Rebirth: The meme (and chart) that changed the world

Rebirth: The meme (and chart) that changed the world

This meme that we’re about to explore is bigger than I can possibly squeeze into just one article.

It is monumental because it marks the possibility of a new potential DreamBot subscript, and I’m tempted to call it “DreamBot5,” simply because 5 is the next number in lineage. That won’t help most people because there might be only one person who really knows the differences between 1, 2, 3, 4, and this soon to be 5. Interestingly, as we gain more success from the later versions, it might be time to eventually retire a couple of the older ones (DreamBot3 I think is the highest on the chopping block because I actually see a new way to incorporate that one inside the new DB5 algorithm).

REBIRTH – The Background

KokopelliAs many readers know, the word “Mommy” in the linguistics is what broke the camel’s back on the whole rebirth meme. Of course, we have been seeing this rebirth for some time now. Probably our first indication was the mythical character, Kokopelli, which was documented in our 1st Proj Aug report. Kokopelli was a fertility deity back in the day, going around scaring young women and making them pregnant.

Then we were flooded with lots of internet visitors who wanted to read Elyse’s dream about the strange man named Koo / Ku, who we hypothecated was the Mayan Hunab Ku. Elyse actually had two Rebirth dreams that night. In the first dream, Ku told her that everything is about to change, and her next dream was all about how these dream characters and animals were having babies. They were all painful births. NOTE: if you just want the dreams, then go to that Ku link and scroll all the way to the bottom.

In the meantime, we saw the incredible rise of “Isis” in global consciousness. However, this wasn’t terribly pronounced in dreams, but it was totally in your face in our 3D reality. It took the rise of a fake terror group to finally get me to see all the other Isis’s out there! Therefore, I couldn’t help myself and wrote a lengthy summary about what this could mean for humanity.

Interestingly, the linguistics up to this point has been relatively quite on the rebirth meme. Not much Isis, mommy, pregnant, baby, or any number of those significant metaphoric memes. But by the end of September, all that changed.

Recent Memology in the Linguistics

September 29, 2014, we saw “Thanks pregnant laid possibly wow

October 1, 2014, we saw “pregnant angel” in the DreamBot.


Recent Dreams







Now the Good Stuff

All that workup should be enough, although I do acknowledge that there are many more dreams and linguistics at play. I just wanted to give the reader a small taste of why this chart was created in the first place.

Charts as pictures can speak a thousand words and possibly more. Our chart today happens to be a brief hint of what DreamBot5 will look like. Of course, much more work is needed (so much that I may never even fully complete it). Before we get to the chart, here’s our legend, nice and big for everyone to see.

Rebirth Inspection Legend

What I did was put together a quick list of some of the words that might represent the rebirth theme. We, of course, cannot blatantly state that all these words symbolize rebirth in all cases, but we put them together nonetheless to just see what the DreamBot5 would offer in the way of inspiration or insight.

DreamBot5 tracked all these words and put them onto a graph. And now the stats…look at this chart and tell me if you see anything meaningful here:

Rebirth Inspection1_Plain


First of all, do you see the witch hats on the left side of the chart? Now move toward the middle and do you see all of the divots or upside-down witch hats? How about further right…check out the up and down turbulence followed by a gentle trend upward. Okay, you’ve got the big picture, now let’s analyze this.

1st Issue: What are the peaks and valleys in data?

In the following picture, we have labeled Pt 1 and 2, which highlight the witch hats from our last questions.

Rebirth Inspection1,2

The first big picture observation is really the first indication that our dream linguistics are not at all totally random. There appears to be clear times of order. Totally random would mean that the lines share no observable or meaningful trends.

However, let’s discuss the concept of correlation now. Take for example Pt 2, where we see just about all lines sinking at the exact same time. This can be expected for words that usually pair up in sentences.

For example, in our chart, “Mom” and “Baby” look like very close patterns, which is somewhat to be expected. You can’t have a baby without a mom, which would also explain why the red line (mom) is higher in the chart than the yellow-orange line (baby).

So here’s a big-deal question: Are all similar patterns simply explained by the last paragraph? Do the trends show up just because we use these words regularly together in sentences?

Absolutely not. Take for example, Pt 1, where many of the words on our list are peaking at exactly the same time (Mom, Baby, Mother, and Pregnant). But notice how Pregnancy actually moves in the opposite direction on September 1st. It moves slightly lower when all the others peak. Strangely, Pregnancy peaks 3 days prior to all the others and descends slightly on the day the others peak.

What this indicates to me is that the meme itself can be connected to reality and not mere correlation of words. Let me say that another way. Yes, there is a correlation that can be explained away by simply because those words get used together in typical conversation. However, the fact that one outlier is here (Pregnancy at Pt. 1), means that there could be external influence other than simply being part of a standard linguistics correlation.

In short, it appears that the answer lies in both explanations. Yes, many of these words rise and fall together, but WHY are they rising and falling? It appears that there is order amongst the chaos.

What moved the words?

I will have you note that there were some extremely meaningful events happening in the physical construct of 3D reality on those “witch-hat days.” Let’s start with the peaks at Pt. 1. Except for “Pregnancy,” this meme happened between August 31st and September 1st. Remember the overall theme here: Pregnancy, birth/rebirth, mom, etc.

