Spanish King, 2nd Plane, and much more

The DreamBot impresses once again…

Today we get two exciting tales of precognition to inspect, and they are both relatively high scorers on the DreamSeer scale. One was correctly predicted from our regular DreamBot run, and the other was a bombshell that was accurately predicted from the Project August dreams/linguistics.

First up: more airplane meme, but this time it’s the missing airplane that we were forecasting as a possibility. Headline:

WWII aircraft and remains recovered from Vancouver Island mountainside.”

A Second World War training aircraft and the remains of four airmen who went missing in 1942 have been recovered from a remote logging site on Vancouver Island.”

This article was published on May 30th, and our non-Project August DreamBot run was accomplished on the 28th, published on the 29th. The linguistics said:

– “Found Plane” (number 1 phrase in all the linguistics)

– “Probably sky stuff dead” (number 5 phrase)

So, to score this incident, the linguistics never talked about where this would take place nor any identifying details about the actual plane. But, a story of this magnitude and timing (the dreams being dreamt about a week before the headline) should be at least a DreamSeer of 2, if not a 3.

Regardless of the score, there are still a couple of interesting things here. First, I couldn’t help recognize how close this find was to the missing hikers that we discussed yesterday. On the map below, the northern pin is where the Avro Anson (WWII plane) was found, and Mount Rainier is the southern pin (where the hikers went missing). The distance is only about 200 miles and change.

Also, keep in mind that there are some linguistics still open. These were the phrases in between the previous two:

– “Wife found plane” or “Inside plane found wife.”

Also keep in mind that “Flying class taking three,” which means we still have one airplane to go, and the only linguistics left are the aforementioned “wife” meme, and the “Tennessee” meme. Timing could be as far as August, because many of these dreams were PA dreams.

Recall the first of the three hits was the Boston plane, and speaking of which, “Investigators baffled over cause of jet crash that killed billionaire Lewis Katz and six others” Now, being an aviator myself, wouldn’t the investigators immediately blame the engine(s) for the crash?

Being that close to the ground, that’s the first thing I would think. But the fact that they’ve ruled this out apparently (by admission of being baffled), does that mean our wake turbulence linguistical phrase suddenly becomes a viable option? It’s very rare that ATC would approve a takeoff early enough behind another heavy aircraft, but you never know….Standby for more.



End of an era in Spain

So the Spanish King decides to depart his station, and a whole flurry of news follows in his wake. Is this unprecedented, or what?

The good news is that our incredibly awesome Project August dreamers pegged this one…the bad news is that I didn’t do as good of a job as I could have on the headline side of things (some would say this is nitpicking, but I’m here for a specific purpose, and just sort of getting things right isn’t my bag of tea.)

So, here was the Project August headline that was created mere days before Don Juan decided to leave (oops, it’s not Don Juan is it? ….nope, it’s Juan Carlos, my bad). Anyway, here’s what I was able to glean from the dreams, and what I published in our report:

“Spanish official steps down amid allegations of extramarital affair.”

Okay, yes, I know everyone can see some inaccuracies in the actual headline, but this story as I explain it is nothing short of miraculous …I promise you. This whole saga was in the overlapping dream material, and luckily, it was put together just well enough to make an awesome story. The actual dream content was even more accurate than what my headline stated.

Let’s start with the main dream that pinpointed us to Spain.

Basically, the dreamer apparently sees a Spanish gentleman, whom EVERYONE in Spain knows, having an affair. It was that simple. Further dream content basically said that if the story broke, it “will be a big news story in Spain.”

No Affair?

The first question people would ask is, “What about the part concerning an affair? King Carlos left because of health concerns.”

True, but I think there’s a really good reason why “Affair” was part of this headline, and it is actually quite relevant, even though it may not have been the direct cause of the abdication. Here’s a compilation of news snippets with the word “affair” either stated or implied:

Lothario: Princess Diana is rumoured to be just one of the many young ladies the king, now 74, pursued in a romantic career in which – like his namesake, the seducer Don Juan – he is said to have bedded more than 1,500 women (pictured aboard his yacht ‘Fortuna’ with Prince Charles and an eight-year-old Prince William)

At the time, the King’s apology seemed just enough to allow him to survive the scandal—but talk of abdication soon began. Spain’s media had been generally obsequious toward the royal family. When I published an article about Juan Carlos for this magazine, in 1998, I mentioned that the King was known to have had an affair; a Spanish journalist who had spoken to me for the story was so worried about his career that he called the chief of the royal household to apologize. “

Another royal biographer, Lady Colin Campbell, has long insisted that the Princess and the king embarked on an affair while on a cruise with their spouses in August 1986, and that they took up with each other again the following summer.”

