Proj Aug #4 Direct Hit: China Overtakes US

Proj Aug #4 Direct Hit: China Overtakes US

Sherriann has just become the NDC’s go-to continent-level dreamer. She’s pegged two super big economic stories during Project August, one in South America and one in the Far East (i.e., China), and she did both of them metaphorically. Way back in April 2014, she incubated what would happen in August 2014.

Night of April 21/22, 2014 China invited the world to attend a BBQ in celebration of a financial accomplishment. This was more like a sleeping third eye vision with thought. There was a white background with a man standing with his back to me in front of a BBQ. The man standing looking out over the BBQ (that was there, but wasn’t) into the white was dark haired, wearing office attire (blue plaid shirt and grey dress pants) and he had his hands in his pockets.

From this dream, we were easily able to ascertain PA Headline #4: “It’s Now Official: China Overtakes US as Biggest Economy”

So here we are at the beginning of October staring at a bullseye hit on a headline that was slated to come true in August. How did that happen? Very simple, and it’s something we’ve covered a couple of times before…the famous bell curve.

One of the major findings of both Proj Aug and Proj Uno is that when you intend to dream about a certain period of time, you have a certain amount of predictions that come true early and some that come true late, but the bulk of the predictions come true in the intended period. For statisticians, the dreaming bell curve does tend to be left-skewed, meaning that of all the dreams that came true outside the intended time period, most of those occur prior to the intended time period. But there a few that come true shortly after the period, which is the case here, and was to be expected, particularly from the bigger monster-sized hits such as today’s news.

The other thing to keep in mind here, is that when our predicted date passes by, it doesn’t mean the headline was a dud. Of course, it doesn’t mean the opposite either. I just means that the prediction MIGHT be coming true a tad late (let’s hope sky flash is completely done!)

PA Headline #4: a perfect score!

5.0 for Sherriann’s dream and headline sequence as indicated by the following headlines:

America usurped: $17 TRILLION China overtakes US as the the world’s largest economy, says IMF – as America falls into second place for the first time since 1872

“Figures show the Chinese economy is worth $17.6 trillion, compared to America’s $17.4 trillion   |   The IMF estimates China’s economy will be worth a whopping $27 trillion in 2019 |  The US has been the global economic performance leader since it overtook Britain in 1872   |   White House seemed oblivious on Wednesday, crowing that ‘the economic policies that this president put in place are the envy of the world’ “


How about the headline in a graph? Courtesy of: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/china-overtakes-us-as-worlds-largest-economy-2014-10









By the way, you may want to head over to Sherriann’s trophy case to see her growing list of validated dream predictions: http://nationaldreamcenter.com/forum18/showthread.php?tid=31


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