Synchronicity: Lakota Style

Synchronicity: Lakota Style

There is something very powerful here because synchronicity is calling loud and clear. During my travels over the past two weeks, I decided to view an important multicultural video called Lakota Woman.

This movie/documentary described the siege of the Native Americans in a reservation town called Wounded Knee. The Lakota people were not treated with compassion in days past, and unfortunately, the atrocities are still remembered today.

The morning after I watched this movie, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver provided a dream that rings of a mysterious synchronicity. She provided this dream several days after her dream took place, which just happened to be the morning after my movie. She starts by saying:

7/8/2014 10:12am (I did not post this dream right away because I had to look up the correct spelling of the Lakota words from the dream because their sound is what holds so much power!)

Synchronistic Dream

The name of the dream was “Wakan—White Buffalo Calf Woman

I am standing by old faithful, all of the people are gone, it is just me and the geyser and the sky keeps changing colors very quickly. The Buffalo “whose name is the sound of Thunder” walks up and stands beside me on my left. “It has been a while since you have come to see me” I said to him. “You were busy exploring the past” he says to me. We speak for a moment without words and he tells me he has brought a friend, I feel a nudge on the right side of my body and when I look to my right I see a beautiful white buffalo!

Sacred is the name of this Wakan Woman (Spirit Woman) White Buffalo Calf Woman!!!!!!!

She looks deep into my eyes, I can feel the gentleness of her soul, her eyes have a smile in them and I sense her wisdom as she knows things that I do not, she does not speak words to me either but with her mind she tells me;

“You need to stop seeking the answers in your dreams “La Cik Ala Mastinca ikhophesniya” – Little Rabbit no fear (This is my childhood name given to me by my mother when I was 11 years old) you need to do your vision quest so you may speak with your guides and your elders, this needs to happen before your wedding ceremony is to begin with your apache.

When you quest you must be present and own your new name “thate mkha maniyan woihanble sun” – Wind Walking Dream Weaver, you must do this to receive the blessing of your relations. “

“Your beads cannot be sown without this quest, just as your water gathering ceremony will not be complete either. Stop trying to look between the cards of the white man, their world and their ways do not matter in the hearts of your people and remember to listen to your four legged brothers, as you walk in peace with them. They will bond with you, and guide you on your journey. Be in the world but not of the world, harmony is required of you at this time.”


I thanked her for her message and guidance, I turned my head back to the geyser, the skies had turned back into a beautiful blue, and now the geyser was three small mountains with three geysers spraying water. The geysers where the bright color the skies had been. (I feel a special blessing has been tripled with the new landscape) as I look around I am no longer in yellow stone national park. I don’t know exactly where I am, but it is very peaceful, I feel the doubt I held onto before just washed away and there is a confidence that is coming from within that I have not felt in a long time.

I sit down on a rock and I begin to pick up small pieces of sinew, feathers, bone, and seed beads, there are strands of leather and willow branches all that I need the earth below my feet has provided. I begin to weave a new Dream Catcher; the colors are a bold green, a light blue, and white. I pick up a stone and I am given a song so I begin to sing as I am weaving:

Mitakuye OyasinHoye yayo, hoye yayo

Maka sitomniyan, okiya wau yelo, Iktomi wan heyaya uwelo, Miye mawakan yelo.

All over this world I come to help, a spider says these things as he comes, Me, I am sacred.

Anpetu ki le mitawa yelo ,Anpetu ki le mitawa yelo.

This day belongs to me; this day belongs to me.

Wakan oyate wan waniyang u ktelo, Wayankaya yo.

A sacred nation is appearing, Come and see.

Wankata peta wanlakelo, Henake tunkan pica wanlakelo.

Up above you have seen a spark; they are stones that you have seen.

Oyate hanta po itateya mawani yelo,

People move aside, I walk in the wind

Hoye yayo, hoye yayo


I sing these prayers over and over until the dream catcher is complete. It is beautiful; I study it in great detail so I can remember it, every bead, every feather, and every weave. I burn it into my mind (special note here: before I can make a dream catcher for someone I must dream making it in order to be able to do it when I am awake.)




First of all, it is absolutely critical that everyone knows just how sacred this dream experience was for our Native American dreamer. I quote her exact words here:

This is a very SPECIAL and SACRED thing that I do in the dream time, sharing this dream, is sharing the most detailed parts of my spirituality, and my heritage, I am also sharing someone else’s dream medicine, which is why I will not go into detail about the finished dream catcher.

