Yellow Caution: All Eyes on Hawaii!

Update 12/05/14: Although patience is the word of the day for this Hawaii meme, there is a decent chance that the wrong Pacific islands were seen in both the dreams and the linguistics. Please also see this link after reading the following article:


I really don’t like typing this up, but I have to honor what’s showing up in both the dreams and the linguistics. The summary is: Hawaii has a mysteriously quiet, 3-pronged presence in many different areas of our dream collection process, and they all show up together within a matter of days. There is one Red Flag indicators in our supporting documentation, but because of the significance and legitimate chance for day residue in this case, we will keep this at a Yellow Caution. Just keep in mind that we do have an undeniable, crystal clear overlap that is, quite frankly, troublesome. Let’s start with the dreams:


Two Hawaii Dreams

On 11/04/14, two separate dreamers funnel strikingly similar dreams to us. One was by a Project Año dreamer, and that is rather important for timing purposes, which we’ll cover later. The first we’ll present is that Año dream by dreamer ‘gnikgnik’:

Title: Tourists Stranded Trying to Flee Hawaii

“In the dream, something bad was happening in or around Hawaii (not sure what it was) but people were desperate to leave the islands. I saw airports crowded with angry tourists and businessmen, cancelled flights, crying women and children cramped on the floors. No one could get off the island by plane.”

The next dream might actually have been dreamed one night earlier, but it was presented to us at the same time as the other. This time by another very gifted dreamer, Trapper:

Title: Island Damage

(Note: this is just a snippet of the dream. We advise reading the whole dream if you have time)

“There were no lights on. There were no people. It was like the whole Windward Side was abandoned, lifeless. One impression, one phrase comes to me, ‘it is over here’.”


“A water line up the side of the mountain was better than 500-feet above ocean level. Many homes and businesses were terribly destroyed. It looked like an after-view of the latest Japanese Tsunamis, their aftermath.”

Matching Linguistics

If there’s any grain of good news here, especially for those living in Hawaii, it’s that the linguistics actually comes in before the dreams. Thus, there is a very remote chance that these dreams are actually day residue from the dreambot runs. The bad news is that the significant overlap in the dreams and the timing thereof does not bode well for the day residue theory here.

Lingo 1. The first time Hawaii ever showed up in the DreamBot4 linguistics was on Nov 1, 2014, and it said,

“Emerald challenged casting Hawaii ships shadows named [rocket]”

In order to rule out Emerald, I did a google search to see if there are any significant Emeralds in Hawaii, and there is: Wailea Emerald Golf Course. For their jingle, they call it “A Tropical Playground,” and their website is here: (this will be important later for our location discussion).

As far as “rocket” goes in the lingo, there is a 90+% chance that this is day residue from the SpaceShip meme. Specifically, no one dreamed about rockets before the Antares rocket blew up last week…instead they dreamed about Spaceships. After the fact, once most of the news agencies called Antares a “rocket,” all the dreamers suddenly dreamed about that word instead. The point is: I’m fairly sure that rocket does not belong in that first lingo, which is why it’s in brackets.


Lingo 2. The next linguistics came the very next day (Nov 2nd, 2014):

“Sadly hours moon wave wow attacking lately village theme murder”

This phrase will come into play when we talk about the timing and the location estimates.


Lingo 3. DreamBot2 Linguistics on 11/04/14: “Wave Hotel Crush


Putting it all together

Just like we do in DreamSeer scoring, we’ll lay this out in the following format: WHAT – WHERE – WHEN


This is the hardest part of our Hawaii caution. Most people might naturally think of huge waves or storms when connecting Hawaii with potential warnings. We definitely have support here from at least one dream (Trapper) and two linguistics (by the way, notice the irony here…we have Trapper dreaming about Hawaii, and the other dreamer who dreams Hawaii talks about people being Trapped on the island!)

We’ll talk about timing later, but I pulled up a weather forecast, and nothing storm-related seems to be approaching Hawaii in the near term. Therefore, if this whole warning plays out with a typhoon or hurricane, it won’t be for a couple of weeks, according to the weather report.

However, big waves can certainly be caused by other phenomena, of which we have very little support and/or indication in the dream material. Examples include a huge bomb, volcano, possibly earthquake, big meteor, and even HAARP. Bottom line, the wave meme does look prominent, but a causation for the wave is nil.

Additionally, as advisor “Alex” has offered to us, “Huge Wave” could easily be an energy wave of some sort. Wave does not necessarily imply water, but Trapper’s dream does suggest a LOT of water.

