DreamForecast 8/12/2014: Hospital and Base Closures

DreamForecast 8/12/2014: Hospital and Base Closures

If you’re new to the NDC, then welcome! We’re still in phase 1 of formulating predictions based on collective dreamwork, and thus some of the content seems dire and substantially negative.

Stay tuned, though, because the success we’re having here will carry us directly into the next phase, where we actually get to choose the outcome ahead of time…or at least that’s what one of our teams will be attempting to do. The next phase is called “Paradigm 3,” which will follow Proj Aug (TBD). Thank you for stopping by.


Overall Trends

Note: the DreamBot4 algorithm is completely separate than all the statistics presented elsewhere in this report. It produces different percentages and seeks to find the biggest large-scale trends in the thousands of dreams we culled.

Notice how all the different versions of firearms have disappeared from our list since last week. This could be another manifestation of the global meditation that took place on August 8th, but we’ll talk about that in the Emotions section.

Latest bigger trends are…

wrinkle 500.0%
aug 454.6%
zero 450.0%
aid 418.6%
zoo 337.1%
competition 230.7%
james 212.0%
mommy 211.9%
anonymous 207.8%
spotlight 194.4%
yelling 193.2%


Notes on the trends:

I don’t see “Aug” as particularly surprising, but I do notice that it’s butted up against Zero, which could mean something in the coming days. Move down one word and read….AID ZERO.

James is the first time a name has risen to the top tier, and Mommy gains from last week’s performance.

Note also that Anonymous is a growing movement, and the fact that it is here could simply be day residue, or the collective indeed predicted Anonymous’ Operation Ferguson.

The presence of Yelling is very startling, especially considering the “ing” at the end, implying that we are in the act of doing it. In other words…very present tense!

Wrinkle (the top trending word) was big last week, and now gained an additional 500%. The more I look at this and the rest of the data, this suggests to me that we are collectively moving through significant stress, but all the while gaining wisdom and knowledge.

I was surprised to find something similar to this in an actual dream this week: “I thought this was supposed to be easier, but now I realize that I only get more wisdom in order to work with the dealings of my own mind.




Last week we saw a surge in Hollwood and Dallas, and come to find out that both of our big memes did, in fact, take place in those two cities. There does seem to be developing a connection between the dream locations and the overall dream themes.

This is surprising actually because we first strip away the locations from the dream content and add them all up. So linguistically, the locations are analyzed separately from the trends.

China made a big jump to #1, and Belgium is in a rare position at #2. England and Thailand are next in line.

This week, California makes the biggest jump in US States with 37%, followed by Colorado (22%) and Texas (16%).

For cities, Dallas jumped to the top with a 57% gain, but two other Texas cities are up there, too: Tyler and Houston. Hollywood slid to #2, but it also jumped about 50%.

We’ll see if we can’t attach some predictions to these cities once we crack open the actual dream content.


This might be the biggest news of the month…the word Forest not only continues to climb from last week, but it jumps an unprecedented 940% from last week. It’s worth reiterating what we found out about dream symbols and Forests:

“Well, if DreamMoods.com is correct, then we are right back to Elyse’s now-famous Koo dream! Here’s what the Forest dream archetype means:

To dream that you are in or walking through the forest signifies a transitional phase. Follow your instincts. Alternatively, it indicates that you want to escape to a simpler way of life. You are feeling weighed down by the demands of your life.”

The fact that any word was already number one and then gets an additional 1K% push is absolutely unprecedented. This does fit right into the various rebirth memes from Proj Aug, but time will tell on how quickly this transition actually takes place.


Weather / Emotions

The collective unconscious remains very stormy, cloudy, anxious, and very angry (the very word “Angry” surged 375% just from last week). Anxiety is still 174% above average, but it’s at least even from last week (no change, just still elevated).

There is a ray of sunshine in all this, as ‘Sun’ rose 111% and ‘Joyful’ surprises with a 281% leap from last week and 140% above average.

Other big gainers include Hurt (137%), Please (136%), and Afraid (131%).

Based on this, I’d say that the global meditation that took place on August 8th did manifest a slight movement in the positive energies. The word Peace increased 100% and we already mentioned the word Joyful at 281%. However, we’re talking about a monstrous collective mind here.

