DreamForecast 07/01/2014: Trends growing

DreamForecast 07/01/2014: Trends growing


It’s really the only word I know to describe this week’s DreamForecast. Do you remember last week’s discussion about the tremendous changes that were happening in dreamland? Well, most of those trends have actually magnified!

For example, the month “November” is not only still on top of all the months, but it actually increased an additional 219%!

November is more than three times the hits of the next highest month, which is March and March is more than three times the third month, which is June. So, is there something going down in November that we need to know about?

Unfortunately, this version of the DreamBot is not mature enough to establish solid events with times.

However, recall our questions about the poles from last week. For the first time in the DreamBot, we had both the North Pole and South Pole making an appearance on the chart AND at the same time that “Equator” was surging to the top.

Well, this week, the trend actually increased even more. “Equator” surged an additional 146% with “North Pole” just behind with almost 90%. “South Pole” went from 3 hits last week to 7 hits this week.

So, are these two weeks’ worth of dream linguistics indicating that the actual poles are going to reverse soon? Or maybe they were simply predicting a headline about the matter. Either way, this article is very interesting from Before It’s News:

Huge – Pole Shift Uncovered. North Pole Split!! ESA (European Space Agency) Releases Bombshell!!”

It’s not your typical pole-shift headline.

Apparently, the new SWARM satellite imagery indicates that the North Pole is not only moving, but it is actually splitting. The link above has a 23-minute video that helps clarify what the ESA released recently. The commentator also describes the splitting of the North Pole.

As far as pole shifts go, it’s definitely not a question of whether the poles will shift or not, but when. Will it be in our lifetime? Will it be soon? What about November?

The commentator talks about a 3-4 week transit time when the SWARM images present a significant weakening in the area around northern Africa. Guess what linguistic’s word is coincident around that area….the equator (or at least the current equator that is).

He guesses that the poles in this future configuration would be about 90 degrees from where they are currently positioned. My only question from the video is how much of the SWARM video is affected by HAARP? The HAARP system operates on an electromagnetic field, too, just as Earth does.

Moving on…

More space stuff gets stronger. “Moon” got a 263% boost with the word “Peak” just behind. Is that a connection? Peak Moon? What would that indicate? Could it be translated into “Full Moon” as a warning for something? Sorry I can’t be more help here…just be on the lookout for Peak and Moon if you don’t mind.

Also recall from last week how Saturn was connected to the linguistics by the number 7. Well, guess what’s getting even stronger now….the number 7 got 188% stronger even! By the way, welcome to the seventh month of the year…July.

While we’re on the numbers, I thought it was very peculiar that number 1 (typically the most common word in every linguistics run) dropped by 75% and is not even in the top 10 numbers! That’s gotta be significant! If not, it’s certainly unprecedented.


Speed / Timing

Out of nowhere comes the phrase, “Any Minute,” making an impressive jump to the top. Humans are expecting something, and I’m verifying this in many different places, particularly alternative news. The question is…what are we expecting?

Maybe that’s why “Confusing” made a 233% jump to the top of the emotions…


Humanity is apparently confused, but interestingly, they are also “Pleased,” which is number 2 behind “Confusing.” I take this to mean that the majority of people are feeling something coming but are confused about what it is. In the words of James Jancik (radio host over at Feet to the Fire), he feels that something is coming, but can’t tell good or bad.

Then with the remainder of the population, they are perhaps too programmed and satisfied with current life to even care.

Number three is the word “Oppress” again, which jumped an additional 226% from last week’s amazing run.

Under “Oppress,” we have Fear, Love, Aggression, and Sad (in that order).

Location – Countries

This is even more perplexing. An island off the west coast of Africa is called Cape Verde, and it was at the top of the countries list last week. Well, it got even stronger this week. What is going on there? All I can come up with on Google is some tourist-type info. Is this going to be the new North Pole after the poles shift in November?

Jordan made a BIG jump to number 2, and Sri Lanka is number 3. Worthy of inclusion are Monaco, Greenland, Tibet, and Indonesia.

Japan, Australia, and USA were the big losers last week, and they descended even more this week (around a 50% loss each).

Location – Sates and Cities

Shreveport is still on the list, but it was overtaken by Bakersfield (#1). Honolulu finally made an appearance at number 2 and St. Paul at number 3.

Phoenix and Atlanta both continued their downward trend. BUT, remember the Phoenix Melting dream…the child’s dream indicated it was three weeks away, which puts it very close to this week. Hmmm, July 4th and melting could be a connection (perhaps a fire breaks out over firecrackers). But here’s an interesting spin on Phoenix melting…

What if instead of major heat or melting due to explosions, what if it has to do with a “melting pot,” i.e., immigrants mixing things up down there in Phoenix…something to ponder.

As far as US states go, Maine and Colorado are on top this week and Iowa makes its debut with a few surprising hits.

I happened to notice that the big meme spewing out of Maine is that of birth control. Wow, what a strong connection to Elyse’s recent Koo dream. Here we go again…what is humanity about to birth (if anything)?

DreamBot 2 Phrases

dad eyes open put head woman self need
pretty mean bad times close
live hands stop world large control waking light
group together reality perhaps better days
bus sex drive story hours week often happen morning city party
waiting zombie message filled police
entire earth return space


I personally really like the third phrase the best. Waking light is manifesting, but it takes ‘live hands,’ or actual work to loose the ‘large control’ of the current world order.

The other phrases are also interesting, such as the Mardi-Gras-sounding phrase with bus sex and morning parties.

The zombie phrase reminds me of the 2012 theme of Homeland Security practicing for the zombie apocalypse. However, there’s some related zombie news that could apply to several of our Project August dreams…a zombie virus, which would also confirm the second statement there “Pretty mean bad times close.”


That’s about it for today. Please know that I may not be posting for a couple of days. I have been struggling to keep my head above water on my daily obligations with non-dreaming matters. I hope you all understand if I don’t make as many posts this week as I normally do.

However, welcome to July, and this month does promise to be extremely interesting indeed. There are SO many topics that come straight to mind when I say that phrase, but I’m outta time.

Everyone please have a very blessed holiday week!


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  1. Julie July 1, 2014 at 8:51 am - Reply

    Thank you for the update. You are doing a great job here!

  2. Dan July 2, 2014 at 11:40 am - Reply

    First time comment. Most of my dreams and “guidance” are on alternative science.

    When BO got elected I got a vivid vision type dream of all the major cities (LA, SF, Phoenix, Denver, Chicago, NY, WDC) being wiped out with a major nuclear wipe out from China and Russia. What with BO weakening our major defenses and Putin and China rattling the sabers I pray and decree this vision not manifest. Others do the same please!

    • Julie July 6, 2014 at 5:03 am - Reply


      For the past year I have felt the need to Pray for Putin. It’s like the Holy Spirit put put this “urgent need” request within me to pray for him. Sometimes the need to pray for him is stronger than others.

      The way I see it is that there are others like me around the world that are given World Leaders to pray for. I do believe that it is the prayers of millions of people around the world that is keeping the majority of this world civilized.

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