Confessions of a metaphoric dreamer

Confessions of a metaphoric dreamer

In a moment, I’m going to let Sherriann do the talking, but I wanted to introduce the topic at hand first. We’re looking at the combination of metaphors and precognition. This is a really sticky area, especially when trying to do 2 things: 1) accurately predict the future and 2) assess whether the event really came true.

Metaphors in general tend to instigate arguments when connecting real life with dreams, but the validation process is the most contentious. This article is all about how to minimize those problems and the secret is twofold:

1) Study and document what specific metaphors mean to YOU.

2) When you submit the dream to the database, be sure to include what you think that metaphor means. In order to maximize precog scores, you must have identified what your dream metaphor means PRIOR to the event occurring.

Sherriann was so gracious to offer her own experience about an obscure but highly accurate metaphor. In essence, her dream predicted the future, but since she failed to document what the metaphor meant, she gave up a very high-scoring dream sequence.



“Confessions of a metaphoric dreamer”

PA (2) June 28/29, 2014 – Spider in Cheez Whiz
I reach into the fridge and withdraw a jar of Cheez Whiz. I open the jar and find that it has been scraped nearly clean inside except, on a small ridge of cheese at the bottom of the jar, there is a full grown spider curled into a ball but alive.

This is an example of a purely metaphorical Project August dream that came true…except…the metaphor wasn’t identified and the score ended up being too small for the validated precog forum.

Individuals who are into precog dreaming should be encouraged to build their own dream dictionaries as an aid toward interpreting their own dreams, especially when their dreams seem to speak in a metaphorical tongue. The Cheez Whiz dream made no sense and it definitely doesn’t deserve a score according to the NDC Project Scoring System. If it had been interpreted prior to submission, the headline would have read “Increased Threat of Terrorism on North American Soil in August”.

So, what does Cheez Whiz have to do with anything? Cheez Whiz (Kraft Canada) is marketed in Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, the United States and Venezuela. Decidedly North American. In the dreamers dream dictionary, a brand name food may be a clue to location. Opening a jar or a gate or a door in future dreams would be like ‘opening Pandora’s Box’ of either good or bad stuff, depending on the dream. A jar that is nearly clean inside can indicate a near perfect condition and /or be an indication that there is room to grow/expand. The spider is sleeping so if spider indicates terrorists and/or terrorism, which seems to be the rule of thumb, then a sleeping spider would mean a sleeper cell of terrorists, or one terrorist not active at the moment, which could ‘definitely wake up and leave the jar’ except, it hasn’t happened yet.

The dream was an authentic precog because what the dream implied did happen. It just wasn’t verifiable without explicit what-where-when.

Beginning on August 10 we see https://ca.news.yahoo.com/warning-attack-us-soil-lawmakers-urge-strong-response-174114346.html followed by a ramp up of US articles about August 20 saying basically the same thing along with a mention on the news in Canada that Canadians should understand that there is a possibility of attacks on on Canadian soil, as well. The possibility is always in the background but the ISIL situation brought the item to the forefront of the news.

In closing, it is important to understand what our personal metaphors mean and they are not the same for everyone. If they are understood and identified when submitting a dream, it would be much easier to pinpoint a literal headline for a hefty DreamScore. The Cheez Whiz dream could have scored a near perfect hit.



Thank you, Sherriann for offering up your lesson learned. Metaphors are not at all easy, but they do show up repeatedly in dreams. Therefore, we need to study them and learn how our subconscious communicates ideas. The better we interpret the higher our scores.

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  1. NativeAmericanDreamWeaver August 28, 2014 at 5:02 pm - Reply

    When I dreams that are metaphoric in nature, (I tend to say it like this in the dream submitted) I have included a real example here: I also do my best at the bottom to put a conclusion: so that it is clear what my thoughts and or feelings are concerning the dream content.

    This way it is still clear what I believe the content to be, even if it is not clear to anyone else.

    It is important when you do dream of Metaphors to clarify the meaning of your dreams the best you can. There have been times I have had to ask Chris to add material to a dream because it came to me after the fact, and he has gladly done this. We also now have the forums as a way to document what you believe the Metaphors are in connection with your dreams, especially if you are struggling getting them down but want the dream material recorded in a timely way, to accurately predict a headline for the future.

    This is a great topic for discussion! Thank you Sherriann, and Chris!


    I feel I have known him forever even though we actually only met two times before in the dream. (I do not know his name or call him by a name in the dream so I believe this is symbolic for something else.)


    Conclusion of the dream: This dream reminds me of dating. When you start dating someone you don’t know anything about them, as you learn about them you realize the things about them you are not interested in, or that you don’t want in a partner, or even that scare you half to death!

    This dream went deeper than that though, because it was showing me the hope I have in finding another creative soul here on earth, like a soul mate that could use that Artistic Talent here on earth in their everyday life, and could make the world a better and more beautiful place. I want to see the beauty of each soul and I look for that beauty in everyone when I first meet them, which leads me to trust people first instead of people earning my trust. Just like in each scenario above. This dream is a reflection of my habits in how I deal with other people, and why I end up in some very uncomfortable situations, or even scary situations. Instead of avoiding the creepy guy who was rubbing up on me, I went along with him for the ride, which was not a fun ride. One man’s art is another man’s Nightmare! Yet it feels as if my soul is still searching for that Artistic Beauty I have not found in the world yet.

    • ndcadmin August 28, 2014 at 5:07 pm - Reply

      Thank you, NADW. That was another very heartfelt example. Bless you for helping us illustrate this important point!

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