Nostradamus & Alligator Blood

Nostradamus & Alligator Blood

Note: this is the first post in a series entitled, “In Search of Paradigm 3” Part 2 is here.

In this article, I’ll take everyone through a possible scenario that also has a rather unusual solution. This scenario isn’t absolute and I’m not issuing a red alert just yet, but everything about this problem-solution article is all based on our DreamBase dreams with somewhat overlapping linguistical clues from the DreamBot.

Oh yeah, and the dreams we’ll talk about come from some of the more (shall we say) proven dreaming talent…


Positivism First…

But just to ensure I don’t offend our genuinely beloved positive readers, I’ll start with the positive linguistic first. I stumbled across this story without searching for it. It literally found its way to me through Facebook.

From the June 5th Linguistics: “Scene began making city quite happy

Seattle is the big winner (so far). They are apparently the furthest ahead in the concept of “Food Forest,” where a big park in the middle of town is planted with all sorts of fruit-bearing trees. This concept is not new, but if the linguistics do in fact point to the Seattle blueprint (which was conceived earlier than 2011), perhaps we’re getting close to its first fruit.

There are other locations across the country (such as Austin, Texas) who are starting their own version of the Seattle Food Forest. Sustainability has to begin somewhere, and this is a great start.


August 2014, Nostradamus, MERS, and alligator blood.

Sound interesting?

Let’s begin with future talk and then we’ll return to the past for the solution. One of our Project Uno dreamers is guessing that the biggest headline of August 1st will be a MERS virus gone viral.

Now, what I thought was interesting is that a hint of this came through in the latest Project August DreamBot run (May 31st), which was conducted 5 days before the MERS dream was submitted. In other words, the linguistics spoke first before the dream came in.

The cryptic linguistics said, “Kill living nice quickly” (the word “Image” was also included at the front of the phrase but I stripped that out considering that we perhaps have clarity on where the linguistics might have been going with this).

(Also note that yes, I realize that the linguistics could also suggest a myriad of other killing mechanisms, but this strain of thought suggest that “living” implies a superbug of some sort.)

So, we have a suggestive overlap between a PA dream and the linguistics. In our experience working with future projection, the only thing better than that is: 1) having more definitive linguistics support, and 2) having several dreams overlap. So, we’re getting close to a red alert here, but definitely not yet.

The solution was also dreamed!

Here’s the fascinating thing…we just recently received a possible solution for this superbug that the other dream says is coming. What’s more interesting is…

1. The dreamer had MANY issues getting this dream into the DreamBase (someone not want this dream exposed, or merely coincidence?)

2. The dreamer had no idea that her dream solution actually came out a year ago and actually went viral (this helps our cause in suggesting that the collective unconscious has just as much to do with the past as it does the future AND proves that our dreamer is VERY well connected to the collective unconscious).

3. The emotional tone in the solutions dream was head and shoulders above the problem dream, which in the precognitive world means that the solution will be a bigger headline that will the problem. Did I say that right? Based just on the emotional tone alone, the happy and gleeful solution will serve more emotion to the collective than will the fear of the problem. This is exciting!

So, what’s the solution? Our very gifted dreamer was afforded the opportunity to meet Nostradamus himself in a dream, and in the dream, Nostradamus offered her several cures to many of the problems we currently face…

“I noticed lots of charts on his walls. Some of the human body with certain areas marked.. but there was one in particular that I was fascinated by. He had listed on this chart some of our “incurable” illnesses WITH CURES! On the list were cancer, AIDS, Leukemia, and a few other things. I bounced around all excited telling him how awesome it was that he had found the cures! Now I was the one talking my head off! There were even little illustrations next to the ingredients to make the cures. I’m afraid that I don’t remember the details of what I saw…

but I do remember that cancer, AIDS, and leukemia were on the chart and some of the ingredients used for the cures were alligator blood and puffer fish oil. They were administered with Porcupine quills and I assumed they were used like acupuncture needles, but with medicine in them.”

I’m not sure about pufferfish oil, but I did a search for alligator blood, and can you believe….3,000,000 Google results! The solution to the superbug virus has already gone viral back in 2013. Take a look at my screen capture (click to enlarge):

Google alligator blood


The dreamer was subconsciously aware of the alligator blood solution, but it wasn’t held in the conscious region of her memory. It took a very emotionally exciting dream to bring the subconscious memory into conscious awareness.

Why now?

Even thought the solution dream was dreamt over a year ago, the dreamer experienced multiple problems getting the dream delivered to us:

This is the THIRD time that I’ve tried to submit this dream. [My husband and I] were talking back and forth about how weird it has been that I have entered all of my other dreams without a problem, but THIS dream has deleted itself TWICE leaving me VERY frustrated. (I was smart and used notepad this time as I SHOULD HAVE DONE the first two times.) While we were discussing this, I got a sharp pain in my temple. There was no reason for me to think anything of this. I do stress alot from time to time. My husband had been doing some pressure washing outside and the pressure washer was directly in front of us… and after the pain left my head, I sat up and the pressure washer started going off on it’s own for just a second. It was several feet from our reach… When it stopped, my headache came back. I’m thinking this is some sort of freak coincidence, but my husband insisted that I add it to my documentation just in case it is not.


These troubles seem coincidental, but are they? And why was she just now able to deliver this dream to us the same day that the Project Uno dream was read and approved? If the problem/solution that I’ve outlined has potential, it may not go down exactly as depicted.

For example, the superbug may not be MERS but rather some other pest, like a bacteria or fungus. Fortunately, alligator blood can cure all three!

In fact, it’s already known to kill HIV, fungal, Staph infections, and more:

“Studies carried out by Merchant showed the ‘gator serum had antiviral activity against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) [the virus that causes aids],” said fellow researcher Lancia Darville. “When exposing alligator’s white blood cells to HIV in a lab, most of the virus was destroyed. If we are able to isolate the active peptides we hope to develop them for potential use of treating viruses such as HIV.”

Merchant has also demonstrated that peptides in the crocodilian blood can kill the Herpes simplex virus, as well as fight fungal diseases such as the Candida albicans yeast infection. It is also successful against a broad range of bacteria, most significantly MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), the lethal ‘superbug’ that is becoming increasingly resistant to existing antibiotics and is a scourge in hospitals around the world. (This link is just one of numerous sources)

Some say a superbug is mathematically already in the cards. From my perspective, how can it not be, considering how vaccines are grossly overemphasized in our culture and how humans have been programmed into overusing anti-bacterial soap?

Enough conjecture, let’s see how the dreams unfold…



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