Misc Announcements: Some hot, some mild

Misc Announcements: Some hot, some mild

There was a LOT I didn’t get done today, because I spent most of my time addressing other important issues. I acknowledge that I haven’t responded to everyone, and I do apologize. I hope to get to most everyone by the end of the weekend.

DreamSeer Scoring

Note: when we make changes to the DreamSeer scoring, there is no need for dreamers to reassess their previously validated precognition. There will be a date stamp on your validated score and we can match that up to when each Change gets posted in the DreamSeer scoring. Our goal is ACCURACY and USABILITY, so you can expect more iterations as we progress toward perfection. I say this because…

We now have Change 2 effective in the DreamSeer scoring. Remember this is an iterative process, and I noticed that when Suzanne submitted her precog validation form today that we are severely limited in that regard.

In the original version, the WHAT component was strictly limited to a 3 for metaphors, even if the metaphor was indicated beforehand. This was definitely a gross underestimation of our power to identify metaphors, so I did away with that rule.

Therefore, metaphors CAN apply to full literal points, but only if the metaphor is correctly applied and documented prior to the event.

Basically, to apply a metaphor to the score, you take the literal-equivalent and subtract points in accordance with specific criteria.

Also, DO NOT let the seemingly complex scoring prevent you from engaging in the validation process!!!!!! It might look complex, but it’s rather simple and cut’n’dry (at least I think so)


Project August Updated!

I’m sure many people are unaware that I updated the headline tracker. 92 dreams have hits now, so this will be a critical last couple of weeks for Proj Aug, as we are already above 80%!. I’m thinking a handful of dreams will come true after August in accordance with that bell curve that we talked about a long time ago. Indeed, most dreams have come true during August, so that is great news that my bell curve theory is apparently correct!

Please check out the headlines when you get a chance, and those who are graciously helping me locate specific news articles, don’t forget to keep looking for the lower-scored headlines as well the “unhit” headlines.

Thank you all for the hits and documentation lately. PLEASE let me know if you don’t see your hits indicated my chart!!



Sorry I didn’t have time to update our directions for tonight, but I did manage to do a little DreamBot analysis to see if we could get some more details here. I posted those results here. (at the bottom of that link). We are still collecting dreams, and the timing does concern us the most, so if you don’t mind, please concentrate on the WHEN component if you’re so inclined in tonight’s dream incubation.

DreamBot problem brewing: Remember I’m not approving Dallas dreams? That’s because I didn’t want undue influence on the DreamBot. However, I now realize that when I finally do approve them (which I’m also going to do for Proj Aug any day now), that the DreamBot will show a super high prevalence of Dallas again, but only because we’re intending about it. Therefore, I’m considering a new DreamBase, or at least a different database that we use for intentional dreaming projects.

This won’t affect you in the short term…keep putting all your dreams in the DreamBase like normal, but don’t be surprised if I change the rules on these special projects in the near term.


Special Projects

I do have special projects in mind, and our small Paradigm 3 team is already cooking up ideas for some future projects. I have one project that KNOW several people will really want to be apart of. I’ll have announcement soon. It’ll be another prequel to Paradigm 3…


Paradigm 3

There is already a lot of buzz going on with Paradigm 3. I know this is quite foreign to a lot of people, so please check back this weekend as I’ll hopefully have an introductory primer for all of you.

Basically, a smattering of people are signing up for Paradigm 1 or Paradigm 2, and there is a little bit of discussion going on in the private forums for Paradigm 3 participants. Therefore, if you are familiar already with Paradigm 1, 2, and 3, you may submit an application to be on one of those teams (everyone will go into either 1 or 2).

Dreamers who want to participate need to have some sort of documentation at the National Dream Center before you’ll be accepted into Paradigm 1, while Paradigm 2 team member need not be dreamers at all!

If you’re new to NDC and you are a gifted dreamer, then it behooves you to begin now documenting your dreams in the DreamBase and watching carefully for news-worthy manifestations of your dream (submit the form “My Dream Came True” to get credit for your dream and start your own precognition trophy board (or journal / thread / forum /etc.)


New Validated Dream!

By the way, please welcome Suzanne to her first validated dream. This one was pretty amazing, all the way around.

And this reminds me…ALL the Proj UNO folks should be submitting forms for their Proj Uno dream!! They all came true, so you might as well get credit for it!


Radio show upcoming

I’ll be on the nationally-syndicated Christine Upchurch Show on September 5th. I’ll provide more specifics later next week, but I’ve already asked to reserve half the show to Paradigm 3. I think we’re reaching the absolute perfect audience for Paradigm 3 with Christine’s listeners, so I’m expecting a great interaction here.



Next week, I’ll be on the road, so my presence will be greatly diminished, but I will certainly check in daily. Please focus on the forums…getting registered, watching for dream memes, making your own incubations if nothing is coming from me, or just simply recording your dreams!

Also, for those familiar with Paradigm 3, think about how you’ll incorporate that into your own life. This is just as much a personal journey as much as a collective one. Take care, and I’ll hopefully have some more material out before the weekend is over!


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  1. dean August 22, 2014 at 10:10 pm - Reply

    Just a thought what if something happens in Dallas such as a terrorist attack but a staged one as a distraction, not by our government but by Russia, Putin is ramping things up big time in Ukraine and to avoid US interference and help his ally Syria, faking a ISIS attack in a major American city would kill two birds with one stone also since Texas is a border state it could be framed that they crossed the border with Mexico with “coyotes” helping to stir up the polarizing US border debate further distracting the US, and without US support the Europeans will let Putin do whatever he wants (with possible exceptions of Poland and Romania). Putin if rumor is to be believed staged several “terrorist” bombings when he was head of Russian Intelligence Agency and running for President so voters would vote in a “strongman” like him and continue the unpopular Chechen war. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence Putin’s agency was involved in at least some of these bombings. All it would take is one of those suitcase size nukes.

  2. sherriann August 22, 2014 at 11:17 pm - Reply

    “…I’m considering a new DreamBase, or at least a different database that we use for intentional dreaming projects..”


  3. dean August 23, 2014 at 2:48 am - Reply

    A lot of the Dallas dreams seemed to indicate a nuclear detonation, interesting that a book “The Nuclear Bible” stated there was a foiled plot to detonate a nuclear bomb at the Super Bowl in Dallas in February 2011. What if the book is correct and the increased security kept them from getting the bomb into the city, could they try again?

  4. Blair shoemaker August 24, 2014 at 6:24 pm - Reply

    my dream was of 6 significant worldwide earthquakes prior to the 18th and the six world wide earthquakes within a week after the 18th so far there have been three significant worldwide earthquakes 2 in the United States

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