Alligator Blood – reader responds

Alligator Blood – reader responds

This article is post #2 in an ongoing series called “In Search of Paradigm 3.” It is based off the original article found here.

Preamble: A dream from this weekend

ArkansasElderX provided this VERY synchronistic dream over the weekend. I provide it here because it is so intertwined with the goal of this particular post.

Title: Stepping Into Our Collective Power

In the waking world, my mother died nine year ago. In this dream though, she and I are walking toward a building on our local university campus, without any awareness that she is dead. There’s a UPS shipping center in this building and that’s where we are headed.

As we are walking there together I become aware of a power in me, something intrinsic. I also become aware that there is a man at the building we are going to who has the same kind of power. He seems to be holding something, a fragment of a stone or a meteorite, that is in some way connected to this kind of power.

Just being in his vicinity is triggering the awakening of that power within me. There is nothing I have to do but accept that power and let it unfold within me. It will then radiate out around me, triggering something similar, a similar awakening, in the appropriate folks around me. this is building a particular kind of network, one series of nodes and links that are part of the larger networks at play in the transformation of the earth.



I inadvertently hit a nerve yesterday with the alligator blood story, so this week will be dedicated to ironing out the two juxtaposed positions. On the one hand, crap happens. But on the other hand, we are creators, constantly creating the world around us.

So, are we the ones creating the all crap that happens to us? For example, would I be to blame if MERS goes viral in August since I wrote about that post yesterday (or would it be the dreamer’s fault for dreaming about it to begin with)?

Yesterday, a concerned reader wrote an impeccable and vital expose of our individual and collective power. It was in response to the aforementioned alligator blood story and is a must read for all. Therefore, I took the liberty of posting the full monty below this intro.

For the record, I give two big thumbs up to this anonymous responder, not only for the time it took to write it, but also because she exudes the principles she teaches.

Tomorrow’s post will be part 3 in this series, “In Search of Paradigm 3” where I will crack open the hornet’s nest of new and old paradigms. But don’t just go straight to tomorrow’s post, you must first be intimately familiar with this side of things.


Alligator @#$% – A fine rebuttal from a concerned reader

Good Morning, Chris,

Quite the morning entry… alligator blood? It would have people crawling on their bellies if they chose to match the blood energy.  I’ve lots to say about headlines and illness.  We are creators and the happy outcomes create a better future, because it is in our hands unfortunately the tipping point of change is in the majority accepting this or that, a belief, imagination = i am a gine…  Of the past few years, i see a positive timeline being created as people become whistleblowers, and the majority taking back their power as creators not as slaves to a system created by regality.  Regal created the legal system, taking people away from “common” law, laws of nature.

You said this below and I got to writing, what I call free flow writing.  I was going to post as a comment to your entry, yet wondering if there is a limit to size posting or if links show up as link?  You let me know and I’ll post/comment.  Meanwhile, I don’t know I’ve anything to say per blog entries (thank you for that), but there are times commenting allows me to express thoughts triggered by your energy – we’re all connected  :”)

You wrote –

“For example, the superbug may not be MERS but rather some other pest, like a bacteria or fungus. Fortunately, alligator blood can cure all three!

NONONO  LOL   we are our own docs and patient (be patient) at the same time – we “heal” (whole=health) from within, always.  Taking our power back, knowing this is a must because each decides the illness, what role to play and if/when we heal.  The headlines tell people how to “be”have (they make up words/illnesses) and cures are not what  you think they are… *grin  People have to stop giving their “power” away.

The system (matrix)  “plants seeds” with so-called “answers” always outside of oneself, always a “cure” as a “concoction” more magic to buy into. As consumers we buy, but we don’t have to consume.  Curing is a falsehood, whereas healing from within (frequency adjustment) is the standard, reality.  Also, in the system, the flu exists only, with headlines, seeds planted, a pandemic  is created (words create spells) when each individual accepts (mind control) the words spelled out is our “sentence”.  Proof of this, there is no test proving any specific illness.

Also, “cure” defined, means “to take care of”  As the individual takes care, within they “heal” if they so desire to be whole.  Yet the history of cure is a “concoction”.  To explain – if someone else has to tend to something they are not thrilled to do, they state in a negative way, “I’ll take care of it” minus the heartfelt attitude.  Cure = concoction (concoct=made up) is a mixed potion of poison placed upon the spear in killing the animal/enemy.   Case in point (pun intended :”) –

toxic – http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/toxic


1655–65;  < Late Latin toxicus  poisonous, adj. derivative of Latintoxicum  poison < Greek toxikón  (orig. short for toxikòn phármakon literally, bow poison, i.e., poison used on arrows), equivalent to tóx (on ) bow + -ikon, 


“curare” the name for the concoctions made for the poison arrows, coming from various
plants…    http://www.botgard.ucla.edu/html/botanytextbooks/economicbotany/Curare/


Meanwhile, the word “cure” came from  “curare”

Curare – latin – arrange, undertake (undertaker LOL)



Everything is energy and each has a specific frequency.  The individual “matches” a frequency or not, if their immune (latin – munis, see “common”= communis)) system is “weak or strong” – will or wont.


Immune – http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/immune

1400–50; late Middle English  < Latin immūnis  exempt, equivalent to im- im-2  + -mūnis;  see common

Defining – flu, flue, flew – all of these spellings are variations of energy movement.

Flu is short for influenza, with the root word being – influence.  LOL  Have you ever yawned after someone else has or vomit/vomiting setting off a chain reaction?  – this influencing has to do with the sympathetic nervous system of which this is where we get “symptom”.   When a body is sympathetic, they are matching the frequency, getting to the level of the individual while showing compassion – they feel the pain.


examples – 

When a singer matches the frequency of a glass, vibrating the same = resonate/resound, the glass shatters.

