Exciting New Connections: Ginette Matacia Lucas

Exciting New Connections: Ginette Matacia Lucas

The National Dream Center introduces a prolific dreamer and public figure to our operations here. Please welcome Ginette Matacia Lucas, who is best known for using her well-honed dreaming talents in the field of forensics.

Ginette has a plethora of well-documented dream predictions, but her real specialty gets showcased when working with police departments, the FBI, and other governmental bodies to solve or at least enhance awareness on dead-end crime cases.

She was aired on CNN’s Nancy Grace and was asked to explain how she could have possibly located the missing skeletal remains of Caylee Anthony, the murdered 2-year old Florida girl. In essence, Ginette talked directly with Dominique Casey on a cell phone and guided him directly to the area where he could find the body.

Ginette didn’t pick up her skills by accident. She was born to a US federally-employed dowser, dreamer, paranormal expert, Louis Matacia. Ginette sadly reports that her father is now in poor health, defined mainly by degrading mental acuity and Alzheimer’s. But back in the day, Luis Jr. was right at the tip of the paranormal spear:

“During the Vietnam War he was commissioned to teach dowsing skills to US Marines so that they could avoid booby traps, navigate safely through jungles, and learn the whereabouts of the enemy. Soldiers reported that using the L-rod in this way saved many lives. Louis is particularly interested in the challenge of the search. Using his dowsing together with a range of scientific devices, he has located lost pipes, oil, wells, caves and buried treasures.” (SOURCE)

Louis went on to become a legend, especially with this professional level dowsing wisdom. It was Louis who taught his daughter, Ginette, how to incubate dreams from a very early age, and from then on, she learned experientially how to improve her techniques.

Ginette is with us because she believes in the mission of the NDC, which is to improve the human condition. She’s one who has apparently mastered the very things I outlined in several of my recent posts, especially our all-important scoring system that will grade WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN for all our predictions.

What is also immensely intriguing is how she uses the same basic approach that I personally identified in that new scoring system. I said,

“This is called the ITERATIVE approach, and is something we never tried in Proj Aug, but will be one of the biggest lessons learned. Basically, we take our dreams and lay out the big memes first. From the memes, we fill in low-probability headlines and determine MAX SCORES. From the max score, we know what information is lacking, and thus have our dreamers go back into that meme to fill in the blanks.”

This is how she conducts her operations, too. She’ll start with what is known, such as the person’s name and any other applicable info. Then, she incubates a dream (i.e., makes an intention to dream about that person) to see what comes up. Invariably, not all the information she needs comes forth, so she’ll keep incubating on finer and finer details. This is EXACTLY what I outlined just days prior to us connecting.

Finally, this matches up perfectly with another essential addition we are currently setting up….a bulletin board / discussion area where groups and teams can collaborate together. Basically, we’ll be doing the iterative approach collectively, and we’ll communicate our findings and predictions via the discussion format.

The NDC is moving forward, and these are definitely exciting times ahead! We’re not exactly clear on what our arrangement will look like, but we are all extremely excited about what the future holds here. Keep your eyes and ears open for more updates. Until then, Happy Dreaming!

Oh, almost forgot….Ginette sees big things coming in both the near term and longer term, but I have my lips sealed for now.


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  1. J Awake August 17, 2014 at 5:48 am - Reply

    What an honor for NDC..Welcome Ginette.

  2. BUCK SLOAN August 17, 2014 at 11:26 am - Reply


  3. Maria Isabel Pita August 18, 2014 at 2:42 pm - Reply

    This is all very interesting and exciting. Ginette concentrates on a specific individual and case, which I think is important when it comes to focusing our dreams and the information they provide. It makes me wonder if there is some way PA can direct its dreamers’ skills more specifically? Perhaps groups of individual dreamers might concentrate on forthcoming events related to specific subjects? Depending on what most interests and excites them. Hope that makes sense!

    • ndcadmin August 18, 2014 at 2:52 pm - Reply

      Maria, as always, thank you so much for your comments! What you are talking about is exactly what I’ve been referring to as iterative dreaming, and is also why I’m feverishly working on setting up the forums. We’ll get a “lead” from the DreamBot (a meme or theme); I’ll publish that on the forums; that will give the dreamers an indication for what’s hot….then they go dream about this hot issue and report their findings…which then gets fed to our Team 2 (Paradigm 2 players) for intending a positive or beneficial outcome. This alls sounds so complicated I know, but I PROMISE it’s SO SIMPLE, and this will be very very exciting, especially with Ginette’s help (depending on what time she has for us). Stay tuned…I’ll have more in the next couple of days. Oh, and also I do need to mention that with the excitement surrounding Ginette’s arrival should in NO WAY undermine my trust and enthusiasm I have for the tremendously talented dreamers on our site! This is an understatement…what a team we’ve generated, with more invariably on the way!!

      Thanks again,

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