Shock and Awe

Shock and Awe


I’ve unknowingly developed a habit of shocking some of our precognitive dreamers with revelations about their dreams. The latest was a real shock to our pleasant Sherriann, where we got some of her very cryptic dream somewhat uncovered. Her exciting dream adventure has definitely started.

trainAnd for my next trick, I’ve got a super big train headed directly for another one of our other dreamers. I’ll be surprised if her heart is still beating when she sees this research about her dream. It’s all going to be in the upcoming Project August report, and that should be coming out within a day or two (or three).

I’ve got a few more dreams to go through and then a chat with my volunteer assistant to compare notes (see what I forgot).

Anyway, this one is going to be very exciting for at least one dreamer that I know of. As for the rest of you? Well I hope you’ll get at least something out of a 20-page paper (that’s single spaced too, and it’s not even done yet!)


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