DreamForecast Vol 3: Storms and Wars (or Riots?)

DreamForecast Vol 3: Storms and Wars (or Riots?)

NDC Weekly Headlines (Beta): Unprecedented but clamoring for meaning. (Note: no email alert was granted for this article because of how new this process is, but there are some somewhat pressing headline-related specifics for the Midwest persons and those living near the border.)

I hope everyone caught this in the latest DreamForecast…that we are working on extracting headlines for the first time on non-Project August DreamForecasts. We’ll call it NDC Weekly Headlines (Beta version).

This sounds exciting, but there are some fantastic hurdles we’re trying to work through, and some of those might become apparent as I discuss our first attempt at this fine art of predicting.

Just so everyone knows, our first hurdle is this: The DreamBot sees hundreds, if not thousands of the latest dreams, but our headline pulling (for a lack of a better word) is only coming from the DreamBase (for reasons I’d rather not discuss).

So, right off the bat, we can already see a mismatch on the bigger picture here, and you all can do the same. Look at the DreamForecast (Volumes I and II) and then go look at the latest dreams.

Our dreamers are here because they have proven to themselves that their dreams are predictive in nature. This isn’t to say that every single one of their dreams come true. Rather, the important difference is that they appreciate the predictive ability of dreams in general. This is critical because as I’ve discussed in posts and on various radio shows…in dreamwork, our beliefs are absolutely critical in determining what value we get out of dreams.

Let me say it another way…if you strongly believe that dreams are predictive, you will have more precognitive dreams. The reverse is true also.

Therefore, it is my contention that the DreamBase (our dreams database) has a higher correlation to future news than other dream databases. This isn’t scientific, just an observation, after seeing the types of dreams elsewhere. More importantly, it isn’t gloating either. All it says is that NDC dreamers tend to believe in their precognition than anywhere else.


So, when we see a glaring mismatch between the greater collective dreamscape and our most recent dreams here at the NDC, what do we do?

By far, the easiest mismatch to identify is this: Our latest DreamForecast identified HOT as one of the biggest, if not the biggest, theme in the collective unconscious. However, one of the clearly obvious themes in the NDC’s most recent batch of dreams is “Cool” and “Frigid Temps.”

On the one hand, I’d go with our NDC dreamers because the cool theme does match with Project August; however, I could also negate NDC dreamers because they might have been contaminated by reading the latest report.

So, in order to iron all this out, we have a lot of work to do.

NDC Dream Theme Overlaps

First, we look at overlaps in the dream content itself. The DreamForecast does help here, but remember we’re only looking at overlaps within the latest NDC dreams. I see:

1. Waves and flooding

2. Debris / rubble

3. Sky (alien) or Sky (flash-war-bomb-meteor)

4. Infection / death

5. Location markers


Line 1: The waves and flooding might easily be day residue from the incredible flooding meme of late. Another red flag is present by comparing this theme to the DreamBot run. The collective unconscious apparently feels more threatened by Hot than by Flooding. We could probably be safe with publishing a flooding headline (surely there will be flooding somewhere on the planet within a week), but we’re calling this meme too risky to pull out.

When we have single dreams that predict something newsworthy, I tend to put a “Low-Probability Headline” out if that dream captures me in some way. For example, the Minnesota flooding dream on the 22nd might have warranted one of these low probabilities, but I see way too many previous headlines about the same issue:




Therefore, I sit on my hands and just observe (no predicted headline here with a caveat of what may happen in the Great Lakes–more on that later).

Line 2: This theme was almost unrecognized by the collective. The bigger word between the two was rubble, which received 5 hits out of all those hundreds of dreams. Note that 5 hits is above average for the word, but not to a significant degree. So, if anything here, I’d say that war (rubble) is more likely than natural disaster (debris) of making headlines (or war will get more headlines than natural disasters…that might be a better way to say it).

Line 3: This theme is an ongoing one at the NDC, so really all this does is strengthen the already-identified Project August meme of both aliens and sky flash. I don’t see enough here to create any more specific headlines than we’ve already created earlier in Proj Aug.

