Sky Flash: Turning into a Meme

Sky Flash: Turning into a Meme

For all intents and purposes, I’ve been “gone” for a few days. In reality, I didn’t go anywhere, but fell into a state of administrative trance, if you will. The response from Monday night’s radio show was very impressive, and there’s literally no way to cover everyone’s fabulous inputs and questions.

Let’s start off by talking about the topic that no one wants to discuss…Sky flash. I couldn’t believe how many other people had dreams about EMPs and/or sky flashes. But not only that, the timing is incredulous…adding an additional 6 dreams in the same two nights as we previously discussed “Sky Flash” dreams (that is, July 10th and 11th).

One of those dreamers shared two dreams…one was a nuclear bomb, and the other an EMP (as many people know, nuclear explosions also create EMPs). These dreams were dreamt 3 and 4 weeks ago, respectfully, which gets us in the same sort of time basket.

So are all these dreams about EMP and sky flashes really predicting something incredible? The tough part about this one is that the general public has been getting large doses of attention about this topic recently. Therefore, the whole meme might be simply day residue from past information.

Of course, the other related option is that the population is fed the information in order that we collectively attract this monstrosity of an event. But dreams can also predict, as most of us know. We’ve covered this topic at great length in times past.

Even though we can’t answer these questions empirically, let’s assume the dreams are predictive, and we just have to nail down the timing. Now, keep in mind that George Ure has been watching for sky flashes from his linguistics program, too. What’s most interesting is that some prominent sky flashes have come out recently that we can hardly deny they meet all the criteria for “Sky Flash” (for example, he asks if this article fulfills the prediction).

My intuition is seeking a different conclusion, but it doesn’t have to catastrophic necessarily. We’ve already covered the location marker, but how about the time….let’s take a stab at that now, shall we?

Doing the Impossible: Timing

We know that most precognitive dreams come true within about a week, but we’ve observed that many Project August dreams are actually coming true right at the one-month point, and a few of these Sky Flash dreams are from Project August.

Therefore, we would initially take a stab at August 10-11. Okay, now get this. Our now-famous Neptune dreamer from Project August just happened to take matters into his own hands. He writes this in a reply to someone else hypothesizing about sky flash equaing earthquake:

I read about this report on the George Ure Urban Survival site prior to reading the report. In my mind I got the same feeling – earthquake lights. In reading the descriptions of the dreams, I wasn’t so sure. So last night I decided I’d do an intentioned dream related to earthquakes and the supermoon of August 12th, especially since there are articles relating to full moons and earthquakes. I was in a semi-dream state, and I got the word “Hawaii”, and saw the island. I didn’t see mass destruction. Which doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be a major earthquake some other time, but I didn’t get the impression that anything major would happen related to the supermoon. Maybe something minor on the 12th on Hawaii? Maybe its something worth intentioning on for other areas and/or times.


I agree with him…definitely worth much more intentions from seriously gifted Paradigm 1 dreamers. If MTB’s dream is right, then we’re probably not looking for a disintegrating, incredulously damaging sky flash before 12 August. However, dreams aren’t perfect, nor are dreamers coming back from DreamLand.

3 Recommendations

1. As we all watch the skies intently, keep in mind our new DreamSeer scale. This comes in handy when bantering about whether an event matches the predictions.

Instead of saying, “No” to George’s question (is this the sky flash?), I give him my best guess for a score. In this case, knowing that the location is somewhere in the vicinity of West to SW USA, I would say that his article/question receives about a 1.5.

I would like to see about a 3.0 or 4.0 before I’d call it “a hit.” But the point here is that instead of arguing about whether it was a hit, think of the score you’d give, and compare scores. There’s no doubt that sky flash is in that article, just not the sky flash that resembles the dream material.

2. Switch it to a MEME? For me, Sky Flash is starting to look just like the Flooding meme from earlier this month. When flooding came up, we saw it in day residue, current events, and a LOT from the future.

Therefore, we saw it as a bigger meme instead of one future event, which definitely agreed with the continued trend in the linguistics. I argue that Sky Flash might be similar….a growing meme.

3. I invite you all to do an August intention like MTB did. Pick a date and dream about it. For him, it appears that sky flash (the version that destroys lives) doesn’t happen until after 12 Aug, so you might choose days after that and see what you get.

But also keep in mind that in dream work, once the one month point hits, the prediction reliability decreases. But also keep in mind that the stronger the emotional content, the further out you can “see” the prediction in your dream. Therefore, the further out it is in time, the bigger the possibility that the event will be big, BUT it’s realibility decreases….inverse relationship.


Tons more themes to go through, so standby….

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  1. dean July 24, 2014 at 4:39 pm - Reply

    Can you publish the dream again that started this “meme” where if my memory is correct (unlikely) her and her husband saw a sky flash to the Northwest direction and they were somewhere in New Mexico? and he said I think “a EMP/nuke?” and she said something like “no maybe a volcano” “we need to get inside the ash is coming” as I said my memory is getting fuzzy about it.

    • ndcadmin July 24, 2014 at 5:03 pm - Reply

      Yes, I will do that, but I’ll also explain what we’ve found about the second beast, which we call “location” (the first beast was time). I believe there are things we can do to mitigate errors on both these fronts, but it will take some more statistical patience as we continue collecting more data. I’ll supply more info tomorrow (headline willing). Thanks Dean…appreciate you keeping an eye on the big memes.

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