DreamForecast 07/15/14: More Floods

DreamForecast 07/15/14: More Floods

If the dream world was played like a stock market, the best word to describe this week’s DreamForecast would be…Correction. The crystal clear trends that have been building during the last three weeks are for the most part correcting this week.

Words like ‘equator’ / ‘north pole’ / ‘south pole’ have fallen off a linguistical cliff. This can be interpreted in a couple of different ways since we’re still in relatively unknown territory with these algorithms. My first thought seems to be the most probable, but I can’t supply any guarantees here.

Based on this correction of certain memes, it’s a decent probability that our recent surge of “pole shift” indicators simply predicted some pretty important headlines with respect to the pole shift, but I’m thinking that the pole shift itself isn’t immanent (like within days or weeks), because…

Equator brought in ZERO hits. Ditto for North Pole and South Pole…both with ZERO hits.

If the inevitable pole shift is within days to weeks, I personally would expect to see a continued trend of at least some hits with these three. As I discussed in the last report, I expected an eventual drop in the progress of these words, but I never expected a total collapse of the returns altogether!

So, not to dwell on this too much, but the presence of zero hits on our pole shift words suggests to me that a pole shift isn’t immanent (yet).

In Beta Form: Meta-Trends

Can we make summary statements for DreamForecasts? In other words, perhaps we can take the top performing words from different topic areas and push them together in a sort of meta-trend. Let’s try it now, although take the results with a grain of salt.

The biggest sub-trends would suggest that…

We should not expect any flooding in California this week or in the month of July, but the biggest news may be associated with forests and hills (in CA or Germany).

This is a very risky proposal that our DreamBot is making, considering the flash flood warnings issued yesterday for the CA-NV border and the southwest / LA area.

If the time data were removed (i.e., “July” and “never” being this week’s main time indicators), then that would suggest a flood in and around California. That’s a huge difference, I know. Whichever way this turns out will give us a better idea for how to interpret this in subsequent runs.

Let’s switch gears and zero in on each individual topic area.


As indicated above, California was a huge surprise to the DreamBot, shooting to the top of the US states. However, Germany was by far the biggest jump for any location marker. I suspect that Germany rose to the top simply based off of day residue from winning the World Cup.

I also don’t suspect any suspicion about the number 1 also surging to the top, probably based on Germany’s meager score of 1-0 against Argentina. By the way, Germany was 102% over the mean, and Argentina shot up 51%, both of which were most likely day residue based on the World Cup finale.

In US cities, Buffalo, Aurora, and Tucson were at the top of the list, but don’t get too overjoyed (or scared) because at least one of the “buffalos” was an actual animal and not a city. Also, the other two cities only received a handful of hits, so not very remarkable.


As discussed above, “Never” was by and far the top indicator for time. Next was “Week” followed by “Already.” Some inferences could be made about Week and Already with respect to Flood and Flooding from the last DreamForecast (i.e., flooding was an overwhelmingly accurate predictor for last week). Therefore, “Never” does seem to be significant here, but we’re anxiously awaiting how that fits into the rest of this week’s forecast.


“Flood” was the huge winner last week, but this week it produced a very surprising ZERO hits. However, it’s cousin “Flooding” jumped to the top with an impressive 82% jump. “Storm” is #2 and “Snow” is #3. All of this does seem to continue the main weather themes from last week, AND it does continue to support some of the Project August weather memes.

In DreamWork, weather can be an indicator for what’s going on inside the human mind, i.e., emotionally or cognitively. In collective dreams, this can be the same, so if that’s what the dreams point to rather than outer reality weather patterns, it might indicate storms present in the collective unconscious.

However, when we go to the emotions, we see quite a different story, so I’m thinking the weather trends are just that…actual weather.


The positivists are going to be singing some really loud choruses when they see the data here. All the fear-related terms almost fell out of the top 10, but it managed to squeak by with the word “scared” at #10. The big winner was present-tense LOVE.

It didn’t even need any support from related words like Enjoy (#3), Nice (#4), Happy (#6), Smile (#7), and Please (#8). The highest “negative” word would be “Stress” at #2, but stress can actually be a huge positive in much of our human experiences (e.g., exercising is stressful to the body, weddings are stressful to any family, a new house is exciting but stressful, etc.)