To move this heavy global mindscape, we’ll need persistence, authenticity, and most of all, crystal clear convergence on the collective intention. For example, if after one of these meditations, someone remarks about how blissful they feel, we might infer that their intention/meditation was not purely inline with the greater intention of Peace (not that you’re not allowed to feel blissful after one of these events).

One thing of note is that “Flood” has remained at a surprising zero for two weeks in a row. When searching for flood in the news, they’re still happening, but perhaps to a less extent than we saw all throughout July. Right now, Detroit is experiencing floods.

If this is predictive at all, then the lack of flooding in dream material may mean that we might less of it in the week or two ahead. Something to certainly keep an eye on.

Numbers / Colors / Etc.

I usually throw out other misc trends, although not everyone finds it useful. The number 11 made almost the same kind of bounce that Forest did. “11” was #1, “10” was #2, and “13” was number 3 as far as how far above mean.

However, the number 7 might actually be a bigger story than Forest even: Since last week, it was dreamed 1,463% more often that it was dreamed two weeks ago. That might be something to write home about!

For the first time ever, Pink and red are our two dominant colors for the past week.

Astrologers would like to know that Mars gained 57%, Cancer 41%, and Neptune an admirable 24%.


DreamBot 2 Phrasings

Remember these are NOT headlines or predictions (yet). They have to be vetted and hopefully overlapped with other dream content. Here’s what we have so far:

1 Plane gone fast fragment
2 Fee called somewhere sky control
3 Event hospital angry opened blood week stay late
4 Everywhere pain state police months jump
5 Pressure van save cute minute animal
6 Track guns detail wide gonna exit classroom
7 Market tank frozen stupid pushing hug bear toilet terrified
8 Panicked phase base destroyed asian


Notes for the phrasings:

Line 1: This phrase seems self-explanatory, and it overlaps with Bonnie’s “Near Miss” dream. The only problem is that the dreamer’s pilots successfully avoided each other, but the linguistics points to a direct impact. Not enough overlap here to make a prediction.

Line 2: Maybe some extra fees for those reconnaissance blimps going up everywhere. Remember the Earth Cop blimps?

Line 3 overlaps with Suzanne’s intentioned dream, and this linguistics phrase actually hits upon keeping people at the hospital for ….a week? Regardless of whether that time means anything, recall from the first section the words ZERO AID.

This connection isn’t quite a clear as we’ve some from some of the other successful predictions, but we know Suzanne’s abilities and there is a definite meme building here. Therefore, we have to go with what the data is suggesting (if anyone has a different take on this, I’m all ears)…

Possible Headline (DF#10): Hospital closure in North America (perhaps due to outbreak or lawsuit?) or a bioterror event where hostages are sequesters somehow.

Alternative DF#10: North American hospital out of options for Virus dejour outbreak

Note: this dovetails nicely with a guest’s troubling dream meme: kidnappings. Also, note that Ebola has already closed an African hospital.


Line 4: seems pretty self explanatory, but we have this one pretty well covered in Proj Aug.

Line 5: I included this one because we have yet to receive a tickle on Proj Aug Headline #6 (the lame headline about a person named “Van”). This linguistical phrase matches that one albeit obscurely. If this phrase identifies a future event, we might expect that whoever this Van will be, that he (or she) will actually be pressured into the altruistic contribution they’re supposed to make. If this is confusing, simply ignore my ramblings.

Line 7: Market Alert! Not just one but two or three big market symbols in there (“Tank” “Frozen” “Bear” “Toilet” “Terrified”….wow, how about 5 significant symbols?) The only problem here is that none of our dreams overlaps with this, so it sits there all alone with no support. We’ll simply watch this one from the bleachers…no headline.

Line 8: VERY interesting! And we have a dream overlapping, although the dream location was a base in Europe, not Asia. The dreamer eagleeyes2643 witnessed people being told to “GET THE F@#$ ON THAT PLANE!” Basically US military was evacuating women and children from an apparently problematic European base.

I’m honing in on the heightened state of emotion in this overlap. The emotions are quite extreme, and if you’ve been here awhile, you’ll know that emotions are very good indicators for precognition. Therefore, let’s honor this overlap here and shoot for somewhere in between Europe and Asia (hey, isn’t that the Ukraine?)

Possible Headline (DF#11): East Europe (or Asian) military base in disarray. US considers evacuation.

Of course, then again, Julie111957 says that Iraq & Afghan are on red alert!





To view Proj Aug headlines, click here.

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