“’Diana did it to make Charles jealous, but it didn’t work,’ says Lady Colin. ‘Charles couldn’t have cared less.’ According to Eyre, rumours of the affair intensified later over the curious case of some photos of Diana in a state of undress. These were touted around the world’s publications, only to be taken off the market when someone in Spain paid $45,000 (£29,000) for them. That someone is rumoured to have been Juan Carlos, who wanted to protect the Princess’s reputation.

Further damaging the royal family’s standing, a judge opened a corruption investigation in 2010 centred on Inaki Urdangarin, husband of the prince’s sister Cristina, who has also been linked to the affair.”

Cristina [Carlos’ youngest daughter] was linked to Urdangarin’s business affairs and she was herself declared a suspect in January 2014 over related allegations of tax fraud and money laundering.”

Did Spain’s King Don Juan Carlos have an affair with Diana? The exposure claim made in a new book

After the elephant hunting affair, experts warned that respect for Juan Carlos did not mean unquestioning support for the crown.”

“[Carlos’ son] is seen as more practical and in tune with current affairs than Juan Carlos

Yet questions remained as to how Juan Carlos had amassed a personal fortune said to be about $2 billion. And the royal lurch toward openness would prove futile as developments in the Nóos imbroglio threatened to ensnare the King, and as the press dug deeper into his private affairs.”


King vs Foreign Affairs Officer

So, it appears that the word “affair” actually had multiple meanings, which is why it was the primary event in the dream. The headline we suspected was actually a tossup between a real, literal affair or we thought perhaps the Ministry of Foreign Affairs might be leaving.

The Timing

The next big issue has to do with the timing. After all, aren’t all things in Project August supposed to happen in August?

Well, yes, but the game isn’t over yet. I have not found any definitive timetable for this change in leadership. When will King Carlos actually leave? Could it be in August possibly?

If the exchange happens to take place in August, then no explanation is needed. However, if the exchange happens next week, for example, this might end up confirming the historical view of precognitive dreams…most come true in about a week or less.

The Carlos Affair….DreamSeer Score

This dream-come-true is one of our better scores, although the dings can’t be ignored. First, we didn’t have an exact name (although with more time/investigation of the dreams we probably could have singled out Carlos). Second, timing is still up in the air. Yes, the news headline came out in June, but the changeover has yet to happen. Finally, the cause of the departure is incorrect, although the word “affair” is unarguably very appropriate. Therefore, I see this sequence as a high 3, and possibly a 4, depending on when the crowning actually takes place.


California Falling into the Sea?

Does anyone remember the many predictions made about California basically falling apart into the ocean? The prediction was made by Cayce approximately a half century ago (among many others such as remote viewers).

What if this age old prediction was really true, but it was much more allegorical than literal? Instead of falling apart and sinking, what about the other version of California “falling apart?” What if all these predictions weren’t earth-related but rather socially/politically related?

Well, say hello (almost) to your 51st American state; it’s called “Jefferson”:


Reader asks about Project Uno…

Should I posted what I think is going to happen? or just the dreams and allow you to analyze the meaning?


If it’s Project Uno, then I need your exact headline after your dream material. If it’s Project August, it’s totally up to you whether you provide interpretation or expected outcomes. However, after this latest Spanish king thing, I now see how important the dreamer’s impressions are. Turns out I ignored one of the dreamer’s subtle impressions that could have increased my accuracy on the Spain Affair. Hope that makes sense.


I respond to George Ure

George and the very big brain of his have more ideas about some possible activities for our Dream Center. If you haven’t read his section called “Inner Worlds Mapping Project” (note, it’s half way down the page), you may be able to understand my talking points better by first reading his material.



In simple terms, yes, yes, and probably yes, but also a small caveat of ‘no’ and even ‘hell no’ in there. Specifics follow….

Yes, your “next worldly” idea is of great interest to me, and in fact, it’s actually very similar to our next phase of the National Dream Center standard ops. Right now, we’re solely concerned about predicting the future with our dreams and establishing accuracy. If we move too quickly into creation dreaming (my term that might be synonymous with “next worlding”), then we miss out on getting the world’s attention. And if we miss out on getting the world’s attention, then our efforts to create are diminished (to what degree is completely unknown and probably somewhat arbitrary).

The next ‘yes’ goes to the question ‘Is there something to be learned about the world of the future (or some alternate realms) by asking a lot of people to “map out” the inner world that they see in their dreams?

Although I’m not mapping landscapes with the DreamBot, I am doing something strikingly similar with weather and emotional patterns (among other extraneous topics). I know this is not the same as your idea, but the underlying concept is. Let’s take weather patterns for example. Weather in dreams can say a lot about what kind of an “inner world” the person is creating for themselves, but we have to be very careful here because I don’t want to stifle dream inputs.

If people think I’m going to psychoanalyze them individually because of their hurricane dreams, then they’ll stop supplying me potentially precognitive hurricane dreams (I have no desire nor any time to psychoanalyze our dreamers, by the way, and I know you’re not suggesting that I do…I just thought this was important to mention—for those still concerned, this article should help.)

