DreamForecast 06-24: Pole Shifts and Brand New Memes

DreamForecast 06-24: Pole Shifts and Brand New Memes

Get your Project Uno dreams in…only a couple of days left !!!

This might start off sounding the same, but I assure this week’s Dreamforecast is showing some very interesting changes. I like to start with the weather because like in individual DreamWork, weather terms can enlighten us about the inner states of the dreamer.

Remember, I’m not at all concerned about individual dreams and dreamers here, nor do I have time to psychoanalyze each dream. This DreamForecast is all about the collective, trying to figure out what we are all creating by entering the mindstream of the “collective unconscious.”

This report utilized a DreamBot that went around the world looking for dreams and analyzing the content in those dreams. Here’s what we found for all the dreams in the past 7 days (excluding Project August dreams).

Weather in the Collective Mind

The weather in the collective mind is much different this week than we’ve ever seen before. First, just as in our recent Project August DreamForecast clouds are atop our list, but not quite as distinct as the trending clouds of August.

Just under the clouds, we have several different storm formations that all are very uncommon, infrequent, but also shot up very strongly this week. They are “ice storm,” “windy,” “snowing,” “supercell,” and “funnel cloud” (in that order).

Sunny and warmer do make a presence, though, and it’s not insignificant. These two terms jumped 139% and 95% respectively from their averages. That is a huge jump, but “flood” was even higher at 171%.

Putting it all together for weather…The clouds to me indicate that the collective mind sees trouble ahead, especially when considering that the dream storms appear to be very cold (i.e., “ice storms” and “supercells” and “monsoons” of all things). Humanity is turning colder towards each other (i.e., relationships aren’t quite as strong) as they can only see the major headlines with more and more clouds developing.

However, the silver lining is brilliant, because humanity does see the glimpse of sunshine on the other side of this trouble. The collective instinctively knows that the sun still shines even on overcast days…we just can’t see it.

After the troubling clouds and icy storms pass, we have “warmer sunny” collective weather. In fact, an unprecedented RAINBOW makes a startling and bold appearance in this run (a bold 58% jump).


The biggest surprise this week was a word that came literally out of nowhere. To put this in perspective the average over time that our dreams use this word is ZERO hits. However, just in the past week, our dreams recorded 47 hits of that word!

“Oppress” is the word, and it came in at number 3. It’s good to see that the collective can actually feel this oppression, regardless of whether they can consciously sense it in their physical, daily experience.

This is the magic of exploring the collective dreams. We can really get into the untethered, unconscious mind and really see what’s going on.

Number 2 also showed a big jump of 248% increase from the average. The meme is “Love/Loved/Loves.” When all the love is added, it surpasses “Oppression” but it does not surpass the bigger Oppress meme, which includes “hate” and “aggression” and especially “torment” (which got a huge, 180% boost this week, surprisingly).

Number 1 on the list is Scare/Fear, unfortunately, and this really does jive with the weather. On the one hand, the collective is timid about the inevitable coming storms, but we can also feel the rainbows, sunshine, and love permeating our eventual growth.

Here’s some interesting words that made big jumps: Furious 180%, Nervously 101%, Considerate 77%, Meek 36%.

Time Aspect

“Tomorrow” leads the list with a whopping 400% increase! Where’s that coming from? So, tomorrow for me is actually June 24th, which may be “today” for many of the readers. Does this imply that something big is coming on the 24th?

Not so fast says, “Few Days” because that phrase is also up 400%. But that’s not all…”any minute,” “today,” “hurry” and “soon” also show up with 50-200% jumps each! What is coming tomorrow and the next few days, then?

Hmmm, the ‘next few days’ would be the end of the month of June, which is what our earlier linguistics said, “Party says play June mostly pain.” Does the real pain begin?

Number Games

I say WOW. Look at all these very spiritual numbers. The biggest step forward was the number 7 with 203%, and interestingly, its first multiple was 2nd on the list: the number 14. Number 1 took a HUGE hit with a -76% loss.

So what do we make of the 7? In terms of time, we have less than 7 days left in June.

Hanz Decoz says this about 7:

“And then there is the 7, the Seeker, the lifelong Searcher of Truth. The 7 is usually not committed to any religion, yet devotes more time and energy towards the search for the Holy Grail than a devoted Jesuit priest.”

This would definitely match up to the Project August linguistical meme about the death of a religion or dogma.

The “Bible Wheel” site says this:

“In Scripture, seven symbolizes completeness or perfection.”

Perhaps the most relevant to all our Project August participants is this snippet here:

“Sevens, like Threes, deal with magical forces. Sevens deal with esoteric, scholarly aspects of magic. Representative of scholarly activities, mystery, and the focused search for esoteric meanings. Seven deals with the activation of imagination and manifesting results in our lives through the use of conscious thought and awareness. Ruled by Saturn, Seven can represent impractical dreaming, but with a deeper understanding of the aspects of Seven, you can quite deftly utilize its magical vibration to your own benefit.”

This is incredible. We get a full circle of synchronicity here. 7 is ruled by Saturn, which is a big trend not only in Project August, but also the latest headlines (in addition to what we’ve already uncovered about Prometheus).

So the big circle now comes into plain view: Saturn, 7, and the ominous linguistical phrase, “Satan realize control somewhere August.”

Rare Month

Normally, I don’t cover months because it’s always just the current month that pops out on top. Not this time.

Holy cow….”November,” with 74 amazing hits, gets the biggest jump of all words in the whole DreamBot! What’s going on with November?! Another surprise is June, which didn’t see any hits whatsoever!

Geography predicting something?!

All the typical geographical words, like river, ocean, earth, hill, beach, etc. all fell off the map (most with 90% decrease in hits). What’s most interesting is what is left on the top of the list:

Glacier (187%) and Equator (182%).

OMG, and then lower on the list, guess what comes up for the first time on the DreamBot: “North Pole” (14 hits) AND “South Pole” (3 hits).

Folks if this is predictive at all, this is screaming to us about a polar shift. We’ve already covered this issue in past posts, but this collective-level meme is stunning. It might indicate that the process is speeding up.

Imagine if this meme was combined with the time aspect above. Watch out!

Locations: BIG surprises

Top of the list is Estonia with more hits than China ever had in one week! Next, Cape Verde, Indonesia, Malie, Ukraine, and Christmas Island are in the top half. There are tons of others with just one or two hits.

However, what’s most interesting is how these countries fell off the list completely: Japan, Australia, USA, Iraq, China, England, Canada. What’s up with that?

Cities weren’t as much of a surprise, but it did bring in new players to the top: Boulder (no telling if the dreamer meant the rock or the city), but there’s no doubt about number 2: Shreveport, LA.

Boston was number 3 and several new ones tied for #4: Cape Coral, Coral Springs, Jacksonville, Saint Paul, and Waterbury.


Biggest jump is a wild one: “Florescent” (387%) and “Orange” (316%). Next in order is Yellow, Silver, Brown.


DreamBot 2 was extremely sparse with meaningful phrases. Some of these are completely useless because they provide virtually no indication of expected events. I included them just to show that there are some interesting lexicon phrases, but I don’t expect many of these to come to fruition.

The red ones indicate some headline potential. Personally, my favorite is the last one…

kill voice soon similar important computer
continue deep relationships
vivid details somewhere
corner green glass leaving story
memorable awakening induction sudden
hospital care switch
decide crash forget moon
fine slightly died sun minutes
garage above fire station
blood possibly cannot explain managed attack
yes baby often sleeping type
arms hope party shit shot angry demon



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