DreamForecast: Humanity Waking, Vol 1

DreamForecast: Humanity Waking, Vol 1

Sorry this late. As luck would have it, a pretty nasty storm swept through our area and took out everyone’s electricity in its wake. I’ve been on emergency power all afternoon….my system right now is being run by a marine battery and inverter. Always nice to have on hand for times like this…

I split this DreamForecast into two posts for few reasons. It’s a little longer than normal because I thought I’d provide a little more detial for those new to the site. Note that right now, weekly DreamForecasts are not as forward looking as those for Project August. That is about to change as we are in the process of transitioning the Proj Aug protocol into our weekly routine. With that, let’s get started.


We start off as usual with the original DreamBot…now dubbed DreamBot1. In the recent past (4-6 weeks), this broad-brush analytical program spit out material that seemed either unimportant or complete gibberish, and although it ticked us off, it was this inactivity that spawned the birthing of two more very helpful approaches (we’ll get to those in a minute).

Except for the incredible White House trifecta of precise predictions, the DreamBot1 is well known in our circles for getting a general overview of the collective unconscious.

It normally doesn’t elicit precise detail like what you’d find on the cover of the New York Times or the Drudge Report. Instead, it gives us a decent indication for how we fit into the grand scheme of the cosmos.

That probably all sounds like useless garbage for most readers, but I assure you that it is not. As collective humans, we are definitely creating our own reality with our collective wills, thoughts, behaviors, intentions, communication, etc.

But we aren’t the only ones affecting change. As above, so below….we are directly affected by the various energies around and in us. For example, the Earth electromagnetic field greatly affects us. For example, astronauts who lose touch with the Earth’s frequency while in outer space develop sickness because our bodies require constant exposure to that frequency, or pulse (that’s why they installed frequency generators on the ships).

The Earth’s field is also being bombarded and affected by all sorts of other heavenly bodies, and so our bodies are also affected by the outer cosmos.

The point here is that even though we create our reality collectively there is also an element of our creation that is handed to us (that we have little to no control over). It’s the old argument of free will vs determinism, and I bet that 99% of you are opinionated one way or the other (i.e., they either think that we control everything or everything is determined for us).

Newsflash: it’s both, and the DreamBot helps us identify where we are the universal cycles. It does this by looking at the hottest themes going on in humanity’s dreams.

Although this was a grossly reductionistic expose of how our collective reality works (and how it connects with dreams and the DreamBot, it gives us a starting point for collective dream analysis. DreamBot1 is all about a grand context, something I like to call, “a texture.”

This week’s DreamBot1

Like all the versions of our lingusitics, the DreamBot1 only looks at recent dreams. For this analysis, we’re only looking at hundreds (probably into the thousands) of regular-old dreams from around the web that are no more than 1 week old.

This week, the DreamBot1 linguistics indicate that we might actually be tipping toward the collective half of positivism. If both these linguistics and the Project August linguistcs are correct, we might say that this next week or two might be the calm before the storm, or the day before the night.

But today’s DreamBot1 linguistics offers this:

“Girl life lucid feeling walking still sure” and “Night feeling wake”

This could imply that the veil is being lifted, probably predicated by the much-needed Yin energy that is inevitable and verifiably growing. But it’s not just all easy work and everything will turn out fine.

“Door life wake feeling kind still behind man.”

This tells us that to get to the new life we desire, mankind must turn around and see the door is actually behind us. As we discussed on Radio Amerika, some would say that we’re moving full circle. Perhaps the veil is nothing more than returning to the beginning.

Humanity is trying to break free, but perhaps we need just a few more people to reach integral consciousness. The DreamBot1 phrase seems to imply there are slightly too few people waking up…”Bit man wake trying.”

If none of this is helpful to you, the reader, then I can certainly understand that. To me, it gives us a starting point, a context to looking at what our dreams are trying to convey. In this case, the theme is on waking.

Humanity is still in the process of waking up. We have been asleep for far too long, but the question is whether we can wake up in time before it’s all too late…


Let’s talk surge first. This is something very new, but it’s extremely important, especially since we’re moving toward producing future-oriented headlines in our weekly, non-Project August DreamForecasts.

From the ‘surge’ algorithm (I hope to give this a fancy new name sometime soon), we have this peculiar phrase: “Citizens mixing Russians Dallas bulb raging”

More surging words that could develop into memes are: Goat, Trek, Deadline, Butterfly, Warrior, Menu, Message, Spiritual, Closing, Date, Bread.

