DreamForecast: Light vs Serpent & a whole lot more

DreamForecast: Light vs Serpent & a whole lot more

If you’re new to the DreamForecasts, you may find this earlier forecast much more thorough in understanding how they are assembled. Because it was much more explanatory, it was broken into 3 volumes: Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, and of course, the documentation of how those headlines came true.

July 29: High Strangeness Sets the Tone

We begin with Sister Rosemarie’s cryptic message

“But light on my snakes and headless head in a talk with Anne Key holding her pet python…  on her website, first talk on Mexican goddesses.  Blessings.”

She might as well be paid as my new DreamBot! Is her comment somehow connected to our linguistics…

Sun means second enough hear bad snake comes probably

High idea light near finally

Are you wanting an explanation? Sorry Charlie…maybe by the end of this article–lol! I can already see the argument brewing: Good vs. Evil; is this the real “Light?” In other words, the “Light is near finally,” but “the bad snake comes probably.” Hmmmm, they both show up at the same time…Light and snake? Is this a war or the same thing? HUH?!

How’s that for a start for this week? It sets the tone because this week was incredibly different. First off, Chicago falls off to zero, even though I found a few additional internet dream nooks, which means more dreams to analyze (but still no Chicago this week, strangely).

By the way, I’m sure everyone caught the big news that we nailed Chicago in last week’s forecast?

Just so everyone knows, the headlines will always be at the bottom after all the explanatory information.

The Dream Themes

You all can verify this or not in the recent DreamBase dreams, but here’s what we gathered as far as themes go:

5 x Fight or Fighting dreams: Domestic fight, Spiritual fight, War Fighting, Fighting Fire, Martial Arts fighting

3 x Entities or ET’s: 1 ET, 2 Non-Human Entities

2 x Space Ship: Enterprise, watching ship in sky

2 x Money dreams: Bankruptcy, Saving Money

DreamBot1 and DreamBot Themes

Original bot run offers NOTHING. However, the themes are very new, very fresh, and very strange:

Yankee, Mon, Snakes, Wounds, Jungle, Competition, Professional, Wolves, Waterfall, Teeth, Birth, Zombie (yes, all in that order)

Note: the word snippet “Mon” I believe probably comes from abbreviated “Monday.” However, dreams are well known for being metaphoric, and MON is the ticker symbol for Monsanto (linguistics picking up GMO and/or seed themes?)


Let me first say that this is the most detailed linguistics phrases to date. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t strange, because we have a lot of that, too. But for the first time ever, we actually have overlapping linguistics phrases (or in some cases potentially overlapping phrases).

As you read the linguistics, please understand that these are NOT headlines (yet). Those will be Later. In priority order, and organized by category:

1. Racial Tension: “Need black actually head getting white feeling mean” This statement seems to imply that a previous warning article is still on the table, although the lingo certainly doesn’t add a lot of clarity.

2. Potential showdown / agenda / plan:

a. “Sit blood asking shower mall chasing female college mirror hallway loud escape won’t” Without going into detail here, I think this is alarming because it rings the same note as Jim Garrow’s warning:

The target will be shopping malls. The method will be with explosive devices meant to inflict suffering and death and to wound as many as possible.

Dr. Jim Garrow

The date will be a significant one for the islamists. The event will happen simultaneously across America at hundreds of locations (note the number). The police, DHS, and security services throughout the nation should be warned and take appropriate action.

Why release this on Facebook? It turns out that the necessary agencies are reading my stuff. Why make phone calls when this gets the news out in a speedy fashion to all of them in an instant message.

Be warned, my sources on this are impeccable. I lay my 100% record of reliability on the line.- Dr. Jim Garrow

b. Perhaps unrelated, it appears that Church might be an unfortunate participant here: “Mark push guns ice church sight position imagine singing panic

c. Gun grab starts in the parks? “Days unknown park line shot clear rather yes gun change lost


3. Everyone’s talking about a stock market correction, but did we somehow erroneously miss a GOLD correction? Perhaps they happen simultaneously.

Finished gold bar system known acting crash totally”

4. War / Conflict

a [Kill] ship hospital trouble land beach exactly food gave
b Pushed drove war figured foot strong image wants climb attack
c Symbol wedding angry space dreamed sleeping death plane happen
d Interpretation latest important figure telling without error three wounds

If these linguistics mean anything, I’d expect trouble with Gaza relief supply, maybe a medic ship. Not sure what a climb attack (4B) would be, but 4C feels just like the war atrocities I witnessed in Afghanistan…speaking of drones shooting into wedding parties, which unfortunately actually did happen (probably more times than they are admitting). 4D seems to indicate that an important figure (probably a vet) may explain his 3 war wounds.


