pope_declares_his_disapproval_over_this_action

11/12 Cash was gone, what technology was there to replace exchange? What would happen with people who did not have electronics? Therefore, the comfort of a community based support system (like a church or alternative living) was stripped from the masses, Metaphor- masses, MASS, catholic mass/sacrament- sacrifice. “all the cash has been removed (by people wearing hazmat). They were concerned the money changing hands was contaminated by a virus spread through contact- air, touch, secretions. All cash had to be destroyed at CDC controlled centers.”

[Purple hazydreamer]
“,in the middle of check book was three pink capsules….and I found a penny laying in this car and it was very large bright new copper that said the word angel on it and that some family had named this or devoted this object to whoever angel was……I saw on the penny that it said the date May 23rd.I kept asking this guy what is the year? Tell me the year? It said 2015 we turned the coin over and it looked very old and aged and rare…worth allot of value type thing.” (This sounds like a return to the gold standard.)

Overlapping Linguistics

7.    three event heard under holding yet full money sense become
26.  mud credit central prime merely arranged treat july coin transformation
28.  tangled pope circuit sanctuary credits january breaker hitler

Also note: This particular meme has the most support of all our headlines, and the support does seem to be congruent and relatively clear. Compared to all the other predictions herein, this one appears to be the most likely in terms of probability.

Also, Lingo 28 discusses the Pope being tangled in perhaps some credit issues, but AwakenedDreamer actually mentions the Pope as well in her cashless society dream. Therefore, in 2015, expect the Pope to either be associated with this “coin transformation,” or perhaps the Pope will have big news or entanglement with key world economic processes.


Tags: Economy, Coin, Transformation,




Political Sphere


Año 12: April 2015 – Barack and Michelle Obama are acknowledged/represented in some manner in an American Presidential Museum or the National Museum of American History; perhaps virtually.

Supporting Dream(s)

[raindrop] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3054_Disabled_Scarecrow (museum; open air; presidential; White House; Barack and Michelle Obama)
[Dreamweaver] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3040_On_the_hill (April; Obama climbs steep slope; elder statesman a southerner; woman dong can-can)

Overlapping Linguistics

4.       why never dark doing hand kept behind open actually seen (Año ranking 159-168)
A never dark (generous) hand kept open behind his back is now actually seen as in, someone who has always been generous is finally recognized for his giving nature.
It has already been announced that filming of a movie about Barack and Michell’s ‘romance’ is to begin in summer 2015.

Tags: POTUS, April, Recognition

Año 13: NYC and/or Tucson is in the news about being run like Hitler. Unsure how the President is involved in this, but the linguistics is pretty firm about the President being steel and perhaps being the one who refers to the Nazi mystery. Part of the dream aspect includes a strong inference about the military, probably being ill-equipped or poorly trained to accomplish their Nazi-like tactics.
Governmental Tsunami led by a steel president.

Supporting Dreams

[raindrop] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3103_New_Class_Distress Raindrop includes a loose association between the student, what they’re learning, and the Nazi time period. The dream’s hints about Nazi were a sort of mystery in the dream, which greatly resembles the linguistics. There’s a mystery here with loose Nazi associations.


“Turns out he had his whole organization run like Hitler”
[Dutch] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/DreamBase_2_0/2997_The_Iberian_Dream
Sep 25: Nazi or Hitler wasn’t mentioned, but the dreamer’s dad had an army of horses who would bow down when the master raised his arm.

Overlapping Linguistics

#25 25. tsunami government speech frantically sometime steel president Hawaii potential
Hawaiian government’s frantic warning about Hawaii tsunami steels (firms up) Obama’s potential.


Tags: Nazi, POTUS, Governmental Tsunami

Año 14: January 2015 TIC re: Hitler/Nazi meme; on or about May 15, 2015 – Pope Francis announces sanctuary and begins recruiting the destitute.