Line 4: This one is also a Proj Aug meme that has about 3 headlines attached to it, and there is no denying that the real-world headlines are increasing. Here’s the deal…we have a Project August headline that had an August 1st target date.

It was called “Virus goes viral,” and the dreamer was given MERS as the provable virus and provides more personal stuff and location (which wouldn’t be too important if it was in fact seriously viral).

Now get this…CNN just published an article about a week before the August 1st target date (i.e., yesterday), where it identified something very disturbing:

MERS may be airborne, scientists say

By Felix Gussone, Special to CNN

(CNN) — The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, better known as MERS, may be an airborne virus, according to an observation paper published Tuesday in the journal mBio.

There have been 836 laboratory-confirmed cases of MERS infection since its first appearance in 2012, according to the latest numbers provided by the World Health Organization. At least 288 related deaths have officially been reported to the WHO.

Is this honest journalism or are we being prepped for something? Perhaps something like the August 1st headline?

The whole point of this is that I think we already have enough headlines out for Line 4, and we’re in the same sort of general timeframe, too (if you haven’t seen the headlines, see Report #5 for Project August).


Line 5: I’m sure any Tom, Dick, and Harry would probably see the biggest sore thumb of the whole batch: Chicago. We have at least 2 recent NDC dreams talking about Chicago. That is quite remarkable for two dreams on the same day, but even more impressive is that the rest of the collective saw the same thing!

AND, Chicago is hardly ever dreamed on a mass scale, so this is indeed very special, unprecedented. The bot picks up locations during DreamBot3, but so far, we cannot pinpoint any activity or event and connect it to the location.

So, right now, the only way to predict something from DreamBot3 is to look at the direct dream material. Lucky for us, we got 2 Chicago’s in the NDC dreams, so we simply look at the general dream content.

This one is interesting because we have one water theme and one “scared/leaving” theme. Of course, these are not all exclusive, as people might be scared of the high waves, weather patterns, etc. and desire to leave. In fact, one dreamer even says,

I was frightened of the lake, it was roiling in the wind, there was hardly any beach because the water was right up against the roadway. Parks were flooded.

But before we get crazy and start throwing out headlines, I’m noticing something that might produce a more regional-type headline. We have Lake Michigan (same dream), Bloomington, IN, Tennessee, and even a group traveling North into Canada. With that, it does appear that this whole meme may be weather related.

First, expect “Cooler weather” and even “Frigid temperatures,” probably in this whole area that I just mentioned, and the weather forecast actually shows this cold front, where they actually talk about lows in the 40’s…Yes, this late July!

But I think the storms are the bigger concern here, as the dreamers picked up on feeling scared (multiple dreams). The stroms that are already indicated in the weather forecast might present issues for the Great Lakes area, especially Chicago.

Possible Headline: Major cold front brings high waves, high winds, and low temps to the Great Lakes and Midwest.

If this is right, then it does not bode will for the HOT theme in the DreamForecast. Since that was a obviously significant trend, what else can HOT signify…but conflict.

Possible Headline: Conflict escalates (i.e., a general escalation of trouble on the Mexico border, Gaza, Ukraine, Iraq, etc. Could be a tough week as far as body counts go)

Now, there is one more significant possibility here, and hope this isn’t right, but Chicago itself could be the HOT zone even while the temps are cold.

Possible Headline: The great exodus from the Great Lakes: People fleeing Chicago. (note: fleeing needs a reason, and one Proj Aug dream identified an emergency or riot as the catalyst)

Also remember the information in Line 2. We’re not expecting a new, full-blown war because “rubble” got just a slight rise in conjunction with “hot” from the DreamBot. So, perhaps a non-warzone related HOT might actually be more accurate.

Time estimates: Expect that if anything happens with these headlines, it’ll be max probability sometime before 30 July, and slightly lesser probability the week after that. After two weeks from now, the probability falls off drastically (except that the Chicago theme stays alive throughout August).




Copyright (c) 2014 Chris McCleary. Except for quotes, all rights reserved.

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