3D Printing in Search of a Villain…Quick!

3D Printing in Search of a Villain…Quick!

Two realities are colliding, and its up to the National Dream Center to ensure our dreamers remain fully informed as our dreams and destiny converge into one tangible, congruent goo of a reality.

One of the lesser-known memes on both sides of the equation is coming to life, and this one has everything to do with Project August. I used the term “both sides of the equation” in this manner: one side refers to a quiet short dream that sprung this whole meme of 3D printing, and the other side has to do with the not-too-publicly-known-but-exponentially-growing concept called 3D printing.

For those who missed it the last time around, “Plastic Weapons Confiscated from Russian Agent” was the dream that started this PA meme. It was brought to us the 1st day of June by Dream Yoga Master…

I am walking along a road near my parents’ farm in Minnesota. As I approach their farm house my role changes and I become an individual investigating a criminal activity involving illegally made weapons. Two of these weapons have several parts that where copied off of a 3D printer. The investigator realizes the individual who printed them is a Russian special forces or Russian agent. This agent is working covertly to over through another government. The investigator detains the Russian in a make shift holding cell but realizes without more proof than he already has the Russian may go free and do more harm.

The Meme Has Levels

When you read the dream, you probably noticed that the literal content does seem plausible. That’s why we still have an open PA headline of “Feds infiltrate illegal weapon ring; confiscate 3D printer and munitions.”

Heck, it might even be a Russian agent in the center stage; after all, there were other PA dreams having to do with found-out Russian agents. However, I just wanted to keep this post strictly about 3D printing.

We’ve already found several headlines warning us about the connection between gun-making and 3D printing, but since I’ve been paying close attention to this topic area, I now realize that there’s a much, MUCH bigger meme here that I neglected to see previously.

Notice first that something nefarious is happening in that dream account. Specifically, something illegal and dangerous is being reproduced. Now, we can obviously take this two different ways, and both ways will adequately represent the bigger meme.

First, the obvious bigger picture: bad people print off bad things. Duh. Should we halt world-freeing technology because someone could use it badly? Alright then, let’s take all the hammers off the market and all the ropes, too.

The second meme takes some extrapolation and a higher level of consciousness. Someone feels threatened by the 3D printing technology, and so they make up a scenario to be able to rid humanity of the technology they fear.

The first notion can simply be tagged to the original headline, but with a bigger scope…

Additional Possible PA Headline: Some bad person/group reproduces something bad with a 3D printer and is caught.

The second notion above is also very important, but much less chance of a headline about it because the same people who would want to carry it out probably have a decent stake in the media that produces the headlines! Regardless…

Additional Less-Possible PA Headline: TPTB feel threatened by 3D printer technology and create events to denigrate it.

In short, 3D printing jeopardizes certain peoples’ stake in the world today, and those who are threatened by 3D printing will do everything they can to prevent it from reaching its full potential.


Introductory Material

There are so many directions we can take from here it boggles the mind. Let’s work in a brief introductory material to see a little more about how this device works and what it can do (sorry for the lengthy paste here)…

A New Dimension for Humanity: 3D Printing

For someone as technologically challenged as me the idea that one can 3D print just about anything under the sun stumped me, I’m talking printing live organs like kidneys, printing edible food, guitars, flutes, cars, creating make up on a simple printer which can help you ditch the expensive make up stores, so stay patient while I figure out what the hoopla is all about and let you in on it too.

A 3D printer is a type of industrial robot. It’s also called AM or additive manufacturing, even though this feels like new age technology, can you believe it’s been here since the 1980’s though they were expensive and required very special handling.

So it was only used by large corporations, but ever since the 3D was accessible to medium size businesses and home users this has now rapidly become hotly used and its application in hospitals and the health sector has shown maximum potential.

How does it do it?

For one instead of ink anything can be used, like plastic, potatoes or even human cells. So depending on what you want to create with the assistance of a computer program which can send the command to the printer. Okay technical jargon for a second, with the help of a computer aided design (CAD) it creates a digital model that gets sliced into very thin cross sections called layers so while printing the printer starts at the bottom of the design and builds up successive layers of material until the object is finished.

Look back at a few incredible things the 3D printer has printed till now. [go to their link above to see a description about how the 3D printer can print out kidneys/organs, robotic prosthetics, clothes, makeup, and yes, they even talk about guns and drones.]

The beauty of 3D printing lies in its easy accessibility and the fact that you and I can print something like a car in the near future. Many cars and their prototypes have been created by using these technologies while some can actually be used many are just ideas. Urbee 2 is a car that looks like a jelly bean, but it is also one the first few cars that was produced mainly by 3D printing its parts and assembling it, though it hasn’t yet been approved by the regulatory boards. It is still incredible that one can do so much with a 3D printer.

The News Trends

Okay, so now we know what’s really possible with this device. Can you see how the current economic paradigm might get a little skewed as more and more people start printing off:

– school supplies

– clothes

– house materials (or whole houses)

– car parts (or whole cars)

– or, how about we really start getting eccentric here…

The Army’s Bioprinted Skin Is Almost Ready to Be Used on Soldiers

Written by Jason Koebler / July 12, 2014 // 11:00 AM EST

The US Army is hoping to soon begin clinical trials with 3D-printed skin. The goal is helping soldiers better recover from injuries sustained in battle—and the Army also actively developing artificial 3D printed hearts, blood vessels, and other organs.

