Floods and Freezes: Yellow Caution Issued

Floods and Freezes: Yellow Caution Issued

First issue: Flood….past, present, or future?

Two of the biggest jumps in this week’s DreamForecast are “flood” and “Ghana” (as in the country). So, I naturally asked, “What the heck kind of DreamForecast is this anyway?”

It’s not too uncommon to see headlines about floods, which I did manage to find a couple today, but trying to find dream-worthy news about this African country is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

I did find some news, and I think this shows us our first definitive glance at what I call “Collective Day Residue”

Day residue is a common phrase in the dreamwork circles, and it refers to the “undigested” emotional or cognitive process that happened during the day. For example, if you saw a helpless elephant get slaughtered on TV, you might end up repressing that image, which means that you would simply unconsciously pretend that you didn’t see it. But the image still resides in the unconscious, which then comes out in your dream that night.

That’s called “day residue,” and what I’m doing here is considering a very strong case of Ghana + flood being our first definitive case of day residue at the collective level. Let me walk everybody through this sequentially.

Okay, the dreams for this particular DreamForecast were dreamt between June 30th and yesterday, July 7th. The headline that I believe is directly related to our linguistics here was found by searching for the top two words for the week…Flood and Ghana.

The result was numerous links discussing this issue…

FIFA World Cup 2014: U.S.-Ghana site under flood alert By Evan Hilbert | CBSSports.com

Note that this article came out on June 15th, which precedes all the dreams by about two weeks. Is this day residue? It might be. This was team USA’s first World Cup match, and while the game did NOT get delayed because of flooding, there were a LOT of headlines reporting the flood alert for this particular matchup.

My point here is that there was a lot of emotional buildup that could definitely have gotten lodged in the collective unconscious very easily.

Other Option

Another option, of course, is that these two terms present an ongoing trend in the media sphere. There is, I believe, sufficient data to support this already, or at least the flood meme by itself.

Take for example the fact that flooding in the Mississippi River caused two bridges to close yesterday. Also, we even see floods of humans coming over the border, and the media is even using these terms now (i.e. a flood of bodies).

However, Ghana is very quiet on the news trends since that June 15th flood alert. That might change, but the news would have to be quite large to overcome the notion of collective day residue.

Let’s shift now the rest of the DreamForecast with…

Weather & The Approaching Alert

Flood was the top dog as already discussed, but “Sunny” was just behind, and “Windy” in a close third position. Interestingly, “Cold” and “Ice Storm” remain in the top 5 with about 70% increase this week. This brings me to an interesting dream recently, which described freezing temperatures in the middle of the summer:

I dreamed that I had a metal trough in my back yard – the kind used for animals to drink water from. One day in the middle of summer I looked out the window and the water in the trough was frozen over. My cat was outside looking at it curiously. She managed to tip it over upon herself. I ran outside and pulled up the trough and fortunately she was okay. Then I ran inside to call my mom and tell her about how the water was frozen over.

Now, I was cautious with the particular dream, because I knew the dream MIGHT have simply been day residue from our previous DreamForecasts that talked at length about pole reversals.

So, I asked this dreamer whether she had read either of the past two DreamForecasts, and she said…

No it has been a while, probably several months since I have been at your website. I seldom remember dreams and not all of them are of the kind that fit with the mission of your database.

Therefore, no indication of day residue here!

For those new to weird weather patterns, one of the biggest symptoms of a pole reversal (and there are many, by the way) is the sudden and dramatic change in weather…to a degree that is much more significant that we’ve seen from the so-called “climate change” (a whole other hornet’s nest that I don’t want to cover in this venue).

What’s more, check out how closely this dream resembles the dream linguistics from the 3rd Project August report:

“Earth food hard ice”

It does seem that we are triangulating something very spectacular here. Project August dreams suggest some food freezing, we now have a non-Project August dream saying the exact same thing, and we have not one but 2 previous DreamForecasts that suggest a mechanism for freezing food….a pole shift. That’s at least 4 different venues suggesting the same sort of outcome.

When was the last time that happened? Our first Red Alert here at the National Dream Center concerned crashing airplanes, which did unfold with a decent (not perfect) DreamSeer score.

Are getting close to a Red Alert for pole shifting? Let’s cover that next…

The Shift Meme = Yellow Flag

Equator was a word that was climbing in the last few reports. Now it’s #1 in the geographical features in two different measures. It has the most number of hits and it also climbed a phenomenal 204% from last week!

Name another word that hinted about a pole shift….hopefully you said, “North Pole” because that is now number 2 in raw hits and #3 in the amount of increase (156%). South Pole isn’t anywhere close to the top, but it did see an increase of 23%.

So, we have in this order: equator, riverbed, north pole, pond, canyon, glacier, island. The only surprising loss we had was moon, which received only 18 hits and fell about 10 spots in the chart.

But what do these results have to say about a pole shift? Well, unfortunately, we have no previous data to go on here. This version of the DreamBot is too knew to make any sort of definitive predictions, and that’s why I don’t feel compelled to issue an official Red Alert (yet), but I do have to say that the evidence does look positive, especially considering some of the other news coming out, even from NASA (Never a Straight Answer).

If there’s one thing I can confidently project, is that equator and North Pole surely cannot maintain this tremendous climb. It’s just not sustainable, at least in the number of hits in our collective dreams. I’m already anxious about seeing next week’s numbers.

As far as Red Alerts, my intuition seems to be tempering this one, and I don’t know why. There are a lot of indicators here suggesting something big like food freezing and pole reversals. And the timing is also converging. The August linguistics and the weekly linguistics overlapping should mean something.

So how about we issue a yellow caution for now, and await the next few days/weeks worth of dreams?