Basically, this whole WHAT portion of our warning is severely lacking in detail.



Obviously Hawaii is implicated here, but that state is made up of several islands, so let’s take a look at all our indicators here in the following map:

Okay, when you read Trapper’s dream, you’ll notice that he’s hovering near the Polynesian Cultural Center, looking “towards Kaneohe and Kailua,” which means his focal point is probably mostly oriented on Kaneohe/Kailua, but most of Hawaii’s other islands are within his field of view (see red cone area in map).

Interestingly, gniknkik’s dream probably takes place on the same main island, being that the dreamer emphasized masses of people being stuck at an airport. So how about this…the linguistics actually brings in two other islands, as strange as that is to me. First, the only Hawaiian “emerald” I could find is on Maui, and the Red-Flagged “village” that we found on that Nov 2nd linguistics run on the biggest island. All of those mentioned are within Trapper’s probable field of view (regardless if he was consciously trying to see that far out).

The point here: for the WHERE component if something does happen to Hawaii, it appears that most of the islands will be affected.



This is another big unknown. We have lots of different markers that could help us here. First off, most dreams come true within one week, and they are also the most accurate if they do come true within a week. However, that only applies to non-incubated dreams, of which we only have Trapper’s Nov 3rd dream. Therefore, the 1st time marker is 7 days from his dream which is Nov 10, 2014.

The second one was a Project Año dream, and when the year 2015 is incubated, that automatically moves the expected timeline toward 2015 in a bell-shaped pattern, where the highest probability of it coming true will be inside 2015, except there are indeed lower probabilities of it happening just outside 2015.

Next, the location linguistics seems to favor 6 weeks, because for some reason, specific locations that show up in linguistics, for some reason come true in about 6 weeks (such as in the famous Dallas meme). Granted, this Hawaii linguistics was nowhere near as impressive as the Dallas meme, which could mean several things.

First, Hawaii may not be implicated here at all, at least from a linguistics standpoint. This is pretty much negated by the dual dream overlap. Second, the lower surge level might mean that a much bigger event is actually much further out, time-wise. The latter option would confirm the Año dream (i.e., sometime in 2015). However, this linguistic timestamp is probably best between 6 and 8 weeks (thus Dec 15-Dec 31, 2014), although I will caution here:

The longer this takes to manifest, the bigger the event.

However, the second linguistics has perhaps some of the best time indicators that the NDC has ever known….celestial events. In that Nov 2nd run, the word Moon shows up actually twice (Moon and Moons), which very rare. I see this is a pretty specific time marker…the event will be on the 2nd of two moons. Now, the only problem is the phase of the moon.

If we choose the 2ndnew moon,” we would bypass Nov 22nd’s new moon and look towards Dec 22, 2014 as the date here. Hmmmm….the winter solstice.

But huge waves I think might be better matched for full moons, and that would present much earlier, because the 2nd full moon from Nov 2nd bot run is actually Dec 6, 2014.

In my opinion, the most likely dates here for a Hawaii event should look like a big bell curve of probabilities. The highest probability for timeframes will be between Nov 6th and Dec 6th. If we make it through this period without “an event,” then the probability diminishes, although it still can certainly happen outside those dates.

If someone wants a specific date, I would suggest that very top of the probability curve is December 6th, 2014.


Most would want to know the probability of all this actually coming true. Answer: With the type of overlap we see here, we are actually right in the heart of very highest rung of probabilities. Based on our statistics, we’re looking at roughly 92% chance of something like this occurring in the area of Hawaii during the broader time frame.

To narrow into our triangulated timeframe of Nov 6 – Dec 6, 2014, the likelihood reduces to about 75-80 percent. This last percentage is a little rougher because of the small sample size of that situation. Either way, the indicators here look troubling and we are concerned for Hawaiians.


Extra Reading

Please note that none of the following reading is included in my analysis here. I simply put together just those dreams and linguistics that are the none fresher. But if you want more predictive reading about this, we have a plethora of material that seems to be speaking from the same fate-based script. It was a vantage point much earlier in time, but their track record is pretty impressive considering the further out time periods they have been watching this phenomenon. So, I point you to our Dreams/Memes forum, where Alex expressed his thoughts very well:

This note is very important as well. I actually moved the thread above out of the DremForecaster’s private forum into public view just now, so there is no way that this material could have been accessed by Trapper or gnikgnik.

ADDED: Note that Trapper provided more material here that has to do with a much more important EMERALD:


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