5. High strangeness continues (these linguistics supplied for your enjoyment):

a Wolves pregnancy free fear scene began asleep mother dead great ended
b Deal involved grass chat awesome laughing upon forgot mostly jungle medical
c Stuck ceiling showed extremely cold ocean
d Letters exist rid alien handle smoking throat warning accident sounded circle pair disappeared
e Topic forest symbolize stopped blue couple somehow anonymous return wait year
f Mon helpful among welcome inc thread piece upset
g Professor radio gravity joke
h When class people back into time down read
i Birth specific sorry song teacher hurt notes break child
j Provide record anxiety super kid odd mouth case happening died leaving yet children
k Congrats wolf complex sent section speed board hoping dangerous threw shooting
l Soul clouds drinking actual magic fish throw colors

Note: there’s a lot to talk about here, but we might be wasting our time. 5B feels like a problem with medical marijuana, while 5L shows a return to “MAGIC FISH??” 5D and E will be referenced in the headline section.


DreamBot 3

Let’s start with…


Chicago drops to zero. I take this to mean that the urgency has shifted elsewhere. I notice that Boulder, CO is atop the list. Although this is unique, I suspect we have a lot of dream objects like rocks and boulders instead of the city. However, keep in mind that dreams can speak metaphorically, and do a very good job at it. Boulder is the clear winner, both in actual raw hits and percentage gains.

Get this: TEXAS is huge, but not because the state was popular but because of these cities all hitting fairly big: Dallas (#2), Austin (#3), Tyler (#6), Houston (only one hit). Therefore, this switches us to a south-central region for our focus.

Also important is the West / Northwest area: Portland, Seattle, Hollywood, Berkeley, Sacramento (this one just one hit)


Ohio is the undisputed winner here with a 63% surge. It’s interesting how Chicago fell off completely, but Illinois is the #2 state. The rest seems to follow somewhat with the cities: Idaho (#3), Hawaii (#4), California (#5)., Texas (#6), Oregon (#7)…


Australia rose 50% from its average and is now atop the countries list for the first time ever. France (#2), Turkey (#3), Belgium (#4), and Spain (tied for #4).


Remember in weeks past how more of the immediate-type words were on top (hurry, already, now, etc.)? Big surges came in for “Month” (500% gain), and “Week” (269% gain). Do we get a reprieve from earth-shattering news for a time, or is this speaking the opposite…a month worth of constant news?

Another anomaly: “August” drops in the list (-10%), but I have no idea what to make of it. If this is precognitive, then perhaps August isn’t too “memorable” for our dreamers. In other words, there might not be very many earth-shattering events in August. Of course, that’s only one interpretation, but it does contradict most of what Project August predicted.

If that interpretation is correct and August ends up being fairly bland, then we’ll know that dreams in general, particularly at the collective level, predict more accurately at the near future and not so well in the longer term (months+). But no sense in counting our chickens yet…time will tell! As Guns and Roses always said, “We just need a little patience…”

Wow, isn’t that ironic…only one instance of “Patience” in all those thousands of dreams this week. Hmmmm….


This was extremely strange: huge gains from these 3 numbers: 18, 19, and 20, although #1 was back on top with raw hits. Maybe a long shot, but can we extrapolate this to August? #1 would mean big hits for Project Uno, and 18, 19, 20 seem like the Sky Flash dates (don’t quote me on this).


We continue our trend from recent lingo: Woods and Forest way up on top. A couple of really strange surprises, too: “Waterfall” and “Swamp.”

Emotions and Weather

Mixed. Truly mixed. Love and Nice from last week falls to about top ten. Joyful and Anxiety at the top duking it out. It wobbles back and forth all the way down: Joyful, Anxiety, Hurt, Please, Fear, Nice, Scared….

Weather is the exact same, so I do believe weather is highly connected to the inner collective mood. The good news is that Ice Storm falls to zero and SUN makes it’s debut at the very top with a commanding lead. Quite apropos for August, but Cloud is just behind. Then we bounce back and forth: Hot, Cold, Rain, Warm, Storm…


DreamBot4 (beta)

This is still new, but it promises to be a very powerful technique in the linguistics manipulation. We take the great big themes and strip out the fat to see what jewels are left. Can these types of phrases make some hits all by themselves, or do they need dream overlap? We’ll see…

10A: “Contacting provides Mon (Monsanto) spotlight zoom anonymous confirmation congratulations feature reported

10B “Server injured testing discover app

10C “Cops robot appreciate

10D “Read latest metaphor pregnancy map snake” I kid you not…does everyone remember Rosemarie’s dream input from the beginning?! We now have several overlaps!…

1. Rosemary began the theme with a pet python, and she included a name…last name KEY. Can we connect serpent and key?

2. “Snake” gets a huge boost in the linguistics…276% rise with 86 hits. I’d say that’s very significant, based on experience and looking at averages (snake averages about 20 hits).