But at a collective level, I am tracking and analyzing our inner weather. This tells us about what our dreamers are programming their minds with, and thus also tells us what kind of a future we’re creating.. Yes, the collective weather can and does show us both simultaneously. The past and future are much more intertwined that we can ever imagine, and dreams show us a good glimpse of this.

The ‘probably yes’ goes to whether I can get this program initiated. I can start the archaic version soon to run side by side with my weather/emotions/etc., and then the full-up version will need some planning. I think this sort of thing can integrate nicely into a new database that I’m envisioning, but I’m at a severe deficit of time at the moment.

The Caveat

As we go down this road of creating our next world, the ‘no and even hell no’ refers to the precognitive side of dreaming. I’ve written a dedicated post for this very thing…the intimate ties between precognition and creating. It’s almost like you can’t separate them, kind of like the heads and tails on a coin.

For example, my very precognitive wife is one of the most ardent persons on the face of the planet for feeding her mind with only beneficial thoughts. She never watches the boob tube, never reads anything violent, and is ultra-conscious of what she feeds her mind. And yet, still, some very horrific dreams come in.

Now, of course, some ‘dream experts’ would try to peg her inner shadow for those dreams, and certainly there may be times when latent emotions comes through in the form of a tornado or earthquake, but this can’t account for getting hit by a drunk driver (which her dream predicted), the death of a family friend at the nuclear plant (which made national headlines), or some of our animals getting mutilated by a mountain lion/bobcat.

The point here is critical because when mapping the inner world, it’s not all about the past, and it’s certainly not all about the future. Some scary dreams show us our past, and some scary dreams warn us of the future. Creating-Predicting is the new paradigm that incorporates both concepts simultaneously, but what’s even more confusing, is that some scary dreams don’t do either one…some are just plain ‘ol bizarre!


I’m going to implement a small fraction of your vision now. By that I mean that I’m gong to only map via the DreamBot without looking at individual dream landscapes. In the future, not only do I need a new forum to serve this vision fully, but I also need a sound process, and that might take the most time of all. Of course, my mind isn’t completely relaxed as it should be as I digest this information, so any additional self-task is met with the reluctant inner workhorse.

Oh yes, and about this statement:

WE don’t need to get into this “next worlding” topic too deeply yet, but what IF when people die, they actual go into a world which has been created by the kinds of things they put into their heads when alive in THIS life?

And if the things you put into your head in this life are interesting (my dreams sure as hell are) and you live a “clean life” of no violence, equality, and respect for life at all levels, then that’s the kind of “next world” you get born into.

What a great concept…sort of has a karmic feel to it, or “you reap what you sow,” which are teachings handed down to us from the ancients (both East and West). But at the same time, your idea is in a category all by itself, because it’s not our actions determining the future, but rather what we choose to pay attention to. Of course, there’s always the unfortunate conditioning aspect that some people won’t like….imagine the turmoil caused by being born to an coke addict, or to parents who only watch XXX or horror movies. Thanks parents, you made this life a living hell, and the next one too!

What is so clear, George, is that you are one of the best minds I’ve met in my lifetime. Your ability to think outside the box marvels me, and it’s not just outside the box, but outside the whole stadium! For crying out loud, we’re here creating a whole new game because of that mind of yours!



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Spanish King, 2nd Plane, and much more — 3 Comments

  1. Just a comment about the first part and plane…one of my “Joan’s” lived in Washington state near Mt Rainier and one of my Sisters in Vancouver lived in Tennessee and was in the Navy for 12 years in Hawaii as a airplane flight controller. She has five brothers also in the Navy and father. One I think was in the submarine that had nuclear button for red alert. The Joan was also involved in a marital affair and both priest and sister “stepped ” out of religious life.

    My dream last night was that I was happy, standing at the ocean and looking out to sea.

    When I prayed my morning prayer and came to: “When a dry path opened up before them, they went unhindered across the Red Sea
    and were brought unharmed through the deep waters, alleluia,
    With one voice they praised your protecting hand, O Lord, and sang the glory of your holy name.” …that’s when I remembered today’s dream.

  2. another post script, Chris,… Last year I was living on the property of a couple from Spain. His name is Juan and he is a film maker. Sometimes I have times when I can’t sleep and know something is wrong.., but not what. At that time last year I was awake all night and when I got up the next morning and walked down the road there was an overturned car blocking the road. The drunk drivers were out of it, but it was also the time of the Benghazi affair. Some pamphlets regarding satanic cult were also found on the road. One of the special forces men killed in Benghazi was named Doherty, my step father and Pearl Harbor survivor’s name who died around that time.

  3. The “Jefferson State” movement began before WW2 and ended temporarily because of WW2 so its existence may have provided mental fodder for Cayce and others dreams, just a thought.