Supporting Dreams
[awakeneddreamer] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2985_Pandemic_forces_ca_hless_transactions_benefits_the_ADA_Pope_declares_his_di ​sapproval_over_this_action
The following day the news announced a speech by the Pope that this action was unconscionable and would not be sanctioned by the Vatican or the church. He offered that any catholic who chose not to agree with this would be given sanctuary and fed by the church. Following the Pope’s speech attempts were made to blow up the Vatican and close all churches.
Disenfranchised. Catholic priests wear white robes.

[Dutch] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/DreamBase_2_0/2997_The_Iberian_Dream
The Iberian Dream: Standing on the road behind him were two men in robes. Much like the robes the Hebrew men wore in times past. Coming towards the Iberian was a solder ready to take him to the fire. He set up a startled everyone the solder raised his gun to shoot him. The Iberian screamed please do not shoot! For I am the only survivor surely this must be my destiny to become a slave of these two men, point to the two robed men. The men agreed and the solder let him rise and go. The oppressed.

[sherriann] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/DreamBase_2_0/2532_Movement_Along_a_Chain_Link_Fence
Movement Along a Chain Link Fence: The intent was to be shown an event that would occur on May 13, 2015, a date I envisioned previously. I was shown a large group of people of all ages, all dressed in white robes, walking alongside a tall chain link fence. The landscape was blue skies and sandy soil. It felt like they were outside the fenced area and it felt like somewhere in the Middle East. I caught a side view of one of the men who was tall, thin and had a thin face with a pointed nose, dark hair and skin.
Released prisoners; persons leaving terrorist groups.

[raindrop] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3101_A_Graduation
A Graduation: Then, a tall white student who is graduating sits down by me. He is very grumpy and sullen about something. I ask him about it. He says he doesn’t want to or can’t graduate with the class. He points to the rest of them sitting as a group. I realize as we talk that he is very intelligent and interesting person despite his sourness at the moment. It is not clear if he is disgraced in some way or if they have displeased him. He has a white gauzy type of garb covering his graduation robes. It isn’t really clothing, just some gauzy cloth wrapped around him.
Victims of racism; high schooled with low self esteem. Graduation normally occurs in May or early June.

Overlapping Linguistics

28.   tangled Pope circuit sanctuary credits January breaker Hitler (None of these words are on the Año ranking list.)

Tags: Electrical Grid, Communications, Disaster

Año 15: September 2015 – Ten year old boy reincarnated remembers a small life-changing act he performed in Nazi Germany 1933-1945.

Supporting Dreams
[raindrop] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3103_New_Class_Distress (beginning of school year in new space; students 10 years old; bodyguard or valet to someone important; Nazi Germany; important small act; physical and emotional traits)
[Thalidomay] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2901_Friendships (young boy 10 or 11; book of coins and currencies; gift of a CD; 1920s or 30s; crudely built signalling tree like device)

Overlapping Linguistics

34. remember only outside though says wall notes class left friend walking water place road because life door side take (Año ranking 70-83)
Remembering something from outside in the form of class wall notes about a friend ‘walking on water’/road journey whose life took a side door/different path.


Tags: Reincarnation, Nazi Germany, Recall




Miscellaneous Memes / Calamity


Año 16: Beginning of 2015 (1st quarter) – A union/organization(s) of musicians launches protest

[raindrop] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3005_Musician_s_Union (musician union; music teachers under duress; parade)
[raindrop] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3006_Massage_School (parade of uniformed marching musicians; school under stadium; annoyed students; school clique)

Overlapping Linguistics

3.       help work front found knew sure standing together give quite type hit year begin (Año ranking 136-149)
Help on the work front was found, when he knew for sure that standing together would give quite the type of hit to begin the year.


Tags: Musicians, Protest, Marching

Año 17: November 14, 2015 – Electrical grid event disrupts communication; disaster planning initiated.

Supporting Dreams
[sherriann] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/DreamBase_2_0/3013_Circuit_Breaker_Off
I was looking at a circuit breaker sticker identifier. It read November 14. I heard the distinct sound of a large circuit breaker being thrown (the grind and thump) and then there was darkness. I had the dream on the morning of November 15 so November 14 would be in 2015.