My daughter as a toddler, when speaking ability was with sentences, she repeated words she heard a lot – that is how one learns – Specifically, her hypochondriac grandmother.  In her mind, my daughter had the exact health issues as her grandmother. With words expressed of pain and making the body movements indicating where the pain was, my daughter was a mirror image of her hypochondriac grandmother.  She learned ailments with words/actions, yet the pain was not physical, it still was with her as an excuse.


How about the person that has a heart attack or dies within a day/week of their loved ones death?

Debbie downer enters the joyous party gathering, and all of a sudden the party goes glum after hearing of Debbie’s problem (the power of the word is a “spell” spelled out with each sentence…

In this holographic world we’re mirroring – monkey see monkey do!

Doing the research, there is no test to prove any illness, they are all guess work with the information stated as symptoms.  That is why a doctor can be unsure or why via various doctors they come up with non matching ailment name – it could be this or that – they are “practicing” medicine.

How would a person know what their “illness” (root word is “will/unwill/unwell”) if someone didn’t tell them (how they are “acting”) or if they had not read it in the headlines.  Big pharma has created “illnesses” and with a list of symptoms, they give it a name and a drug.  Pharmacia/Pharmakia/Pharmakeia – drugs, or spell type potions.  Everyone now knows of the placebo affect? Yes?  The drug works because you give permission for it to work.  Or, find the doctor that matches the role the individual wants to play – seek a doctor to truly get better or one to string it along with pills etc.

Is anyone finding any of this humorous?  The joke is on the individual if you didn’t know you get to play the roll of your choosing.  You choose how to vibrate… The person that states, “I’m not going to get sick, doesn’t.  Or how about – my friend Jeannie (quite the sympathetic gal) was working along side of her co-worker dying with cancer.  She told me, I feel like I have cancer from working with him all day long.  A year later, Jeannie had her diagnosis of cancer and was dead in less than a year.  Her boyfriend of 30 yrs, no signs of ill health, died less than a year later.

With our hearts (see “hear” within heart) we resonate with the storyline or not.  It is all about sound/frequency.

What kind of world do you desire – are you accepting (resonate) what another says “will be” or are you creating a future of your heart’s content that will affect the total sum?  What is that line – “be careful what you wish for” – wish = desire = sire = to father

Let’s dream a healthy future eradicating the ills upon the earth that need not be, as we sing away the problems like the singer busting the wine glass.  With our abilities as the action, let’s put upon this earth = heart (we are as one) symptoms that has the forecasters’ monkey mind speaking of a (forecasters cast a spell) only do their best with the information at hand that don’t create, only state) what could be with the information at hand.  Thus, with that said, let’s see that each forecaster only has the best of symptoms for lovely days ahead and meanwhile, do not listen to the forecaster choosing the negative slant, because they only had “access” to contrary ways, rather forgive them for their limited thinking.  LOL


Chris, sending you the very best~!

cj :”)

ps.  adding a very profound sound :”) gift of healing that arrived this morning in a newsletter from Jill Mattson.

Noticing Your Vibratory Patterns 

 We have the ability to increase our consciousness and awareness of subtle vibrations within our body! It is simply a matter of paying attention.

 Try it! Put your awareness in the center of your brain and just pay attention. What does it feel like? What are the tiny little feelings?

 Now center your concentration on your heart. Notice your feelings. Pay attention to tinier and tinier feelings. Now focus on a troublesome area. What are your little feelings?

 If you do this daily you will become accustomed to what each part of your body feels like. Now when there is a change you can become aware quicker. This is like doing medical intuitive work on your self.

 Now with your imagination go into an area in which you feel a little pain. Get your awareness sharp so that you can sense the smallest little feelings.  Now imagine it sweeter. Breather out the pain, see it leaving your body. Tone a vowel sound, let sound pick up the negativity and let it go. Imagine this area in harmony, filled with peace and white light. Contrast this feeling with the initial feeling that you had when you decided to concentrate on your pain. Better?

 Adventure into the world of healing with Sound!

Healing Sounds, Videos, and Art! Www.jillswingsoflight.com


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  1. cj June 11, 2014 at 8:08 am - Reply

    In reading the titled entry, “Alligator @#$%” one might think the reader swore. I hope people don’t, because I got that impression, yet I know better, I wrote it. My subject line was –
    “Alligator entry :”) ”

    Chris, thank you for posting that. I just read it this morning. It was a surprise to me you had, and, it was posted on my anniversary of 36 years.

    Addressing “crap happens” – yes, good or bad, all is synchronistic, meaning, cause and effect. The dominos are always going, creating the bigger picture, all choices made up to any given point. There are no accidents, rather choices, good/bad or indifferent. Unfortunately, as individuals, we never know all of the components comprising anything at any given point, we are not gods, so doing our best, one can only bless themselves in making the best of choices. That is why we don’t throw stones.

    The story of the elephant with each blind person with a hand upon a part (art) be it the trunk or tail or leg, a body only understands what is before them, but considering all that is, the unknowns, one understands the future forecasted is comprised of some(sum) parts not all that could be, the variables going on at any given moment. I do not trust the weatherperson, doing her/his best at any given point, because I also understand, as energetic beings, we can and do influence the weather.

    Speaking of another example – influence in creating a pandemic – the person yelling fire in a theater creates an unnecessary stampede. How about if there really was a fire, people rushed to the fire with their beverages….tis fear, lack of self confidence that has people going in the opposite direction of a challenge. We are much powerful than the average understands. People can and do move mountains…

    Thank you for the opportunity.

    • ndcadmin June 11, 2014 at 9:43 am - Reply

      Your post was very important, and what better synchronicity to have it presented on your 36th, which reduces to a 9, which indicates completeness! Thank you for being with us, cj, we need your continued support and input!


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