Another Big Hit…time to sharpen the P3 processes!

I know some people who were feeling it, and strangely, they all came from Paradigm 1! Who says that P1 is always negative? Who says that DreamBot linguistics are always negative?

Just today Rebecca commented that, “I don’t know why but this DreamBot makes me happy!…I have this overwhelming sense of rightness, of hope, of peace. I’m practically giddy with it. I may even break out in song and dance it’s that forceful.”

In the other forums, the participants were talking about strange, periodic shots of positive energy running through their skeletal frame. We’ve been in a Yin state over the past week, which if you haven’t been keeping up on the informal forum discussions, the Yin state is marked by acceptance, openness, insight, awareness, and RECEIVING.

What a way to end the week but get a whoppingly grand confirmation of some predictive linguistics from last week. On the 13th of September, we saw a very interesting and seemingly clear linguistics run that we called, “Apache Ceremony and Bank Holiday.”

Although we didn’t know exactly what this would entail, we erroneously suspected that there were two separate events coming to roost in the near future. Little did we know that BOTH would be adequately captured in a single monstrous headline.


Native Americans Getting Final Settlement Payments

Sep 20, 2014 By MATT VOLZ Associated Press

Hundreds of thousands of Native Americans have started receiving the final cash payments this week from one of the largest government settlements in U.S. history, about three years after the deal was approved.

Checks ranging from $869 to $10 million were sent beginning Monday to more than 493,000 people by the administrators of the $3.4 billion settlement from a class-action lawsuit filed by Elouise Cobell of Browning, Montana.

Some $941 million is being distributed in this second round of payments, plaintiffs’ attorney David Smith said Thursday.


How about some earlier headlines to get the coffee going before we investigate the particulars of this momentous sequence:


Metaphors dominated, but…

The Native American who started this litigation was apparently a banker from the Blackfeet tribe in Browning, Montana. Her name was Elouise Cobell, who unfortunately passed away in 2011.

In short, this was her “Bank Holiday,” which was indicated in the linguistics by the phrase, “Rich warm bank Saturday secret,” and interpreted metaphorically correct by the DreamForecaster (yours truly). Granted, a bank holiday typically happens when a bank closes for a day or two, or longer. In this case, Cobell’s bank was clearly celebrating as millions of dollars were inbound to various accounts, and thus their bank holiday happened.

So that was one big metaphor, but what is curious is the day, Saturday. The NDC didn’t receive the news until Saturday a week later, although the actual news started fanning out to the public on the 18th, or Thursday, AND the actually payments began on the 15th, or Monday. If the lingo was predictive, I surmise that the collective understood that there was a BIG bank secret quietly making it’s rounds on Saturday, the 13th: the very day of the DreamBot run.

There’s another metaphor to discuss…Sacred Apache Ceremony. From what I can tell, Cobell was not Apache, and I can’t find anything that connects that particular tribe with the recent payout. But the ceremony is very clear…who wouldn’t be holding a special ceremony if you just received $10M? Therefore, the Apache was clearly metaphoric to simply say, “Native Americans” in just one word. We’ll have to remember this for next time, i.e., detailed words could mean something bigger scale.

Data and Lessons

The curious thing about this news sequence is that it definitely preceded the news by 5 days, but if you catch the nuances in the news articles, the settlement payments (or what could easily be interpreted by the Native Americans as their “bank holiday”) apparently started going out on Monday, September 15th, which is just two days after the linguistics came out.

Remember the Dalai Lama – Buddhist Monk sequence? We’re talking the same amount of time here…two day from the linguistics. So, this is another data point confirming that P1 has very little time to address these bigger memes…just two days to hammer out a prediction, and even less since we eventually need to get P2 in on the meme before the event takes place.

As far as surge amounts go (i.e., the percentage increase in frequency from the previous day’s run), the word Sacred was up 2,700% and Apache up 2,000%. These are substantial amounts, and definitely higher than the typical average of about 1,500% for the top surging daily dream word.

Sharpening the sword

Therefore, we have some processes starting to take shape here. It appears that all the teams must begin participating asap once our DreamBot offers “a winner.” In this case, a winner probably means any fairly clear word usages that peak out somewhere above 2,500%. In other words, if we see the following criteria met, this will kick off a rapid process from all the Paradigm 3 teams:

1. The top associated linguistics word tops the 2,500% mark

2. The top linguistics word has several associated and relevant words in that same linguistics run.

3. The combination of the words is “fairly clear,” meaning that there are at least one or two definite possibilities what the word or group of words could mean, but there aren’t “infinite possibilities.”

Based on this new development, we know that all teams must somehow participate in the new processes that will come out of this, and we will be exploring those new processes in the forums. The P1 team will need a few emergency on-call people who agree to incubate dream data quickly…that same day. P2 must also have intenders on call to generate positive outcomes in accordance with our strict rules of engagement and begin pressing the creative forces for manifestation.

It appears that DreamForecasters (DFs) will also be on call, and they will have to begin their protocols even before P1 has any additional dream insights. DFs will be working heavily with the full compliment of the various DreamBot runs to include versions 1, 2, and 3 to compliment the already-completed DreamBot4 run.

As far as discussions go, all Paradigm 3 players should report to this forum to help refine our emergency processes. We must iron this out quickly in preparation for the next big surge.

Bottom line is that the collective unconscious CAN in fact predict big events, and apparently from the DreamBot4’s perspective, it does so quickly (at least in our early observations here).



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