Proj Aug: DreamForecast for Report #4

Proj Aug: DreamForecast for Report #4

I’ve been working like mad to get the fourth Project August report finished. I’m telling you, now…if anyone tries to read it in one sitting, well, just don’t do it. This one put me on a very wild adventure, but I hope that everyone benefits, especially the dedicated, brilliant, and amazing Project August dreamers that have been supplying me with incredible dreams.

Okay, you might be a little surprised that I’m doing this PA DreamForecast out here in public view. Well, the reason is fairly simple…there’s just not enough room in the actual report.

I’m not even done with the report yet, and its length is already double our longest report!

The dreams we’re analyzing linguistically are the dreams that were put into the database prior to June 18th and it includes Project Uno dreams. So here we go…

August’s collective unconscious weather

Clouds. Any questions?

This is even more pronounced that our recent DreamForecast, which was a big surprise. Other than clouds, there’s just a bantering back and forth about storms, sunshine, flood, clear, breezy, etc. all the way down the list. Clouds are no kidding head-and-shoulders above everything else.

The next group is sunny and hot, so that’s pretty typical of the real weather in August (in North America).

The clouds themselves could mean a growing storm is developing in or leading up to August. This matches the dream material quite well, although some of the dreams would point to an all-out storm. Project August dreamers: start looking forward to the stormy dreams…

The feelings about time

Remember earlier on Monday that our DreamForecast was clearly very fast-paced. Well, there are absolutely no real trends in August. The biggest word is “Now” which is not a-typical of a DreamBot run, but all the other words just seem to intermingle together: ‘suddenly’ is next to ‘never’, ‘entire’ is next to ‘already’, ‘hurry’ next to ‘slowly’, ‘soon/fast’ next to ‘slow/year’.

I tend to believe that the word “Now” at the top is pretty typical, but if we want to infer anything there, it could be a definite period of time where people are forced to spend more time in the Now. And by forced I mean that there may be less time available for pleasure-seeking and just “hanging out.”


Interestingly, the number “2” is the top number, vice the more common “1.” In the actual report due out later, you’ll see a definite reason for the number two, and it’s extremely archetypical. As for the other numbers, nothing looks out of the ordinary except 7, 10 and 20.

Seven is extremely lower than I would expect. I would call it significantly invisible; the number 9 is even worse. 10 and 20 are simply much higher than I would expect. It’s not like they’re at the top of the list or anything, but they do seem to pop out.

As far as meaning here, I’m thinking that these might signify the dates in August that bigger events might occur. Perhaps nothing, but it’s worth considering.


“Earth” is on top, but that is to be expected (plus, it goes well with the clear Planetary meme that has suddenly developed. What is also surprising is that Earth isn’t a great deal ahead of the other words, like Mountain.

Mountain (24) shows up about the same as Earth (25), and this might raise some eyebrows if the trend continues into August. The number three position is Cliff, and I think that’s also interesting especially since cliffs typically hang out near Mountains.

Moon is rather high at #4, and then we get into more of the standard words like ocean, hill, beach, lake, etc.


Angry is on top, but if you add smile, smiling, smiled (and probably happy, too) together, then positivity is the clear winner. Here’s the breakdown (Em stands for Emotion):

angry Em 25
smile Em 19
happy Em 18
nice Em 18
evil Em 15
afraid Em 14
love Em 13
confused Em 12
hurt Em 11
scared Em 10
smiling Em 10
calm Em 9
joy Em 8
sad Em 8
hoping Em 7
fear Em 5
jealous Em 5
sadness Em 5
smiled Em 5
tired Em 5




Mexico and UK are the hotspots with 5 hits each. Australia with 4, and 3 for China, Germany, and Spain. There are quite a few countries listed, USA only having 2, but we know that most of our dreams are from the U.S.


Number 1 with 8 hits is Florida, Hawaii has half of that and several have 3 hits: AL, AK, AR, LA, MT, TX. Several more are listed.


It appears that Phoenix and Atlanta are consistently the most dreamed cities in the US. This matches our recent non-PA runs with the dream from the general public. OR Phoenix and Atlanta just happen to be hot spots in the near future and August. The surprises are Buffalo (a big surprise with 7 hits), Fayetteville (not sure which state), Ontario, and Boise.


DreamBot2 Phrases

White look being large
Looking only find through August woman
Eyes much sky thing light move
Life looks men part start
World children day group kept open although begin call close
Angry beautiful earth finally gone
OR Angry beautiful earth finally gone green
Military movement show weird yet air
Father hole line living male mountain near quickly short sleep
City decide enough began circle/box arms business
Dog bad bag cut dead device


Since there’s not a lot of dream overlap with these findings, we’ll wait until the final report to see whether this listing has any value or not.

The lines to watch are the two lines with Angry. I didn’t know whether “green” is a part of this, so I separated these statements into two different lines. Depending on whether “green” gets including determines whether there’s going to be a breakdown (first sentence) or a breakthrough (second sentence).

Okay, there you have it. This is the linguistical analysis of all Project August dreams thus far. If anyone has any special insights here, then please state them below.


Project August Report #4 is now published. This one is for the history books; you really don’t want to miss it.


Copyright © 2014 Chris McCleary. All rights reserved.

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  1. sherriann June 19, 2014 at 3:12 pm - Reply

    OK. Would smile, smiling and smiled be similar enough to combine? Same with fear, afraid and scared; sad and sadness, etc.? How are the DreamBot phrases put together? Maybe it was explained somewhere and I missed it. Thanks.

    • ndcadmin June 19, 2014 at 5:23 pm - Reply

      Yes, you are absolutely correct. Such is one of the catches in working with linguistics. You have to look for all these words separately else you get too many shorter common words embedded in larger words. For example, if you look for just “red,” you end up counting “redact” as 1 hit of “red.” Thus you have to first strip the punctuation, then add a space on either side of the word you’re searching for. Then, the DreamBot starts counting. Then on the backside, you have to count all the like words together…your examples are perfect. I didn’t do this particular task because I had a meltdown in my previously-cool auto-add macro in OpenOffice. The weekend will be used to patch it back together and figure out why it got corrupted.

      So, yes, it does take some work on the backside, even more work if your spreadsheet isn’t working correctly 🙂

  2. sherriann June 19, 2014 at 3:13 pm - Reply

    P.S. Looking forward to #4. 🙂

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