In the meantime, you may be interested in all the weird noises around the country that people are apparently reporting. Is this the sound that pole shifts make?

Incidentally, here’s an actual account from someone who apparently heard the sound. If the description is correct, then I have also personally heard this noise:

Re: A MUST READ ACCOUNT!! Reader: ‘The Charlot….

When they were testing me at the US Bureau of Standards they asked me what it sounded like. It was prior to plastic soda bottles and cans, and it sounded like the sound you hear when you blow across the top of a 16 oz bottle of Coke or Tab… the reason I am giving the brand name, it has to do with the shape of the bottle. The sound was measured at 45 hertz but when I hear it on the equipment it is only 2-7 hertz…. they said that I could hear the 45 hertz but I was also able to recognize the harmonics of that sound… so some people hear higher frequencies sound like 49-50 hertz but that is only a harmonic of the same sound I hear. My sound is not acoustic but is EMF Radiation so we are hearing the same thing but at different frequencies. Some peoples ears are more suitable to the high frequencies and some to the low frequencies… I have both. They thought mine was tinnitus till they did the tests in the attenuation booth and found that the sound was real and some 45 X their ultimate measurement capability… meaning it was 45X stronger in the QUIET booth than outside it.


Wow! The top two gainers this week were “Feared” and “Loves.” These two words exactly tied for first place, but key in on the tenses. Feared is past tense, and Loves is current tense, as in happening now. Therefore, the collective feared, but now it loves!

Isn’t that exciting?

What’s more is a huge confirmation of this by adding up all the like terms (all versions of love) and then all the versions of fear. When you do this, the huge winner is LOVE! Well, actually, let me qualify this, because it’s also a huge paradox…

The most common trend is by far all the words having to do with love (loved, loves, loving, etc.). However, the actual word “Love” is at the very bottom of the list with (get this) ZERO hits!

Is that irony or what?


To be honest, the location gig is just confusing the heck out of me. I don’t what these people are dreaming about, but it hasn’t seemed too terribly direct with actual news events in the past or future (at least so far).

Nonetheless, Ghana made a huge leap this week, double the hits that Uzbekistan made. Sri Lanka is still in the top tier, but now we get a tickle from Jordan and the Falkland Islands. Oh, and Ireland brings up the rear with a handful of hits.

So, for countries, it’s Ghana, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan (a couple of “stans” here), Jordan, Falkland, and Ireland.

States are almost meaningless here. Nothing really stands out. Idaho and Iowa both have 3 hits. Big deal.

Cities are somewhat the same…Bakersfield is the highest but nothing to get all excited about. There are some new cities here, though…Jersey City, Overland Park, Saint Paul, and Little Rock.

Linguistics Phrases

Do any of these phrases mean anything to anyone?

Pick situation wonder rest days brain shot fly plane
Gave done failed planet true awake
Free month order children feelings recently grabbed needed
Moon missing climb giving trouble
Deaths ships east epic forced materials cell cross communication airport approach nose learned camp security
Arrived vague becoming beginning enjoy ice liked
Kingdom quality shed bomb numbers target caused agree


Notice the second to last…”enjoy ice” seems to fit the discussion in the first half of this report. I really wish I had more time to explore these linguistics phrases. For example, I’d be really interested in learning about the epic ships from the east…that one sounds super exciting, if anything ever comes of that.

OMG, I can’t believe I almost forgot the numbers game!

Many of you are going to be heartbroken, because 7 dropped to #4 in the list. But what is now #1?


I kid you not. This number doesn’t look like a 7, but it does reduce to it! 1+6 = 7. YGBSM!

#1 fell again for the second straight week…it only received 47 hits this time and fell to the very bottom of the list. Anybody have any idea what that means?



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  1. Save Life July 8, 2014 at 9:46 am - Reply

    “Pole Shift” Is right on the money! The poles has shifted three times already. The “shifts” were so small that Most did not feel them.
    It happened with the “Haiti quake, the Japan quake, and the Chilean quake…FACT!!
    The earth its self is still on the move. This “whacky Weather” will continue to be so until the earth re-stabilizes its self. Much like a sealed jar of water. If you were to tip the jar, the water would swash and move about, until Finally re-settling.
    Plus…”Global warming” is melting the polar ice caps at such a rate, that the “weather barely has time to catch up. Thus, creating more “Whacky Weather” Why? Because of the large amount of fresh water being pored into the oceans, creating a rise in sea-levels. And as a result, a rise in unstable weather.
    I live in Utah. The weather here is Normally Hot and dry….now, its Hot and Humid!! Some of the trees here are dying due to the pouring in humidity! Some of our plants and trees prefer the hot dry air. Our eco system is going into shock!
    But, it will all re-stabilize its self through the years, how many? Don’t know…this is a first for me! However, as a science geek 😉 I find myself interestingly intrigued, to study the facts and reasons behind the “WHY?”

    • ndcadmin July 8, 2014 at 3:53 pm - Reply

      Yeah, this whole pole shift idea is a huge topic. The poles have wandered, but haven’t reversed just yet. Sometimes the poles take thousands of years to reverse. But sometimes it can take mere hours. Believe me, everyone on the planet will know when the poles shift within hours. The electromagnetic “shield” protecting us would be taken down, making it a completely miserable place to live. Robert Felix believes that it is during these pole reversals that diamonds and oil plummet into the surface from space.

      In reference to the Global Warming and ice melting, there are actually MORE icebergs getting BIGGER, in fact the majority of ice is actually expanding, which also adds to the growing evidence of wandering poles (and thus the CO2 theory is total hogwash). Water will begin to move as the poles pick up pace and climate…..well, there may be a temporary time where there’s literally no climate at all. Have fun with that! 🙂 Thanks for the input

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