DreamBot predicted the coming SuperTyphoon!

DreamBot predicted the coming SuperTyphoon!

NDC procedures may be scrutinized over this eye-opening SUPERTYPHOON that’s headed straight for Japan this weekend (the pun for “eye-opening” was accidental, but there couldn’t have been a better term based on what this picture from space is showing).

The Most Powerful Storm on Earth This Year Is Heading for Japan,” and the DreamBot4 was warning about it on October 1st, before any of the meteorologists had a grip on what looks to be ‘inevitable devastation.’

So why would this change the NDC procedures?

The answer comes from the October 1st DreamBot run’s first grouping. Grouping 1 said, “Congrats demon opportunities October storms expectation heh torture

Yes, it sounds cryptic, but that linguistics for you. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a considerable amount of brain power to see the multiple warnings inside this short phrase. First, “congrats demon” is an unleashing of evil…not hard to see that, and there seems to be many fronts being unleashed all at once in our physical reality: Economic evil, weather evil, wars, and superbugs. “Storms expectation” can obviously be the same connotation, but it can also be seen as literal, which is the case in the supertyphoon. Wow, and “Heh torture” simply is a descriptor for the previous two…the evil and storms will be torturous. Okay, got it…that’s THREE different ways of saying the exact same thing in a single grouping.

Which begs the question, “Why the heck didn’t the NDC call in the cavalry on this one?” (In other words, why didn’t we recall the P1 dreamers to incubate more details about the coming storms?) There are a couple of reasons for this actually. First, we were just getting over a devastating catastrophe in the new Forums, but more importantly, the DreamBot4 is still fairly new at knowing when to issue urgent alerts based on DreamBot4 results.

The last huge DreamBot4 hit related to the Apache Ceremony and Bank Holiday, where that lexicon growth percentages were accelerating similarly to the now-famous “Holy DreamBot run” accomplished on September 5th, 2014. The commonality was that these two runs were the only runs having word-surges in excess of 2,500%….and what’s more, they both came true in two days’ time!

Now we have an additional criteria that looks appealing, and that is the significant redundancy in that 1st grouping linguistics. In essence, we had three completely separate phrases all suggesting the same thing. It was an overlap of language within the highest surging group…very unprecedented to the point we may never even see that again! But if we do, and even if the word surges don’t exceed the 2,500%, the cavalry (P1 dreamers) will be called!

What will “P1” do when called?

The P1 team incubates dreams to find out more details about what to expect from these big surging memes. Unfortunately, we don’t have nearly enough dreamers yet to cover all the contingencies that we run across. So if you or anyone you know is a regular dreamer (with or without precognitive dreams) send them here to help.

Incidentally, in Project August, we showed definitively that even those dreamers who claim no special precognitive abilities can actually request, on demand, dreams about future events. Where there’s a will there’s a way (and training helps, too, which is something you’ll receive from the NDC once signed up as a P1 dreamer.)

So in review, the DreamBot linguistics showed us there was something significant in terms of storms coming our way. P1 should have been called out to incubate more specifics about these storms, and once the detail are ascertained, we could have sent the info to our P2 team in Paradigm 3.

The P1 dreamers would have sought these basic questions: 1) What type of storm? 2) Where will it hit? and 3) When will it hit? Yes, these answers can come through dreams!


Last Connection

There is another seemingly unrelated DreamBot run that might actually have some overlap here. That is, this superstorm might also explain the October 6th bot run that was speaking directly about “Marines on Antidepressants.” According to Weather.com, the Super Typhoon Vongfong is a “Dangerous Threat To Okinawa, Kadena Air Base, Japan (FORECAST)” Incidentally, there are US marines in both locations, but Okinawa is your bigger presence of grunts.

Note that this is actually the second big storm to hit Japan in mere days. The last storm took three airmen awash and out to sea. So antidepressants are assuredly already increasing in frequency, and now the super typhoon inbound…. Wow.

In summary, look out Japan and look out dreamers…it appears that the collective unconscious has now fully recovered from being just about braindead back in September. Now the Mind is in overdrive…

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