To be sure, the dream catcher sequence is technically FOR some other beneficiary, but please remember that no dream has just one meaning. I personally saw many similarities in this dream as I did in the movie as well as some resemblances to our DreamForecasts.

The dream points out that “a sacred nation is appearing.” Do we need any more confirmation as we await the birth of something new and beautiful? Furthermore, we get a warning to stop following the cards of the white man. This further describes how the old ways of doing things are changing.

That statement reminds me of the July 7th linguistic phrase, “Gave done failed planet true awake.”

We are awakening to a new world. The ways of the old could be considered a “failed planet,” but the collective is becoming “truly awake.”

Our dreams are showing us the way…the way to the new world.

…and Lakota woman/dreamer, I feel blessed that you shared your dream experience with all of us.

In gratitude,


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  1. NativeAmericanDreamWeaver July 15, 2014 at 1:24 am - Reply

    I can not put into words how Honored I feel by this post! Thank you for honoring my people, culture, and spirituality. You’re message has brought tears of heartfelt joy to my eyes.

    Thank you as well for sharing this message and the video in a very public way. The battle I am afraid is still not over. Even though I live in California, I still do what I can for my brothers and sisters back home.

    I do my best every day to honor my people with messages of hope through the Blackfeet Children’s Christmas Fund.

    This 501c3 provides services to Native people for Native Veterans Assistance, Projects that fund and foster individual tribal member entrepreneurship and new enterprises, as well as gifts at Christmas time for the poorest children on the reservation.

    If anyone is interested in giving the gift of hope and making a tax deductible donation please visit their website at: http://www.americanindianpartnership.com/projects.html


    • ndcadmin July 15, 2014 at 10:59 am - Reply

      We are so blessed to have you with us, giving your insight and wisdom. It was the least I could do in exchange for all you’ve done for us! Plus the Universe gave me no choice…the message was LOUD and CLEAR 🙂

      Take care and thank you again for sharing your most sacred dream experiences with us.

  2. Judy(JAwake) July 15, 2014 at 7:59 am - Reply

    As part Cherokee and Blackfoot this really was a heartfelt post..My heart is singing.Synchronicity yes I think so I posted a dream this AM before reading this post:Where I was shown the the 2 paths that mankind is at (The fork in the road so to speak). That we are on the brink of what our future will become. For you my brother:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHiD6PaWnus

    • ndcadmin July 15, 2014 at 10:56 am - Reply

      I see what you mean. Your dream is worth posting here because it shows BOTH the dying of the old and the birthing of the new (both of which we have been seeing in our dream language). Very revealing, and I thank you for sharing your thoughts here!!

      Future of Humanity (Proj Aug Dream)
      This dream starts I am walking earth, above it almost like in orbit. Someone besides me shows me Humanity and what it becomes with out love and compassion for all things. Everything is dead looking and burning and ashes, Next we move into a light the earth becomes beautiful shinning this is Humanity with love and compassion for all things. I am told we are at the brink and these are the only 2 outlooks for the future of mankind. I turn to ask a question as to how long do we have and I wake up. With the words in my head not long!!

  3. cj July 15, 2014 at 2:12 pm - Reply

    All peoples can lay claim to an oppression of the varied kind, yet the individual that stays stuck in the blame game has no one to blame but themselves. The winner of life is able to rise to the top in spirit and in spite of all obstacles rather than play the pity card all the while accepting handouts. With the majority stuck in fear, (it’s a game of bluff) this is how the winner takes all.

    History shows since the beginning of time as we know it, man continues to progress by conquering and improving. The “we were first” mindset doesn’t work because cycles show us otherwise. History has also shown us red-haired giants were killed/died off in North America (elsewhere too?) but for the most part people don’t know or want to be reminded of that particular race or that giants existed because then history as it has been written would be one big giant lie too. Held negative beliefs, fact or fiction, kill the soul.

    How come it’s a natural sight witnessing a hawk swoop down and nab a sparrow snack, a black crow wash its animal meal in water, or a cat killing a mouse but not considered natural when men do likewise… For example, Carib (as in Caribbean countries/people) is Spanish for cannibal. Around the world, unfortunately it seems, cannibalism still exists, numerous recordings of it especially in times of famine and war.

    No one group has a corner on the market concerning spirituality. We’re spirits animating physical bodies yet it seems most are stuck in the material world rather than spiritually maturing. And, as long as people harbor ill stories blaming a particular race or religion, they are not living in spirit. IMO, this particular measure has been holding humanity from progressing further. Ill (negative) feelings create illness aka dis ease. We’re all actors and get to write (this is free will) the script for the part played and have choices – creating a better future for all of humanity via positive energy practiced today or stay stuck in only the ills of the past, ignoring the good, because no matter what, good always exists…

    In spirit,
    and thankful for the noble work here at
    the National Dream Center.