[raindrop] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3099_King_With_One_Eye
a King with one eye; words: “Know (that) we will be spared”; a black screen with fluorescent lettering—yellow, orange, pink and green; a film bulls-eye; end credit logo blipping out. Note: film bulls eye test pattern.

[sherriann] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3086_Dream_5_Hard_to_Broadcast
I received the message that it is hard for Salt [Lake] City to pick up news and broadcast it to Salt [Lake] City even though they have money in reserve. Note: money can’t help this problem.

[aletalete] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3105_THE_CONGLOMERATION

Note: red eye has to do with electrical.

Overlapping Linguistics

35. perhaps wave make guy wanted thing made why never dark doing hand kept behind open actually seen middle hard important city process starts (Año ranking 152-174)
Man made EMP/electrical wave created right out in the open is actually seen (actually happened) resulting in a hard decision re: important city process (disaster plan).

Tags: Electrical Grid, Communications, Disaster

Año 18: Concert sinks during Fall timeframe in Australia
NOTE: There is a definite and striking overlap about a concert. Of the supporting documentation, it appears to be associated with Australia in the Fall timeframe. The actual event associated with the concert is not so clear, but we’ll go with the linguistics (concert sinks)…

[Sherriann] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3081_Dream_1_No_Party_Tonight

“No party tonight” and this dream is taking place in the Fall.

[Elizabeth] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2852_Skittles

Kids couldn’t go to a concert. Calling 911 about Waldorf?



Can’t get plastic off from wooden structure and so the concert cannot be held

Overlapping Linguistics

#22 “concert sinks”; dream = “See you next Fall maybe” ; lingo = Australia

Notes: It might be Statler and Waldorf band (http://zup.cm/statlerandwaldorf/concerts ) or near the Waldorf accommodations in Syndey (http://www.waldorf.com.au/ )
The reason Waldorf is here is because of Elizabeth’s dream “Skittles,” which involved a concert and a 911 call.

Tags: Australia, Concert, Fall Timeframe

Año 19: 
Spring of 2015 (2nd quarter) – During preliminary hearings re: two Wisconsin girls’ murder trial, the families of the accused come under scrutiny.


[saskafrass] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2851_Changes_coming (“Tall slender man, trending now, at Dollhouse”)

Overlapping Linguistics

32. student different talking need good bit reason family turned high watch (Ano ranking 209-219)
Stories of the Slender Man commonly feature him stalking, abducting, or traumatizing people, particularly children. There is an app for Slenderman Dollhouse.

Tags: Wisconsin, Murder, TallSlenderMan




Lower Probability Headlines/Predictions


Note: We learned from Project August that the most reliable predictions come from clear overlaps between dreams and linguistics; however, there will be a certain percentage of dreams and linguistics that come true based solely on its own information (i.e., one dream or one lingo phrase will manifest by itself). Therefore, we chose a few individual dreams/lingo that seem somewhat likely to manifest during 2015:


Año 21: People rescued from tour boat in trouble because of waves.
[raindrop] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3004_Yellow_Slickers
Has happened: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/europe/1-dead-hundreds-stranded-in-Greek-ferry-disaster/articleshow/45670729.cms

Año 22: March 2015 – Flooding in Pennsylvania
[JC1005] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2891_Train

Año 23: Tourists stranded; can’t leave Hawaii by plane.
[gnikgnik] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2881_Tourists_Stranded_Trying_to_Flee_Hawaii
[SkyKing] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3095_Trouble_in_Paradise

Año 24: Lisa Marie Presley Commits Suicide
[BlueMagneticEagle] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2916_Lisa_Marie_Presley_Commits_Suicide

Event of the Day – Feb. 18, 2015
Año 25: Dr. Michael Solomon wearing a white lab coat.
[sherriann] https://au.news.yahoo.com/nsw/a/25359254/doctors-breakthrough-cancer-treatment-saves-countless-lives/

Año 26: Cigarette manufacturers introduce ‘four packs’.
[sherriann] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3147_Four_Pack
This may already be in the works because this week I saw something about an intent to manufacture ‘pot’ cigarettes.

