What Happened to DreamForecasts?

What Happened to DreamForecasts?

DreamForecasts were running weekly up to and throughout August 2014. When they first came on line in the Spring of 2014, they were quite vague and simply designed to map out the collective unconscious. However, when the predictive processes matured, NDC readers were afforded a very accurate picture of the future. Therefore, what happened to the DreamForecasts?


The DreamBot has always been the cornerstone of the DreamForecast process. The DreamBot is a web crawler that spiders out looking for peoples’ dreams. The first iteration of the DreamBot is now known as DreamBot1, and it has developed a reputation for being quite accurate when it “speaks.” The best two examples of what this algorithm predicted was “White House man small leaving” predicted Jay Carney’s departure a week hence and “Earth food hard ice” predicted the polar vortex that swept through and froze the Northern States’ August grape harvest for 2014.


So, DreamBot1 was fantastic when it “spoke,” but unfortunately, it had a funny habit of being introverted (going weeks without “speaking” coherently). Therefore, DreamBot2 was created that naturally looked at the finer details of the dream language. We needed something that would speak to us on demand, and DreamBot2 did just that. Every week, about 10 to 20 linguistics phrases were offered to us.

At first, we made the mistake of assuming that these phrases were just like DreamBot1, where everything it says is predictive. So far, every single DreamBot2 run ever made has had at least a few successful predictions, but there was no way to tell ahead of time which ones were going to come true. Therefore, we simply listed the DreamBot2 phrases for posterity and research.


As this evolution/research was underway, a whole new concept broke the conscious threshold in not just one theoretician, but two minds in the same week. In what would become DreamBot3, I personally morphed George Ure and Grady’s linguistics program to a whole new revolutionary map of the collective unconscious. Basically, I decided to categorize useful words that might enable us to get a better gauge of what the worlds’ dreamers were dreaming.

What emotions are they dreaming? What’s the weather like in the dreams? What sort of terrain is predominant? How about Cities and Countries? Planets, numbers, and colors were also later added, but what was so interesting, is that before I could get my first published report on DreamBot3, George Ure actually brought this up in his blog about how the NDC could map the collective dreams. Of course, I was stunned that we both stumbled into this in the same week.

So, initially the DreamForecast was published weekly to simply give a current status of the collective unconscious, and based on the linguistics models mentioned above, we had an idea for what sorts of things were coming into manifestation in the outer reality.

Enter Project August

The big success about Proj Aug was not that 90+% of our headlines came true, but rather some monumental processes were established and statistically measured. Of those, the biggest one is undoubtedly the need to find overlaps in DREAMS and the LINGUISTICS.

In general, we found a higher accuracy rate and score for the predictions based on bigger and clearer overlaps of both dream content and linguistics. By the time we got to August 2014, we attained a 90+% success rate on all headlines, both Proj Aug and non-Proj Aug.

This was an important correlation because it indicates that even non-intentional dreams of the future can still predict future events.

Putting it all together

The process basically needed ALL OF THE ABOVE to be most successful. DreamBot1 gave us periodic, big picture predictions and even celestial events. DreamBot2 gave us the all consistent linguistics phrases that we could then overlap with direct dream material to get hard core predictions. DreamBot3 is still under research, but it’s observed to be the least correlative to future events…it seems to be related to current events (not day residue, but rather what is happening right now).

As two new DreamReaders have attested, this process can be very taxing (I mean insidiously taxing). For someone who had been developing these algorithms AND conducted full DreamForecast analysis, complete with headline creation and Project August, I hit the wall in early to mid September. For health and sanity, I had to take a break, and fortunately, a couple of AWESOME future DreamForecasters have entered the scene to help out. Believe me, this is not an easy job, but it is one that is extremely rewarding.


When I was forced to take a break from DreamForecasting, it wasn’t because of burnout…it was because of health. The passion is still there, but this is extremely intense work. As a result of my needed R&R, I conceptualized a new bot called DreamBot4.

All the DreamBot4 does is look at which words are shooting upward in frequency. For this to work properly, a daily run was warranted with historical data to track and calculate overall averages for the lexicon list of 25K words.

This was something I could run quickly so that I could publish something of interest about the collective unconscious everyday instead of weekly. BUT, how much predictive ability does the DreamBot4 even have?

Well, recently we received a big taste of what the relatively new DreamBot4 can do. In the now-famous “Holy DreamBot run” on September 5th, the lexicon suggested something big going on with an Eastern Buddhist Monk. Within 2 days, the Dalai Lama made an astonishing announcement to the world.

A similar event happened with Apache Ceremony and Bank Holiday, which enlightened us to a new potential breakthrough in short-term linguistics predictions. We learned that the linguistics had to be clear and coherent and above about 2,500% surge in the DreamBot4 list.

The future of DreamForecasting

What to Expect

The biggest thing to remember is that the predictively powerful DreamBot4 is published daily, and that happens over in the forum… http://nationaldreamcenter.com/forum18/forumdisplay.php?fid=4

However, Paradigm 3 is coming on board, and will include a whole new DreamForecasting process. We have several teams that will be convening monthly to get a much more thorough handle of the collective unconscious. Together, we’ll be publishing thorough assessments, linguistics analysis, and predictive headlines.

These processes will be evolving as we gain more and more statistical confidence and additional manpower. We will start with miniature Proj Aug reports for each month, and as those important processes get ironed out, we’ll then add quarterly reports as well.

This will be a community effort, and we are in the tiny seedling stage on this, but with a wealth of statistical support for everything we’re doing. We a have a team that PREDICTS the future, one that CREATES the future, and a team of DreamForecasters who can put it all together to provide you with the most likely future.

So, in the short to medium term, you can expect this:

1. Daily DreamBot runs with warnings and email notifications of hot trends. Note: sign up for email alerts at the top right of this page.

2. Monthly analysis to include predictive headlines. Expect these to begin for November 2014, as October will be spent ironing out the process.

3. Eventually longer-term predictive analysis will be conducted and in time you’ll be able to read reports about future quarters, years, or even decades.

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