DreamForecast 06-16-14

DreamForecast 06-16-14

The Collective Weather

Unfortunately, our collective sunshine is waning. The dreamers are registering clouds, storms, and even more clouds. The next word is “sun,” but the grouping after that happens be a very interesting combination: wind, sandstorm, and dry. Incidentally, the biggest losers in our weather run was “sunny” and “hot,” so that also seems to confirm the stormy/cloudy overall picture.

So, we can interpret this a couple of ways:

1. If we interpret as the collective unconscious, then the general consensus is that we are poised for human-level storms. Metaphorically, clouds signify troubled times, irritability, bad luck, etc. You might say that we’re on the brink of new storms, and the dreams are picking up on it.

2. If this is precognitive in nature, then perhaps Earth’s general weather will be stormy in the next few days/weeks. Of course, there’s always a likely storm somewhere in the world at all times, so that should be no surprise. Therefore, if you want some possilbe locations markers, wait til we get to the states, countries and cities. But first…

Synchronicity calling:

Just as I’m typing out this DreamForecast, I received a very synchronous Project August dream. I know….I normally don’t post the actual dreams, but this one matches our discussion so well, that I simply have to…

Last night’s dream was about a mystery man sitting across the table. This man and I had conversations about the known world and all of its troubles. Every one else at the table ignored what we were saying. Like…”nobody wanted to hear about the inevitable.
Our conversation continued to the weather. His theories match mine and we talked about the continuing wacky weather. He started saying that “This is just the beginning, things will get much worse before they get better. I was straining to hear what else he had to say…then I woke up.

But that wasn’t the only cloud dream today….Another Proj August snippet:

But as I watched the sky, the excitement left me. I noticed that some gray clouds were moving while others were not. Tiny grey puffs of clouds would move to gather into one large puff, instead of all the clouds moving evenly the way that they should. It looked unnatural. Manufactured even. It was very odd.

One important note: these dreams, and any other Project August dreams, were NOT included in this DreamBot run. Therefore, the drastic increase in cloud/storm meme is a direct overlap between PA dreams and regular old dreams.

Location, location, vacation…

The good news is that we at least have a mechanism now to extract location data from the DreamBot runs. Unfortunately, there is still no mechanism to attach it to any of the other segments of the runs (e.g., weather, emotions, etc.). Hopefully some short-term events can help us establish some meaningful trends for the future.

At any rate, here’s what hot in the world of location:


Ohio pops out of nowhere to the top of the state listing. Florida is still number 2, even though it took a 14% hit. That leaves California and Kansas as the medium-level group, and just some spurious hits from Connecticut, Minnesota, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The biggest drop was Oregon with zero hits this time


To me, there are not a whole lot of surprises here, but there are couple. The biggest jump is Portugal, even though it didn’t make the top of the list (Japan is number 1). Remember that Gibraltar made it big last time? It fell off to zero this time, but notice how close Portugal is to Gibralatr….just miles away from each other. Is something going down in this area, or is the weather just bad there?

No surprise that Iraq gets a slight lift, but nothing extraordinary (it’s still towards the top). Korea also gets a very small bump up, too. Central America remains right at its average, with Guatemala and Nicaragua at two hits each. A few new countries make it to our list, albeit at the bottom: Chad, Greenland, Germany. The biggest losers were Canada, England, USA, and Australian (hmmmm, all the Western powers….what does this mean?)


No particular surprises in the cities. Phoenix is still right at the average and still at the top of the list. Ditto for Atlanta and Chicago. However, Seattle get’s the biggest jump of 13% to be number 3.

You might also be interested that Dayton, Cincinnati, and Nashville are right there together in the same group. This might denote an area of concern, especially since Ohio was already annotated as the highest state. Also consider that we’re still awaiting the previous Ohio headline, possibly concerning the food business. Interestingly, though, Akron, Cleveland, and Columbus were all zero this time.

Ontario and Boston were the biggest drops, also to zero.


Does it feel like time is speeding up?

Hottest time-related words in the latest DreamBot suggest that the collective feels time rushing by:

“Week, fast, month, suddenly, now, today, hurry”

What’s even more fascinating is that this list is valid for not only the raw frequency ordering but also when ordered in relation to percentage of move from the average. In other words, ALL these words are very hot.

The biggest losers confirm this trend: “Occasionally, already, entire, partly” (some of these not really related).

UPDATE 2014-06-18: Apparently the DreamBot isn’t the only one picking up on this time dilation. This article was put out on the same day as this DreamForecast!

Topography of the Collective

The biggest movers in the landscape theme are: Lake, forest, island, park, moon, mountain canyon, woods. All of them posed a healthy jump (in between 30% to 80%).

There is some contradiction here as “Hill” took a big 30% hit. Cave and Waterfall both dropped about 20% to round out the bottom of the list.

At the Brink?

The good news: LOVE jumped 87% in dreams within the last week!

The bad news: HATE jumped 81%!

Other big movers were: Sad, afraid, stress, enjoyed, depressed, angry, happiness.

Biggest loser: SCARE at -44%.


Okay, that was DreamBot 3, so what does DreamBot 2 say?

DreamBot 2

and the phrases are….

part black school person door take
start pretty big actually coming
light come behind building live window
seen three turned shot ill sky
gun escape hands crying voice class college eventually town telling type device perhaps immediately [arm working possible journal]
apparently quickly men mountain died bunch children son earth within soon huge center
falling future hole leaving especially main god sorry


I don’t consider all of this potential headline material, but I do believe it gives hints as to what humanity is currently creating. Ideally, I would take this result and match it up to literal dream content like I do for Project August, but I just don’t have the time.


That’s all for now!

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  1. Save Life June 16, 2014 at 6:42 pm - Reply

    I must reply on the snippet:
    “instead of all the clouds moving evenly the way that they should. It looked unnatural. Manufactured even. It was very odd.”

    Well…this is not a dream this happened yesterday, on Father’s Day…Some jets flew over and released a trail of smoke that stayed in the air. Then the clouds turned grey and expanded into stormy clouds. Now its dark, windy and rainy….but the clouds just kind of expanded over the entire sky, and are now moving East.

    • ndcadmin June 16, 2014 at 7:01 pm - Reply

      That snippet was from someone else’s PA dream 🙂

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