At this point, it is NOT intended to flush out phrases or predictive headlines, but rather to simply tell us the words that had an unusual level of occurrence in the dreams. We could start analyzing any one of these words, such as Goat or Trek.

We would start with the only obvious question…”Why in the heck would all these people be dreaming about Goats? How about Treks…why is that strange word growing super fast?

This is where Carl Jung would look at cyclical archetypes, something like Astrology would fit the bill if we had time. Words like Warrior could also definitely fit into the Astrological context, but perhaps this one rose simply because of Israel’s onslaught of Gaza matched with the growing war meme in the East.

In other words, we have to investigate the reason for the surge before we can apply meaning to it. Time to move on…

…and now for the infamous DreamBot2 linguistics phrases. Sometimes eerie and sometimes magical, these phrases seem more like a half-foreign language. Don’t stress yourself out by looking for absolute meaning in these phrases. It seems to require a slightly casual look matched with genuine curiosity.

So far, many of them come out in near-exact words from actual news events. I can’t provide statistics here, because it is not something we’ve had time to investigate and track.

Please know that we don’t present these linguistics as representing any headlines at this point. These phrases are only those that seem interesting. Sometimes they speak differently to different people, and that is perfectly fine.

We put them here partly to speak to you, the reader, and partly to see whether they project future events. What is so interesting here is that when a phrase comes out in the news with a high DreamSeer score, typically the phrase will actually force a new, important revelation in that news.

In other words, many predictive applications work from future to past, where the headline or news describes what the linguistics was saying. However, the DreamBot2 phrases seems to work the other way around.

When news pops out that matches a phrase, the past linguistics actually help explain the news article! Are you baffled? Me too.

One of our best examples of this was a phrase that correctly warned of “Epic Death Ships from the East” It highlighted the real reason that the Chinese might be in Hawaii, or at least an additional agenda these ships might have had.

How to look at the list

Look at ‘em, feel ‘em, and discuss ‘em. I suggest feeling them more than trying to rationalize them because they tend to work more like the I-Ching, where intuition will speak to you from the right brain, not the left.

Therefore, as you look at them, especially those that don’t “pop right out,” tune inward to feel how the phrase feels to you. Insight might come, but as always, the opposite might be the case. If that insight you receive is individually-oriented, then be sure to implement it in order to improve your life.

If it rather speaks to you on a collective level, then consider speaking to the rest of us in the form of a comment. Let us know if we can benefit from your intuition!

Most importantly, just know that these phrases are NOT supposed to represent a headline, per se. In other words, I’m not pulling out these phrases from their singular ability to predict. I also pull them out for other reasons, such as documentation and research.

Okay, here we go with the phrases (the left column is simply there to allow simplicity of discussion):

1 Big maybe help ground solid open actually
2 World tried eyes once realize always thinking dark
3 Seeing city comes eventually couple men somewhere road give entire fragment across usually making boy talk
4 Fall far show stop
5 Amazing pool closer okay space anyway immediately possible
6 Strong yellow daughter fence calm climb yeard lately return
7 Following music wait box reading grabbed children plane
8 Dude chat laying closed park alive four [bike college]
9 Hill forward sign worried chaged ocean early
10 Closing materials rock opening leg massive magic fish
11 Female held showed upset mad forgot pain sad toward seat die teacher fighting
12 Security comeback chest shooting act lay ways edge metal male


As I read the phrases, here’s what pops out for me…

Phrase 1 feels like earthchanges and sinkholes. The solid ground actually opens big (maybe). Phrase 2 tells me that the world at large is still holding onto their stinkin’ thinkin’, which really goes back the DreamBot1 phrases of trying to wake up.

Phrase 4 tells me that when the current paradigm fails, it has a lot of room to fall. In other words, the level of unsustainability has reached mammoth proportion. I feel myself anxiously expectant of Phrase 5. It tells us directly that something amazing is immediately possible. I just don’t know what the space pools are!

Phrase 8 sounded like an unfortunate fellow who might have experienced trouble at a closed park. Phrase 10 sounds like a sci-fi scene, but Phrase 11 looks highly plausible, unfortunately.


Part II is next, which includes DreamBot3 and what you can expect from future DreamForecasts.


Copyright (c) 2014 Chris McCleary. All rights reserved.

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