It’s no secret that 3D-printed human tissue is in the works, but the Army’s technology is so far along that it could soon be battle ready. In the latest issue of Army Technology, an official publication of the US military, Army researchers claim that the future of medicine is customizable, available on-demand, and 3D printed.

“The scars that soldiers develop as a result of burns constrict movement and disfigure them permanently,” Michael Romanko, a doctor with the Army’s Tissue Injury and Regenerative Medicine Project told the magazine. The initiative to restore high-quality skin that is elastic and complete with sweat glands, appropriate pigmentation, and hair follicles is incredibly important. Everyone has a different type of energy, and not everyone’s skin injury looks the same. Skin bioprinting would provide a scalable form of personalized medicine.”

3D Printers Could Regenerate Injured Soldiers

   By Mary-Ann Russon / July 11, 2014 17:57 BST

3D printers could change the future of the world in more than just medicine, as armed forces around the world look into how the technology could be used as a weapon of war.

At the Inside 3D Printing Conference in Melbourne, Australia this week, the Australian Army suggested that 3D printing would be of great help during a conflict.

Supply convoys are often targeted by roadside bombs, but if the soldiers were able to print items for themselves, the number of supply missions could be cut down.


Or how about we start looking at what other countries are doing with the technology, particularly those countries that have been demonized by the West. OMG, I know so many US companies who just aren’t digging this headline…

Iran Attains Self-Sufficiency in Supplying Raw Materials for 3D Printing of Medical Prostheses

Sat Jul 12, 2014 6:18

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers succeeded in the production of raw materials for 3D printing of complicated medical prostheses and made the country self-sufficient in this regard.

“This material which can be applied for precise simulating of body’s hard tissues and is a prerequisite to producing complicated medical prostheses and has training applications as well has passed tests successfully and used in the 3D-print machines,” Managing-Director of the knowledge-based Nokhbeh Mehvar Fars Company Amiri said on Saturday.


Next, imagine a world where the IMF couldn’t enslave the third world countries and manufacture starvation in these poor countries or make people live in cardboard boxes while they get paid pennies a day to make $170 Nike sneakers in an Asian sweatshop?

Imagine the day when food will be no problem for anyone on Earth, including those in the countries with the least amount of resources. Pretty soon we’ll not only be printing off gold and silver, but food will also be a mainstay. Oops, I guess it’s not that far in the future…

How 3D printing could end America’s prison food crisis

By S.E. Smith, The Daily Dot | 9:06am ET    

The history of prison food has been one of food as a punishment tool and the provision of sub-standard rations to people who have no alternative, but could the future of low-cost cuisine be different? Institutional food doesn’t have to be terrible, and while we might not be at Star Trek level, 3-D printing is showing immense promise. In Germany, for example, a 3-D printing revolution at nursing homes is putting out fun, edible, tasty food for older adults living in institutions. NASA, meanwhile, invested $125,000 in the development of a pizza printer.

While 3-D printing is experimental, slow, and expensive now, it won’t always be, and it could provide an excellent way to offer nutritious, varied food in prison environments using stable ingredients. It also, of course, comes with pitfalls: When food “inks” are used, it’s easier to sneak in sub-standard ingredients, as well as those that might violate religious or dietary restrictions. While 3-D printing could be the future of prison food (prisoners could even program printers to select their own meals), it could also become a nightmare of pork in Muslim meals, nuts as a cheaper protein filler in the food of people with allergies, and more.



But all this is years away, right? Forget tomorrow, the elite is nervous now

The Urgency

Home Depot starts selling 3D printers in US

NEW YORK, July 14:

Home Depot Inc, the world’s largest home-improvement chain, will start selling 3D printers today in stores for the first time, pushing deeper into a market that was once the domain of engineers and hobbyists.

Home Depot is selling devices from MakerBot, a 3D printer maker acquired by Stratasys Ltd last year, in 12 locations as part of a pilot project, the companies said. The effort will include stores in California, Illinois and New York.

“It’s a pilot for us to test a potential disruptive technology, and to make sure we are on the forefront of a new innovative product,” Joe Downey, an online merchant at Atlanta- based Home Depot, said in an interview.

The move builds on Home Depot’s decision to offer the MakerBot printers on its website three months ago.

Though the devices aren’t likely to create a major new source of revenue, the chain is betting that they’ll appeal to forward-thinking contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

Customers can use the printers to create parts and supplies that might be handy for repairs, such as cup holders, U-clips and pipe-stakes.

MakerBot’s partnership with Home Depot is a “step into the mainstream,” said Bre Pettis, chief executive officer of Brooklyn, New York-based MakerBot.

“Mom, dad, contractors, interior designers – we’re looking forward to blowing their minds and making them MakerBot lovers.”


Notice the key words in there, spoken by one of the scared-e-cats from Home Depot: “It’s a pilot for us to test a potential disruptive technology…”

Well, said, sir. This is EXACTLY what the elite think of this machine. Not only does it empower humanity, it also frees us from a totally corrupt monetary system that preys off disempowerment.

Therefore, expect to see the vilification of this new technology, for the fear against it is just as real as the technology itself. It’s just a matter of time, and if our Project August dreams have anything say in the matter, you’ll see it all go down in August 2014.

…and now you have the rest of the story before it even happens!


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