DreamForecast 08-06-14: Storms … of Guns & Transitions?

DreamForecast 08-06-14: Storms … of Guns & Transitions?

If you’re new to the DreamForecasts, you may find this earlier forecast much more thorough in understanding how they are assembled. Because it was much more explanatory, it was broken into 3 volumes: Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, and of course, the documentation of how those headlines came true.

Since DreamBot1 doesn’t want to cooperate this week, we push it aside and hope we weren’t missing something important. Lucky for us, DreamBots 2 and 4 are spectacular!

Big Trends First

These are the words that rose up BIG time this week…

firearm 700.0%
wrinkle 700.0%
mommy 675.8%
sneakers 675.8%
handgun 613.5%
bull 604.0%
zero 528.6%
prize 500.0%
bee 463.3%
pistol 461.7%
chocolate 459.3%
storms 370.6%
milk 352.6%
mon 328.3%
zoo 322.2%


Comments on the Trends

– Lots of firepower here: Firearm, Handgun, & Pistol. Did you notice “Bull Zero” too (i.e., Bullseye)?

– When you see the results of emotions and weather in DreamBot3, you’ll realize why Wrinkle and Mommy are up there so high.

– Remember MON from last week might mean Monsanto. That’s another big jump this week. I hear they are investing in an Ebola drug. I think this article is everywhere by now.


Once we get the big picture and the phrasings, we look at trying to map the collective unconscious by looking at trends in dream emotions, weather, geography, locations, and much more.

This could be a pretty tough few weeks if we look at combining these 3 categories: Timing, Weather, and Emotions.

Remember that weather and emotions can be tied very close together in the subconscious. When we dream about storms, for instance, that could be an indicator for how we feel emotionally.

So how are we doing collectively?

STORMS (#1 from the weather category) and ANXIETY (#1 from emotions).

Outlook is bleak in the short term, folks. Our subconscious minds are dreaming about Storm, Hot, and Clouds. These are BIG hefty jumps by these words (cloud jumped 192% and Storm shot up 380%).

Emotions are showing the same. Anxiety up 214%, Hurt (193%), and Fear (190%) all surging with the ominous clouds and storms.

How long will this last?

“Month” shot up an 328%, but “Now” was up 215%, so to be safe, I would answer “Both” and offer that these troubling times will persist throughout August.

Other Categories

Remember how “Forest” was climbing recently…it’s still on top with multiple measures, and that has me very suspicious. It’s beating out the other popular geographical features in both raw hits and percentage increases.

What does this say about the collective?

Well, if DreamMoods.com is correct, then we are right back to Elyse’s now-famous Koo dream! Here’s what the Forest dream archetype means:

To dream that you are in or walking through the forest signifies a transitional phase. Follow your instincts. Alternatively, it indicates that you want to escape to a simpler way of life. You are feeling weighed down by the demands of your life.

According to dream linguistics, this transitory period could manifest anxiety, fear, and storms, but remember, at the end of the labor, there’s a new life that awaits us.

I’m not suggesting that a full transition will take place in August, but at a minimum, it does appear that many birthing pangs will be felt.

One ray of hope here: the word “OPPRESS” fell to ZERO! Is humanity feeling naively free, or is the oppression just about done? Hmmmm.


Now, while all that sounds spacey and “out there,” we need to see how this dream material relates directly to real life.

California rose 85%, and that doesn’t surprise me considering all the stress happening out there right now, but check this out…Hawaii rose also in the collective.

That wouldn’t have anything to do with the two hurricanes on their way to the islands, could it? Remember these dreams occurred before the hurricanes were expected, so this clearly shows a collective precognition since Hawaii rarely makes it high in our DreamBot runs.

By the way, this could be our big coastal event expected in August. Stay tuned for that…Hawaii was named in our first report along with Florida.

For cities: Hollywood and Dallas are on top with Tyler and Seattle in a distant third.

For Countries: Jordan and China are tied for #1, Russia a close 3rd, and India a distant 4th.


Number 1 almost made it back to #1, but get this: the number 13 stole the show with 200% jump.

And the one thing we haven’t talked about yet? Colors.

Those who have seen these reports will appreciate this because a new color has taken the gold. Guess which one?

GOLD! Never before seen at #1 in DreamBot history, and how appropriate from last week’s linguistics warning of a pending collapse(?)


DreamBot2 Phrasings

Remember these are NOT headlines or predictions (yet). They have to be vetted and hopefully overlapped with other dream content. Here’s what we have so far:

1 Pregnancy alone gave vivid change waiting beautiful eventually scene hard began
2 Birth total ball broke age closed female mad
3 Zoo metaphor snakes figured machine
4 Began feature gold lying cold piece bright updated
5 Handgun zero pistol temple provides confirmation
6 Tank surprise thin wood
7 Whale cards spoke pocket sea
8 Football rape program recognized
9 Stadium hurry panicked count
10 Helicopter vanished golden planes
11 Reference disturbed explosion reaction stranger North


With that, I’m exhausted and will finish this tomorrow. I’ll review the dreams and see what gems are overlapping for some DreamBot predictions. Bye for now.

See how all this can fit into some predictive headlines in DreamForecast, part 2.



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