Año 27: Near the end of March 2015 – Medicine Hat Tigers Win the Cup
[sherriann] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2859_Medicine_Hat_Tigers_Win_the_Cup

Año 28: Some college sports team loses a win [aka gold medal] because of the oversize of someone/something or something like too many players in the field/on the ice…wherever.
19. station college familiar watched size enter below spot edge escape gold



Bonus Section: Build a Headline

One of the DFers mentions that, “This set has turned my brain to porridge…. ” In this set dream material, there are multiple ways to look at the overlapping documentation.  So what we’ll do is present the linguistics and dream snippets, and then pose some possibilities that we MIGHT see manifest sometime in 2015…

We’ll look at the linguistics first

20.   lived shoot toward stuck earth complete power (None of these words are on the Año ranking list.)
Some entity gets stuck moving toward complete power over the world.

21.   fully general noise involved wide position war (None of these words are on the Año ranking list.)
A lot of general noise is the result of a war stance.

24.   height crossing destination atmosphere truth available official (None of these words are on the Año ranking list.)

Some official says the truth is available about something crossing through the atmosphere at great height.

29.   accident shower direction friendly code number due minute ice appear energy (None of these words are on the Año ranking list.)
Code number launched the minute an accidental shower of an energetic something appears over ice.

…and Now, the Dream Overlaps

Scene 1:
[Bonnie] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3061_Meteorite_Dust_in_Snow (scientist; testing snow for meteorite dust)

Scene 2:
[JC1005] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3003_Nuclear_war (sanctuary from disaster; US calling China bluff; nuclear launch decision by women; missiles launched and counter attack; air compessor hose tangled in bicycle wheel)

Scene 1 or 2:
[California Kevin] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/2996_Big_Storm (white clouds not rain or snow; northern hemisphere; maybe ash; late 2014, beginning 2015]

Scene 1 or 2:
[aletalete] http://www.nationaldreamcenter.com/dreamdb/project_ano/3105_THE_CONGLOMERATION
16. SAW THREE (3) GIRLS LOOK UP TO THE SKYPossibilities:

POSSIBILITIES for Headlines based on all this material:

Año 29a: Huge divide is acknowledged in the General Officer corps of the US Military. Differing opinions are extremely wide and are beginning to negatively impact military ops (supported by lingo 21)

Año 29b: Rocket launch to disintegrate asteroid/meteorite misinterpreted as an act of war.

Año 29c: War stance unpopular with the general public; major protests develop.

Año 29d: Meteorite shower disables northern military command centers.

Año 29e: Launched rocket spins out of control and strikes land.

Año 29f: January – March (1st quarter) Meteorite causes northern volcano to erupt.



…and finally, we were quite surprised that the linguistics might have been giving us hints about how to ascertain the 3 keys to prediction-making (the What, Where, and When for a future event). Linguistics phrase number 31 stated that:

31. people dream into who then where very would other when time could…around another dreams back going (Año ranking 6 – 25)

The statement itself suggests first of all to maintain the concept of overlaps in our predictions (“around another dreams”), and if I’m seeing this correctly, it also implies the importance of sustained, running memes. In other words, looking at threads of dream material that remain consistent over a certain time period, instead of what we’re only doing now, which is more snapshot-oriented. Regardless, we go ahead and take this lingo at face value and establish our last prediction for 2015…one that is internal to the NDC and her mission:

Año 30: NDC DreamSeer Team identifies new links to DreamForecasting in 2015. The 3 keys to prediction (What/Who, Where, and When) are solidified with very high levels of accuracy.

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Don’t forget to stay updated on these memes and headlines…check in periodically over in the forum at this link. Overall, it appears that 2015 isn’t laced with catastrophe after all, but rather many new adventures. Regardless, strap in and get ready…it should be a fun ride!


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