The Month Ahead for Project August (edited)

The Month Ahead for Project August (edited)


As we head into the next month, I just wanted to describe what July might look like so that everyone has a decent idea about what to expect. First off, I very much appreciate all the wonderful dreams that everyone is submitting. I’m sure that most or all of you are wondering….is it all going to pay off?

I believe it will, and here’s why. First, as I stated on my latest radio interview (or at least I’m pretty sure I did…LOL), we are already sitting at a 20% hit rate on the Project August headlines. This is based on the combined list of 89 headlines we have extracted so far from the dream material.

Some of that 20% involve events that came true early and I believe will NOT come true in August (for example, the Arkansas tornado dream). However, most of that 20% are headlines that later appeared in the media, but the actual event will most likely occur in or close to August (for example, the Bundyfest event or Juan Carlos, the Spanish King, might hand off the baton in August, or many more).

This is one of the biggest aspects to Proj Aug that I’m greatly anticipating because it will determine how we can better tap into the time aspect to precognition. In other words, when we intend an August dream, do we indeed see/feel something in August 2014, or do we simply tap into the future at large (getting whatever it is the Universe/God/Self wants us to see?). OR perhaps we simply tap into the higher-level probabilities matrix that Ian Wilson talks about.


Of all the months on my personal calendar, July 2014 is by far the busiest one. Term papers will be coming due this month for my third graduate degree, I have personal travels to make for my family, several radio interviews are scheduled, and let’s face it….August is getting even closer, so we really have to finalize all the potential headlines before August begins.

Remember that one of the biggest PA objectives is to determine how well we can extract big headlines before they happen. This will greatly determine whether Paradigm 3 is even a viable option for us humans. In other words, the predicted headlines need to have high enough probability of coming true such that we are not wasting our time in the creation phase on things that have little chance of happening anyway. I’ll go into more of this vision after we get some preliminary results in or after August.

So, with the amount of busy-ness that I expect this month, I will only be creating a single report, and that will basically serve as my main preparation for the radio shows at the end of August. I expect that report to be in the 2nd or 3rd week of July, and then I will be strictly working on the headlines and linguistics from then on out.

The Transition

After the next report, which will be the last pre-August report, I will be organizing and polishing a spreadsheet of all the possible August headlines. I expect to have over 100 Project August headlines. That may sound like a lot, but it’s really not compared to all the various genres of events that are set to take place in August.

The spreadsheet itself will have more than just headlines, though. I will attempt to create probability matrices with each headline. The default probability will most likely be 50%, but other factors will move those probabilities up or down. For example, if one headline was based off 3 intersecting dreams and/or lingustics then that might boost the probability, or if one headline already came true outside of August, then that might lower the probability.

Also, I will attempt to have created two probabilities for each headline. The first probability will indicate our first impression when the headline was first established. Then, I’ll have a separate probability that moves with current events, new dreams, etc. I’ll explain all that later.

I haven’t given too much thought to this yet, but the idea is climbing in the noise-level consciousness stream…the idea of when to release the 100+ headlines. I believe it would be best for the Project August dreamers to see the proposed headlines such that they have some time to suggest changes or make additions.

I am positive that I left tons of important material out of these headlines. It wasn’t intentional at all. It was simply due to the time constraints. Therefore, I’ll want to spend the greater part of the transition time (about 2 weeks prior to August) to review and banter (perhaps even negotiate) about different headlines.

As far as the mechanics and specifics of this, I’ll publish those when the time comes. For now, take a look at all your personal PA dreams and try to just think about some really big events that could come of that dream content. Think about the emotions you had from those dreams. Think about what was most vivid. AND as you see the previous reports, what seems to overlap with other peoples’ dreams? Record your findings and then we will compare notes after I release the list of headlines.

Continuing PA Dreams

We’ll continue collecting PA dream even throughout August, and dreamers will still use the PA category to make the input. Some people might ask, “Won’t all dreams be Project August dreams in August?”

The answer is NO, although the regular DreamForecast and Project August methods will probably overlap during August. It goes back the intention again. In order to be a PA dream, the intention MUST have been made prior to the dream.

When inside of August, the intent can simply be “a big headline tomorrow (or next week, etc.),” since we will be inside August at that point.

What else did I forget to mention? Any questions so far? This will be an interesting next two months, and I appreciate everyone’s help so far! Everyone please have a very pleasant weekend!!


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