Flood becomes a major theme

Flood becomes a major theme

As always, we are still locating new connections with dreams and DreamForecasts in order to better hone in on the future. One thing that might be significant is that when the linguistics language comes on in a very strong but nebulous way, it might signify more a collective-level trend instead of one specific event.

A great example of this is in the recent “Flood” surge from last week’s dream analysis. Recall that we found very relevant flood news preceding that DreamBot run, but now we’re seeing a huge surge of flooding after the DreamForecast, too.

AND, the flooding is not all about water. The sampling here includes many versions of the term “flood,” and it’s really shows a large-scale, collective-level trend…


Flood of lawsuits to follow wave of illegal immigrants?

By Melissa Jacobs

Published July 11, 2014


Illegal immigrants pouring across the border could trigger a wave of lawsuits flooding the U.S. court system for years and costing taxpayers millions, according to legal experts.

The American Civil Liberties Union has already sued the federal government to ensure that each of the 60,000-plus unaccompanied children who have come across the border since November gets taxpayer-funded representation at deportation hearings. But legal advocacy groups who represent illegal immigrants could file additional suits alleging improper treatment at the hands of the government. And with the system overwhelmed, there’s little doubt corners are being cut.

“You can bet there is a phalanx of left-wing lawyers trying to line up illegal alien plaintiffs,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch.

“The sky’s the limit, it could be a nightmare.”



Jökulhlaup floods Mendenhall Lake and River

By Matt Miller and Rosemarie Alexander

Posted on July 11, 2014 at 10:03 am

The city and borough of Juneau has closed View Drive and all roads leading into Meander Way, from Rivercourt Drive to Killewich Avenue along Riverside Drive.

The city is asking that all non-essential persons stay out of the area, as roads may become impassible due to flooding from the Mendenhall Lake and River.

Power may be shut off to isolated areas affected by flood waters.



Flood costs province $200 million so far

By: Bruce Owen

Premier Greg Selinger and MP Candace Bergen thank Brig.-Gen. Christian Juneau and the Canadian Forces for their assistance with the floods. Photo Store

The bill for this summer’s flooding is at least $200 million and rising, Premier Greg Selinger said today.

The amount includes flood-damaged roads and bridges and financial disaster assistance for Manitobans hit by the worst of the summer flooding in the Assiniboine Valley. To date, approximately 215 people have attended the province’s mobile recovery offices and 166 applications have been received.



Extent of flood-related ag land damage trickles in

Jim Suhr, Associated Press 11:45 a.m. CDT July 11, 2014

ST. LOUIS (AP) – As the rain-swollen Mississippi River continues its plodding retreat, the economic toll is trickling in.

Officials say it’s too early to offer a sweeping estimate of the flood’s financial cost. But the USDA says at least 383,000 acres of crops have been destroyed and 2 million damaged in Iowa and Illinois alone due to excessive rain, flash flooding, and flooding on the Mississippi River and its tributaries.



Manitoba flood: Rain, flood waters shut down oil industry

CBC News Posted: Jul 14, 2014 5:52 AM CT Last Updated: Jul 14, 2014 6:22 AM CT

​The ground is too wet to drill. The majority of wells were shut down during the flooding and roads are still too damaged for trucks transporting oil and equipment.

“It’s pretty sad. It’s really sad because a lot of us in the area depend on it,” said Kevin Dekeyser, who works in the oil-service industry preparing drill sites.

According to the province, in the Waskada-Pierson area, 75 to 85 per cent of the wells were impacted by flooding. Tundra Oil and Gas had 90 per cent of their production shut down over the flood period and Corex Resources had 40 per cent.



Farmers wait for flood to recede

2 hours ago • By Thomas Geyer

Area farmers who planted crops on river acreage are waiting for the waters to recede so they can get a full picture of the damage.

“That’s where I am,” said Milan farmer Jim Coyne, who has 185 acres of land near the Mississippi River. About 70 acres of that did not get planted, but the rest did — some of it planted twice due to the first flood.

“I know I’ve lost at least 30 acres of soybeans, possibly more,” Coyne said Friday. “The corn down there was every bit of 5-6-feet tall at the time the flood came and could survive if the water recedes quickly enough. But if it’s underwater for another week, then the corn likely will be hurt.”

Schmitt said that from drought during the past two summers to storms and floods this year, “Mother Nature always lets us know that she holds all the trump cards.”


An aside: Schmitt (from the last paragraph) apparently hasn’t heard about climate engineering, as Mother Nature does NOT always have the trump cards!


Recent dreams support

The first dream is from Ragman42, and he called it “Massive Wave from the South.”

I was in the living room at my parent’s flat in Lithuania and I could hear this roaring sound coming from outside. I looked out the window and I could sea this 15-20m tsunami like wave rolling down from the south, through forests. The wave hit the multi leveled building and the water filled the flat almost up to the ceiling.

I managed to escape somehow, but my parents were nowhere to be seen. I was approached by few men with gas masks and they took me to the basement.


Remember also that the flooding meme showed up with ice and freezing. Interestingly, just a few days before the last DreamForecast, one of our all-star Canadian dreamers had a confirmatory set of dreams/visions that suggests BOTH memes here (flooding AND freezing).

Note that since she’s just now posting the dreams that “flood” and “ice” made it to the top of the charts without her help, so these dreams actually enhance that meme even more. The following non-Project August dream was entitled “-7C.”

 I’ve been away from the Net so these are dreams I had before I read some of the latest NDC blogs….

July 2/3, 2014

I had a vision of -7(degree symbol)C written in red.

 Second dream…

My husband and I were driving in our truck on a country road lined with trees trying to take someone for some medical help. We stopped when we saw the road ahead covered by water. I get out of the truck and look across the flooded road. Then I find myself looking back across the flooded road toward the truck, seeing myself standing beside the truck, when out of nowhere three motor bikes come racing by headed through the water toward the truck. One was loaded with dark mustard yellow bags full of ‘something’. My dream question was, “Are they going to help or to loot?”


So, what will the next DreamForecast say? Really can’t wait to find out! You can expect another DreamForecast either Tuesday or Wednesday. Then, of course, we also have our next Project August report (#5), which is due out in a week or two. It’s all getting very interesting, to say the least.

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