Quick Update: Speed and momentum

Quick Update: Speed and momentum

If you’ve noticed that the National Dream Center has boosted its performance or internet speed, you can thank Mr. George Ure, who spent an amazing amount of time tweeking all our settings to speed everything up. This is great news and I’m absolutely impressed about all the responsiveness we now enjoy at the site.

However, some of the features that we’ve enjoyed in weeks past had to be paused for awhile while we reprogram with the necessary attributes. For example, Facebook and Twitter are no longer automatically posting because I lost the “Jetpack” that was fueling all these automatic postings.

For those relying on Facebook and/or Twitter, please bear with us as we re-energize these capabilites in the future. Until further notice, there will be not Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr updates. I expect the outage to last at least a month as I work on more pressing issues, especially Project August.

Good news to all the spammers out there, too. Apparently Jetpack was blacklisting all the annoying web advertisers who like to post their links on my comments page. If you’re a spammer, newsflash….you can now post your comments on just about any page you want! Although no one is stopping you, it won’t ever be approved, and you’re bot will actually improve my rankings, so go ahead and waste your time!

Although this week are grudgingly busy, I have taken notice at how the world is developing in accordance with the DreamForecasts. I’ll attempt a quick post tomorrow to hopefully exemplify what I’m talking about here. Has anyone found anything extraordinary for November, yet?

Oh, and some recent Project August dreams have somewhat updated our more mysterious trends…such as the flooding White House, and the Vatican meme. Interestingly the latter Vatican dream came in from our very first purely-foreign PA dream! It was presented in Dutch, and I managed to find its translation on two different internet sites. If you have friends that can only dream in a foreign language, please invite them to join Project August.

Although I’m busy, I have enjoyed everyone’s inputs via my email and/or contact page. Don’t let up now….our DreamBot is just gaining some really excellent momentum. Next radio show is early next week, and I’ll post that announcement later.

Thanks everyone for the tremendous support!

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  1. heavendreamer July 3, 2014 at 11:56 am - Reply

    Just a note on my submitted PA dreams. Many of my dreams take place in LA although I am on the opposite coast. Odd to me. Also forgot to add in my last submission that when I questioned where all the furnishings came from I was told “Families that faced disasters like fire.” Even though this didn’t make sense, I accepted this explanation but felt sadness.

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