Dual Red Alerts (Updated Oct 31)

Dual Red Alerts (Updated Oct 31)

Update, 8PM CST: According to the news, our huge headline for one of the memes has come to fruition.

“Private Spaceship Bound for Space Station Explodes on Launch,” says NASA publicists. As of local time here, one cannot find any news link on the web that doesn’t have this news highlighted front and center. The story is huge, but fortunately no was hurt or injured. Back over to the forum we go to stay abreast with this news and the other Red Alert for which we still await: http://nationaldreamcenter.com/forum18/showthread.php?tid=275&pid=1692#pid1692

Update, 31 Oct: A second private spaceship explodes! Unbelievable!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2816224/Virgin-Galactic-SpaceShipTwo-exploded-45-000ft-One-pilot-dead-critical-Richard-Branson-s-500m-space-tourism-plane-blows-testing-new-fuel-California-desert.html

Additional update: Scary analysis provides a reason why the first seemingly harmless “rocket” was growing so strong in the collective mind… http://nationaldreamcenter.com/forum18/showthread.php?tid=275&pid=1714#pid1714


For those stumbling upon the National Dream Center’s front page, just realize that an unprecedented DreamBot run has just been posted over in the daily DreamBot forum. There are two big memes that both have extraordinary statistical support for some predictive characteristics.

In layman’s terms, the DreamBot, which spiders the web looking for dreams, picked up an unprecedented rise in two completely different memes or themes: 1. Space/Spaceship and 2. Food.

When this happens, we call in our Paradigm 3 team to begin their dream incubations, attempting to identify what headline(s) might be coming in the near future that have to do with these memes. The premise is that when hundreds of different dreamers all begin dreaming about the same theme, it tends to indicate that the collective dreamscape is “seeing” something in the future.

We’ve seen how collective dreams are not all chaos and random. In fact, when the different words become congruent and correlated, it tends to indicate that something within that meme is just about to manifest in our physical reality. But linguistics only carry us so far. Our dreamers then pick up the ball and incubate more dreams based on that theme so that we can hunt down more details about what is about to unfold.

If you want more details about our most recent DreamBot run, that is located here. If you’d like to investigate the statistics and evidence of what we’re doing, I encourage you to peruse the DreamBlog for similar articles. For example, the last mammoth-sized memes we investigated were the Holy DreamBot and Dallas, although there are many more datapoints throughout the whole site here. Thanks for stopping in and let us know if you have any questions!

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