    • ndcadmin July 15, 2014 at 2:18 pm - Reply

      We are also blessed to have you on the dream team. Perhaps I’m a rare breed, but I can understand and fully empathize with both sides here. You bring up great points, and I say yes to you and yes to the rest. Yes to all…we shall develop this new world together. Love shall prevail over fear. It shall be so. Thank you CJ!

      In gratitude,

  4. BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor July 15, 2014 at 2:29 pm - Reply

    “The dream points out that “a sacred nation is appearing.” Do we need any more confirmation as we await the birth of something new and beautiful?”

    A sacred nation…like the Islamic State ?

    • ndcadmin July 15, 2014 at 9:10 pm - Reply

      Thank you. I accept what you are saying here. Sacred in the typical sense is very subjective and definitely leads to more conflict (e.g., my God is more sacred that your God, etc.). I hope that my writing so far has shown that my sense of “sacred” transcends the status quo’s typified use of the word. Sacred can be objective, and my envisioned values of the new world require compassion, thoughtfulness, and acceptance as just a few of the key watchwords.

      Utopias do not exist, as Karl Marx and so many others found out (after exterminating millions to attempt it). BUT, we CAN and must do better than what humanity has done before. Without repeating historical contexts, we MUST bridge ourselves to a new level of consciousness. One that integrates and makes whole. One that empathizes and understands. Contradictions can and must continue, but our perception of the two poles can morph. Onward and upward we go, together making our world a better place.

      Thank you for your warning, and may you be blessed from this day forth.

  5. NativeAmericanDreamWeaver July 15, 2014 at 10:13 pm - Reply


    The teaching I have learned are this: If you believe the earth, and the animals, and the people around you are Sacred to you, if you hold a special place in your heart and your prayers for them. Then they are sacred. When your nation of different tribes (or races) become synchronized in what they believe is sacred, and everyone pitches in to help take care of those sacred things, then you shall be within a sacred nation.

    Although my dream was speaking to me about my heritage and culture, this does not mean that my tribe or other tribes around this nation have not made honorary members of people of all races and religions.

    This happens when we find people who also honor nature and the earth as something very special in which we must take care of, not to abuse, over hunt, over fish, and we must maintain balance with nature.

    This was not speaking about the Islamic state because I am not from the middle east and I am not Islamic.

    I honestly hope this is not the message that you got from my dream or my post.

    I do not take handouts, I run my own business, and am completely independent which gives me the time I need to pursue my spirituality.

    For that I am very thankful and I always tried to find ways to give back, such as volunteering my time with 501c3’s. This includes Operation Care & Comfort, as well as the one listed above.

    Either way the message is still of hope, and to reach out to other human beings and let them know that there are people who are thinking about them and care about them. This is the way that I chose to connect to the world.

    Not all people have the “We are first” or I mentality, sometimes things get lost in translation, that is why there is no word for I in the Lakota language. The first peoples, speaks of our creation story.

    Also the Red haired Giants are not dead, bands of our mountain brothers still exists, they are not as wide spread as they once were, but they are still their and I wish people would stop trying to hunt them like animals. We learned many things from them including how to use the land the right way, some tribes know them as the Guardians of the mountains. I only know of one tribe who hunted them down to kill them because they were cannibals.

    It is acceptable in nature for one living thing to eat another, we are humans living in a structured society. If you were living out in the wilderness and you had to eat your own to survive like the Donner party did. I believe that would be acceptable, but if your views are speaking of your neighbor killing people in the next apartment because he enjoys human more than bacon, then I agree that is wrong.

    I couldn’t agree more on the statement of no one having the corner market on spirituality, I myself am fascinated by Buddhist monks, and the eastern Indian religion, I have always been open, respectful and do my best to understand other peoples religious and spirituality even though I know it is not for me.

    My own daughter follows another spiritual practice then I do, and I am one who has encouraged her, to do as she feels in her heart when it comes to selecting a religion or a spiritual path.

    We all have our own path to walk in this life time. Telling one person that their beliefs are wrong is not the right way that I choose to conduct myself. I follow my own spiritual path as should everyone else.

    To each their own.

    I only hope that this message is a more positive one, a single persons path to someone on the outside who doesn’t know or understand can seem odd, or dangerous to others looking in.

    Love, hope, and understanding are always important, and so is sometimes fighting for what we believe is right.


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