DreamBase 2.0, an Interview, and More DreamBot Madness

DreamBase 2.0, an Interview, and More DreamBot Madness

So much is happening here it’s hard to keep everything straight. If you’d like to help out, please contact me. The first big news is that the old DreamBase as we knew it has pretty much collapsed at my own hands. We don’t need any hackers when you have me getting my hands dirty inside the DreamBase!

The goal was to rearrange the categories such that we could combine all the forms and create one single new form. In the process, I’m sure I deleted about 3 dreams. I just hope there’s not more! Most of the other 99% of the dreams were carried into a new category called, “OLD DreamBase,” which is read only now. Please don’t even try to submit a dream the old because it WILL get deleted.

DreamBase 2.0 !!

We now have only ONE single category to submit your dream to…it’s called DreamBase 2.0. It includes a brand spanking new dream input form, and although it look complex, everyone including me will like this much better in the long run. Here are the highlights:

1. (for Ed): 3 pictures now that you can upload straight from your computer!

2. All forms from now on will have the same HTML dream input block, so there’s no going back and forth between different forms.

3. Emotions are now tracked. This may sound like a pain the butte, however, DreamForecasters and Paradigm 3 players should be able to really utilize this

4. A whole new section for precognition!! From now on, you can put a dream in that already came true into the same form as one that hasn’t come true. If after you put the dream in, your dream comes true, then you fill out the My Dream Came True form and during the validation process, your dream will have a link to the validated dream board! As people browse the dreams and they come across one that has come true, they’ll know exactly where to go to see the full documentation.

5. A special block for intentions, so you won’t have to remember to put that in yourself. Plus, we’ll have lists that can sort based off the intention! Exciting stuff, I’m telling ya!


Next Interview!

I was on the phone with Kala Ambrose today recording her next series of shows. Our 1hr show will be aired not only on the 23th for her show, but also on Art Bell’s show on the 24th!!

I’ll present links as we get closer so you can hear for yourself. Kala and I had quite a conversation, and she’s excited about having us back on. I even remembered to mention our now-famous Lakota dreamer in our session!


Not so exciting: Debby downer cont’d

Monday’s DreamBot is posted, and it follows the same story from the last three runs. We have several P1 dreamers helping not only dream for clarity but helping me gather the finer memes that we need to send over to Paradigm 2. Don’t miss this DreamBot run

We’ll have more details hopefully by Tuesday with an update to this weekend’s post.


That’s all for now, but there’s a ton going on over at the forum, so check that out, and might as well see about the new DreamBase…it’s weird at first, but it’ll be growing as we go, and all the forms will be the same as what you see in this single category.

Bye now.



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  1. A September 9, 2014 at 7:30 am - Reply

    Do you have a database for older interviews? So, someone who wanted to listen could so at their leisure.

  2. ndcadmin September 9, 2014 at 11:17 am - Reply

    Yes. You should find all the interviews when you scroll the cursor over the main menu item “DreamBlog” (in the header menu at the top) and the popdown menu says, “interviews.” Keep in mind that a newer interview is coming on the 23/24th of Sep. That was pre-recorded with Kala Ambrose. Thank you.

  3. A September 10, 2014 at 11:38 am - Reply

    In 432 Mega Hertz I presume. 🙂 sure thing. I do not know Kayla. From what I see, she doesn’t offer me much. Not that a book is judged by its cover anymore than a headline is greater than its article. It’s simply a “catch phraze”. Look at The Christian Bible. Plain and brown, with the words The Holy Bible written on the front. Yet there is an estimated 2.1 billion Christians on planet earth.

    Thanks Chris, i will have a listen to one of the other ones.

    Sounds to me your dream bot program is working like that little yellow circle, outside the spheres of influence, connecting the dots.

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