Countries in the Linguistics

Countries in the Linguistics

For some reason, I forgot to mention the countries in the last DreamForecast, so here it goes:

The biggest gainers in the last week were Gibraltar, Australia and the Ukraine, all tied for first. This surprises me that people are dreaming about the smaller countries like Gibraltar. China fell away completely, but Japan, who’s slipping, is still maintaining a position as #4.

Other big losers (i.e. dropped off the list altogether) were England, Finland, and Russia.

This particular type of linguistics is very new. We know know what people are dreaming (with respect to location, weather, emotions, states, countries, etc.), but there’s no connection yet to any other data, such as positive or negative trends or expected events.

So, please keep your eyes open for significant news from the 4 highest countries, and we’ll start seeing whether there’s any meaningful trends there.


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