I did a search for news for the dates of interest in our chart. First up, August 31st, and my main return was “Face the Nation” (which is great because we have that also for the valley date, so we can compare language). Get this, on Face the Nation on 31 Aug, Major Garrett’s very first words are, “I’m Major Garrett. Today on FACE THE NATION: the threat from ISIS grows.”

In this news article, the emphasis is ISIS growing, which is vastly different than what we’ll see on the next Face the Nation. Here’s what’s also very interesting. On the same day that all the Rebirth words are peaking, guess what national holiday is being celebrated? HA! Labor Day! The Ottawa Sun declares, “Let’s put labour back in Labour Day!”

Next, let’s go to Pt.2 on the chart and look for what’s happening while all the words are plummeting.

September 7, 2014, the Toronto Sun (http://www.torontosun.com/news/archives/2014/9/7) has these two headline:

  1. Lesbian teacher says fired by Detroit Catholic school over pregnancy
  2. Obama to set out plan to go on offensive against Islamic State (this was also mentioned in Face the Nation. Instead of ISIS growing, we had Obama striking down ISIS)

Another high return on Sep 7th headlines google search was this,

“1. U.S. broadens airstrikes against ISIS”

“4. Former Egyptian President Morsi charged with leak”

These headlines are the two most significant factors pushing “Rebirth” lower. Hitting ISIS with bombs is played out metaphorically in the collective mind…as ISIS getting pounded down.” The reason why the Egyptian president is important was outlined in my previous ISIS article: The President’s name is SISI, which if spelled backward is ISIS! You can’t make this stuff up, people!

Hypothesis going forward

Based on all this, is it possible that Rebirth is a collective-level phenomenon that is anxiously being suppressed? I hypothesize that this is exactly what is happening. In fact, I wrote about it in that first Isis article, and recently we had a NDC supporter sends us this editorial:

Now we have the term ISIS, being criminalize. ISIS is the Egyptian goddess that is a friend of the down trodden, lover of slaves, freedom for the captives.
The Egyptian goddess isis is the protector of children. A mass consciousness shift is going with in the first tier and second tier layer of consciousness where the Id and the ego reside.
If you look at just the conspiracy presented, that is only a single layer. They are called “man traps” so that those who are awakening to world around them, stop and get stuck. Never fully perceiving what’s really going on. The whole scheme is to subconsciously trick the mind into not having any hope.  You find sublte changes like this happing all the “time” like Obama running on the platform of hope and change. Criminalize a symbol “isis” into a term that is unacceptable, negative and through social engineering keeps the mind trapped in slavery,  because a symbol of freedom will not be accepted by the masses..
Marketing rules in effect, they advertise the disease in order to market and sell the cure. Why ISIS is different is because it is being done on a planetary scale.

So, it’s not just Mr. DreamBot and me that are seeing this connection. The tricks are heavy handed, but here’s the key:

Based on what the chart is telling us, it looks like humanity is attempting to break out. Notice the trend after that last slam on September 7th…all the lines except pregnancy and birth gradually going higher.

And then there’s Mommy

Rebirth Inspection5,6

I had to skip points 3 and 4 because this is getting ungodly long. But we must cover Mommy, because in Pt.5 above, you see that it sort of starts out the same as the others, but PRECISELY when all the others pop upward, mommy drops like rock AND it stayed next to zero until recently when it popped back up (far right side of the chart).

This one is interesting. Assuming a conspiracy here, why would Mommy be needed to be taken down and suppressed more than all the others? I found this link interesting

What distinguishes the difference between these two titles?

Mother is the person who gives life to a child.

Mom is the person who gives her life to the raising of a child. A person who willingly accepts the burdens, responsibilities, heart breaks, and joys of raising a child.

That sounds about right, but now we include Mommy in this, and we have a much younger child now. In fact, the term Mommy itself is only a child’s term. I can see the toddler now just calling out “Mommy, mommy, mommy.”

What if the birth/rebirth has already happened, and the master deceivers’ last chance is to sequester the Mommy such that the baby has no nurturing and thus will not develop normally.

Oh, one more thing…notice Apocalypse has been quietly gaining ground. Only DreamBot5 can catch something that subtle, but it’s important here, because Apocalypse has a very special connection to Rebirth. It signals the great unveiling. “Apocalypse” (Ἀποκάλυψις) is a Greek word meaning “revelation”, “an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling.”

For our purposes, we are approaching the great unveiling, and Apocalypse does not appear to be subjected to outside influence, at least as it stands now.


In my opinion, the Oct 3rd DreamBot run makes so much sense now. The top grouping suggested that “Lazy transformation” is what is happening. Remember that Lazy popped up 1,500%. It means that humanity has really got to seize the day now before our window of opportunity is over….before the new child is all grown up as a traumatized schizophrenic adult who could never find his/her mommy.

Fortunately for us, we have a very strong core of P2 folks, and the young group’s leader says,

“fraud, hoax or not- that the word ebola or MERS or sickness it is ‘out there ‘ plants seeds in the collective mind. Why not ‘infect’ the etheric grid/consciousness with our P2 efforts?
abundance, ample water/food, harmony, change, difference, inspiration?
rather than cement into our reality what the PTW are attempting. No (starving, thirsty) zombies for me, thank you.”

So, this is what Paradigm 3 is all about. P1 and the DreamBot show us what’s happening at a deeply subconscious level. The insights well up and become conscious. That gets shipped off to P2 for processing. Slaves no more…who’s in?

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