3. The linguistics phrases sound eerily meaningful: “Bad snake comes probably.”

4. The big humdinger that stirs it up even more:

Our now-famous Koo dreamer has a very recent Snake dream…well, almost: “He had a long tail and was swishing it back and forth to move through the water the way a snake would.

And why is this important? Because…

I felt like he was some sort of guide, and as I followed him, he started telling me about the area we were in and how ancient it was. And then I looked down into the water and could see that his legs were not right.



It’s never fun to try and take squirrely dream material and try to form real-life headlines, but if we’re going to get anywhere on this project, we’ve got start sticking our necks out on the line.

Our protocols look for OVERLAPS. It’s that simple. Look back at the main dream themes, look at all the versions of linguistics. Look at everything together, and here’s what I see:

1. The presence of a high-order fight mixed with “non-human entities” mixed with sky/space, and unfortunately, the snake theme is in your face (or at least its in my face as I read the tea leaves). So, what in the world kind of headline could this possibly be?

While I see a much higher order event going on, I have to adapt this to what we can expect to see in mainstream. I see a return to the root question. I see events and headlines conforming to the higher archetype here: Good vs Evil.

This may manifest in a religious war. This may manifest in new, controversial insights about ancients texts or sites. I can only imagine that that main stream will probably want to avoid talking about it. Unfortunately, I quite guestimate an appropriate headline here.

Let’s just call it: “Good vs Evil”

Possible Headline: (Some clear manifestation of the bigger archetypical battle being waged).

Statistical probability is fairly high actually. I see it somewhere close to the max, perhaps as high as 50%, and based on the timing offered in the linguistics, I’d say the bell-curve top would be about a week, but the window is open for a whole month.


2. Fighting is unfortunately clear and obvious now. We have the racial tension identified already in dreams and linguistics (and actually headline tickles). We have obvious war escalation. So instead of feeding the creative fire, I’m doing something different.

Mandatory Headline: PEACE, PEACE, PEACE, PEACE, PEACE. Focus only on PEACE!!

3. UFO / ET / alien / non-human / Nephelim / etc. The meme is quite blatant in dreamland. Will that translate into reality?

Check back with the linguistics, where we see another overlap: something to do with a couple or wife/husband, perhaps a sisters or brothers?? (hint: check out 5E and 5D phrases in DreamBot2 above. Very strange, but let’s honor it and see what happens:

Possible Headline: Couple disappears in front of eye witnesses. Raises questions [ET/alien/nephelim-related?]

4. Money and Markets. This is something that I openly admitted to having many personal opinions about. I’d rather opt for a new type of economy, but here again, I do have to honor what we’re seeing in the dreamwork.

We see money issues. We see money struggles. Emotional stress with money. Strangely, the linguistics points to gold, of all things. Now, gold is a form of money, as most of us know, so our sole linguistics might have been pointing to the money side of things in general and not just gold.

Let’s see it again: “Finished gold bar system known acting crash totally”

Now, obviously, we don’t have a gold bar system, that was the old days. Is it calling for a gold market collapse? Or perhaps the reset comes, installing a gold bar system, only to collapse shortly thereafter? Hmmmm….

Possible Headline: “Gold market falters again. Slides in intraday markets.”

Probability: not tremendously strong here, but the linguistics do appear to be precise. Dreams overlap, but not in the intricate details. Therefore, 30% max probability. Timeframe: Week to Month.


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  1. Charlie Grantham July 29, 2014 at 3:34 pm - Reply

    I think the recurring ‘snake’ theme is about the Ebola virus mutating and getting out of Africa. Swimming like snake give me the image of it moving.

    May I also suggest that it is more ‘evil vs evil’ going on with good only emerging after they have both destroyed themselves.

    My dream have been catastrophe, then re-building/re-use.

  2. J Awake July 29, 2014 at 4:22 pm - Reply

    You stated mandatory headlines of Peace,Peace..May I suggest instead because the universe requires balance,the headlines read most benevolent out come.
    Thanks for all your hard work. Did you catch the lightening on the beach in California news.. They refer to it as a sky flash?? What are your thoughts on this headline ..

  3. penny July 29, 2014 at 4:23 pm - Reply

    The video “The Destruction of the Papal Key” comes to mind. Snakes and all

  4. Anna July 29, 2014 at 9:11 pm - Reply

    Could it also suggest a fight against the medical industry, as symbolized with the snakes of the “caduceus”?

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