Hollywood: Lessons Learned could spell disaster for Dallas

Hollywood: Lessons Learned could spell disaster for Dallas

This is pretty incredible I think.

On our August 5th DreamForecast, we identified a strange surge in “Clouds,” “Storms,” and “Hollywood.” We made a stab at a headline that had to do with shots at the Barrymore house, which metaphorically came true.

While there is not doubt that our prediction was matched correctly with the Barrymore situation, I’ll show here that linguistics can have multiple hits. After the article, I’ll pose a new hypothesis and its implications.

Although there was much more to the story, remember that the only lingo phrase we had was “Storms Hollywood blast drew bug china fountain fox celebrity stole.”

Somehow the first two words and the last two words are strongly hit by the following news. Talk about Storms Hollywood celebrity stole

Clouds over Hollywood

Apparently a hacker hacked into some Hollywood cloud server and extracted a but-load (pun intended) of nude celebrity photos.

The words CLOUD and HOLLYWOOD are clearly pronounced here.







Hypothesis and Implications

So the issue is that while Barrymore’s news was VERY correct compared to the lingo and dreams, the article itself seems to be much less severe than the nude photo hacking appearing in the news roughly 3 weeks after our DreamForecast (about 4 weeks after the dreams were dreamt).

Therefore the hypothesis is that big news events happening further out can get camouflaged by smaller ones happening sooner.

In this case, I’m fairly convinced that the two biggest words in that DreamForecast (CLOUD and HOLLYWOOD) were directly pointing to this bigger news that would take place right at the beginning of September, but this was clouded by (pun intended) a correct but earlier Barrymore news article.

There are lots of implications here, but the one I will focus on is the Dallas meme.


What this might mean for Dallas

We saw an eye-watering surge in Dallas in previous weeks. Therefore, since we had no idea what that surge would represent, we conducted a massive dream incubation for Dallas. We wanted to know WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN, and we used a separate forum thread to work out all the details.

In short, we created 4 headlines based on the dream material, and 3 of them occurred with striking detail. BUT, now we have the Hollywood lesson.

Based on what we saw from Hollywood, is there something really big happening in Dallas that was clouded by our incubated dreams? OR perhaps we DID incubate the scenario, and it has yet to manifest.

Here are those possibilities: “Chaos ensues in Dallas in wake of one of the following (Involves illegal aliens?)

— Bomb threat at Dallas/Ft Worth Interntl Airport (this one already took place)

— Intense hostage situation in tall building / skyscraper in downtown area

— Massive shooting spree in downtown mall”


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  1. dean September 2, 2014 at 7:46 pm - Reply

    I noted in reading several of the early Dallas focused dreams an apparent explosion, maybe nuclear, from what I read I would focus more on that type event. Related to this is a couple years ago I read a prediction that a nuclear bomb would be detonated in Dallas, this stuck in my memory because why Dallas? its not a city at the level of NYC, DC or LA and it has no iconic monument like World Trade Center, Gateway to the West in St.Louis or the Seattle space needle and it has no major military bases nearby, it just did not make any sense to me, I never thought well its easier because its security is probably far less than those previously mentioned and its in a Mexican border state so again easier quick access. I cannot remember where I saw it but likely it was either a Webbot prediction or a seer prediction on Alamongordo,com

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