Kill-Voice-Computer & PA Headline 32 Fulfilled

Kill-Voice-Computer & PA Headline 32 Fulfilled

Was I the last one to figure out this linguistical phrase? It seems we were right in the heart of the relevant news (or one of them) when this phrase came out on June 23. The top phrase from that DreamForecast said,

“kill voice soon similar important computer”

Therefore, I was looking for a high-vis (aka “important”) computer that either had a killer voice to it (huh?) or there was some sort of voice or language being killed on or from this important computer.

I initially thought this might have something to do with the low-possibility computer virus expected in August based on some metaphoric PA dream material. That was Headline #32: “Major network virus unleashed…kills hardware instantly.

It wasn’t until the second major news article coming out on the 25th did I pick up this incredible trend…..and the trend is?

Conveniently-crashing important computers

Of course we’re all too familiar with the congressional hearing about the IRS audit of late. Basically, we have the IRS allegedly targeting certain groups with the intention of auditing them.

Then, when congressional hearings ensue,

“Congressional investigators have uncovered emails showing ex-IRS official Lois Lerner targeted a sitting Republican senator for a proposed internal audit, a discovery one GOP lawmaker called ‘shocking.’”

(Source: FoxNews.com Published June 25, 2014)

But over at Politico, we start to notice inklings of our linguistics phrase:


The House Oversight Committee chairman forced Jennifer O’Connor to appear.

By RACHAEL BADE | 6/24/14 11:29 AM EDT Updated: 6/25/14 12:26 PM EDT


(Snippet 1) “I did not know that her emails were missing and unrecoverable or that her computer crashed,” said the lawyer who specializes in responding to congressional investigations, a few moment after Issa called her a “hostile witness.”

(Snippet 2) “The hearing is the third since the IRS nearly two weeks ago revealed news of the loss of about two years of emails. Lerner is the former head of the tax-exempt unit at the IRS whose admission of the added scrutiny given to tea party groups seeking tax exemptions set off the scandal in May 2013. News of the email loss has given new life to the controversy.”

(Snippet 3) “The idea that the IRS just didn’t notice [Lerner’s missing emails] is without credibility,” Issa said.


Let’s now go right into the second case.


More missing emails, crashed hard drives, this time at EPA

By Barnini Chakraborty

Published June 25, 2014


WASHINGTON – The Internal Revenue Service isn’t the only government agency dealing with missing emails or faulty hard drives.

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy on Wednesday cited a similar cyber snafu during a House Oversight Committee hearing.

Another missing hard drive?” Rep. Mark Meadows, R-NC, asked McCarthy.

She responded, “We are having trouble acquiring the data.”

Wednesday’s hearing was called in response to allegations of rampant employee misconduct as well as a pattern of obstruction of oversight efforts by the committee.


I’m sure it’s probably pretty obvious by now. Let’s break it down by the words:

“kill voice soon similar important computer”

Kill voice’ = without emails, these cases are pretty much DEAD, and everyone knows it, which is why the emails are gone to begin with. The emails would have given VOICE to this hearing, but the voice was killed.

Soon similar’ = two identical congressional hearings with the same convenient email issue. They are both similar and happen very soon after the linguists were published.

Important computer’ = how many references did we have about missing harddrives and crashed computers? These could be some of the most important computers in D.C., but they are crashed/missing/broken (or in a safe somewhere).

All sub-phrases hit perfectly, so a solid 4.6 DreamSeer score here.

As far as Proj Aug goes, the score isn’t quite as big, although we might see something more correlative come August. For now, these stories do seem like purposefully intended hardware crashes, so a paltry 1.9 score is granted in hopes that something closer comes along in August (or wait, maybe we don’t want this coming in August).


The only real implication is that the DreamBot discovered this before we did, just a couple of days prior. As for Congress and the bigger picture, expect no implications whatsoever. What could possibly happen?

Here’s something quite comical, from the middle section of the EPA article:

“Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., threatened to hold the EPA in contempt of Congress over subpoenaed documents he claimed her agency was purposely withholding.

“You have not complied with the subpoena,” Issa charged. “I’m informing you today that it is my intention to hold the Environmental Protection Agency in contempt.”[okay, what then?!]

The EPA is being accused of slow-walking several requests by the House committee to provide lawmakers with documents involving alleged employee misconduct on a number of thorny issues, including conflicts among the EPA, the Office of Inspector General and agency management as well as the EPA’s action related to the veto of the controversial Pebble Mine project in Alaska.

Lawmakers at the hearing wanted McCarthy to address lost emails from a hard-drive crash at the agency that wiped out some emails from former employee Philip North to his bosses at the EPA over the controversial Alaska mine project.

Complicating matters, North has gone off the proverbial grid, making it difficult for lawmakers to issue a subpoena for him to testify.
[More ‘voice being killed’!]

Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, R-Mich., asked McCarthy if she knew where North was.

“No sir, I don’t know that,” she responded.

Bentivolio pressed McCarthy about claims North’s hard drive crashed, making some of his emails unavailable.

McCarthy said the EPA has submitted all the documents it has been able to find and will “continue the search.”

“There are some gaps, but we have submitted significant amounts,” McCarthy said.

Emails from North, now retired, recently surfaced that seemed to show the Alaska-based biologist tried to get the Pebble Mine project killed as far back as 2008.”


Lastly, note the word “killed” is also provided in that last statement, which goes nicely with the linguistics.

The point of all this…remember, as the ship goes down, expect more and more finger-pointing. I’ll give a million dollars to the first big public figure that stands up in the face of corruption and says, “It was ME, I did it!”

Probably not gonna happen, but way to go DreamBot.

Oh one more thing…

Deficating in the Hallways, too?!

The above story isn’t the only news coming out about the EPA. Check this perplexing story from the Washington Times…


EPA employees asked to stop defecating in hallways

By Kellan Howell, The Washington Times

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Emails have surfaced from a regional Environmental Protection Agency office detailing vulgar incidents of government waste — literally.

Apparently, the agency’s office in Region 8 in Denver is having problems with people incorrectly disposing of their no. twos. According to Government Executive, an internal email from management officials asking employees to stop defecating in the hallways circulated earlier this year.

Deputy regional Administrator Howard Cantor cited “several incidents” in the building, including clogging the toilets with paper towels and “an individual placing feces in the hallway” outside the restroom, the news agency reported.

Concerned by the trend, EPA officials consulted with workplace-violence expert John Nicoletti, who said hallway defecation is “very dangerous” behavior and the individuals responsible would “probably escalate” their actions.

“EPA cannot comment on ongoing personnel matters. EPA’s actions in response to recent workplace issues have been deliberate and have focused on ensuring a safe work environment for our employees,” EPA spokesman Richard Mylott said in a statement. “Our brief consultation with Dr. Nicoletti on this matter, a resource who regularly provides our office with training and expertise on workplace issues, reflects our commitment to securing a safe workplace.”

This is not the first case of inappropriate employee behavior at the EPA…

Source article

I’m not sure you want my theory on this. I was just thinking that poop in the hallway would be a big enough distraction to get the attention off the “crashed harddrives.”

There I go again, drumming up conspiracies…Really, though…poop in the hallways?!



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