Therefore, I don’t consider “Stress” to be particularly negative, but it does support the birthing of something new, that is for certain. And when we combine LOVE and STRESS together, we get even more support for the birthing meme.


Black had the most hits, but White was the biggest percentage increase from last week. I’m still perplexed about the cliff that “florescent” hit. Red and Green had a decent increase with about 70% each.

“Silver” was a one-hit wonder last week, as it fell back to ZERO again this week.


As discussed before, “Forest” was the big winner with a 90% increase, but #3 was “Woods,” which added another 43% to the Forest theme. “Hill” was #2.

Biggest losers were Glacier, Peak, Island, & the pole-shift words.


Comedy hour with linguistic phrases

I almost left this section out this week because of the non-helpeful language it provides. However, I changed my mind as I read things like “beside trapped ass,” and “Evil test God,” and “Obama blind USA,” and several others. Here are the highlights followed by my musings below the chart.

1 Amazing lights definitely art
2 Germany stress general panic staying link likely force familiar theme
3 Fishing toy bomb daily hidden visiting fucking dragon
4 Stall browser queen generally tower relax German sub beside trapped ass
5 Hunter hose Italy Obama blind USA flag stones blow
6 Northern clearing pat canyon flooding
7 Egg Nazi analytics
8 Argentina asteroid isolation
9 Spiritual minds provided relief
10 Sadly spotted California product license shadows wound contained media
11 Office teeth evil test God
12 Iron horses vanished burned remains sacred culture


The numbers in the left column simply allow us to discuss some of the lines quickly. For example, phrase 1 reminds me of Project Bluebeam. In other words, the lights will look amazing and unique, but it’s all art by design.

Notice that Germany comes out on three separate occasions (lines 2, 4, and 7). Perhaps this is simply from the World Cup day residue, but perhaps we’ll see evidence of the 4th Reich soon. Then again, maybe all this is trying to tell us that Angela Merkel “Does not want to complete full term as German chancellor.”

Line 3 seems to have some sort of reptilian feel to it, with a special F-bomb to underline how humanity feels about it.

I really want to know whether there’s something predictive about line 5 because the meaning can change depending on how the words are placed here. Specifically, is Obama the hunter or the blind one or the perhaps the one blowing flagstones? Too many questions here to be useful ahead of time, which is a real shame.

Line 6: what the heck is “Pat” doing in a Northern canyon? And besides, who or what is Pat, anyway?

Line 8 leaves quite a bit of speculation about the recent rumors of an asteroid impacting near the US. I haven’t seen any predictions for Argentina, but I surmise that their outstanding debt issue could easily be seen as a sort of asteroid that would definitely isolate that country.

For line 10, keep in mind that the new Dream App called “Shadow” is due out this month, but perhaps the media and California might produce a damaging sort of wound in the new release perhaps.

I am very anxious to see something about the vanishing horses, burned remains, and/or sacred culture from line 12.

In my professional opinion, there doesn’t seem to be much of any prophetic or predictive warnings from these phrases, and besides, it’s getting time for me to start looking at Project August forecasts instead. Have a great week, and try to stay out of the floods and freezing weather!



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  1. NativeAmericanDreamWeaver July 15, 2014 at 1:13 am - Reply

    Line 12. really stand out for me.
    12 Iron horses vanished burned remains sacred culture
    Iron horses is a term used for the rail road.
    Culturally speaking it was the Iron Rail Road that brought the white man across this nation, in which they burned the remains of my people, and tried to stamp out my sacred culture.

    Line 12. makes my heart soar with the hope of my culture raising up as a sacred nation once again. The only way to do this is to reach the hearts and the minds of the masses so they too may see the beauty of the Native Way of life. Aho!

    Line 9. Is the answer to line 12.

  2. sterling running stream phillips July 22, 2014 at 4:26 am - Reply

    12) has a very specific image attached to it. the image of the metal horse in front of the AirPort in New Mexico via the City of Albuquerque. Also Hey there Brother, it brings me Joy to read and hope for your Insight to this line of 12. Be Well and thank you for your focus and willingness to be honest within yourself. Sterling

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