For Newbies & Who wants to be a DreamForecaster?

For Newbies & Who wants to be a DreamForecaster?

Paul writes:

I tried to post the below text through the web site but it keeps failing?

I came across your interview on VERITAS and found it very interesting, however as a newbie to the site i find it a bit confusing. As far as I can see, there are 2 major parts to the web site.

Predicted headlines

Projects – uno, August etc

However, I cannot see any regular page where the predicted headlines are derived from, would it be possible to have a weekly web page with the trending words and their percentage or a possible download of the information. this would allow the amateur sleuths to help predict the headlines

Thanks for a great web site

Welcome, Paul, but just keep in mind that we are all just about as newbie as you as far as pulling out headlines from collective dream material, although I do have a wealth of experience over the summer developing various algorithms and protocols. Next, there are many areas of this website, and it can get a little confusing. The about page helps to delineate all the areas of the NDC.

Just keep in mind that we are in the process of adding a very big new piece to this: a bulletin board / discussion area. This will be used to do exactly what you’re talking about….establishing and refining headlines (also doing Paradigm 2 work, DreamScapes, and general discussions).

But I think what you’re really wanting are the posts called “DreamForecasts.” Basically, any article who’s first word in its title is DreamForecast will have top trends, linguistics phrases, DreamBot3 breakdowns, etc.In the past, these were conducted weekly, typically coming out on Tuesday to “catch” the weekend surge of dreams worldwide.

One of the ways to only display DreamForecasts on the front page is to select that category either on the right sidebar or on the dropdown menu called “DreamBlog.”

Next Project!

However, you bring up something very important in your post. Your comment was, “this would allow the amateur sleuths to help predict the headlines.” This synchronistically dovetails into the next project I was going to roll out, so might as well do it here. It has no name yet, but basically, amateur DreamForecasters will compete weekly by individually-deriving and publishing their own set of headlines.

They will use the same fundamental principles I have used recently, using the various DreamBot results and recent DreamBase dreams to outline their predictions. Just like the dreamers, DreamForcasters will be ranked, and I have specific plans for how to reward both the top DreamForecasters and the top dreamers (to be announced later).

There are certain rules associated with this DreamForecasting challenge. For starters, the individual will get graded on the relevance of their prediction to the dream material. For example if your headline is “Underground test facility will be converted into a Walmart” and there is no mention of Walmart in any of the dream material, then the relevance score is very very low. (Relevance will be part of the scoring/ranking and might even be a multiplication factor…the concept is to use the dreams for predicting, not one’s own visions and undocumented dreams. In other words, all headlines must be justified based on NDC content.)

There will be a few more guidelines when the time comes, but if you are interested in this program now, you may sign up early. In fact, earlier signups will have an opportunity to gain experience with me before the festivities begin.

When will the new DreamForecast competition kick off? Our timing here is event based. First, we must tidy up the Proj Aug results. Next, we must have a working and smooth bulletin board established. Finally, I need to finalize the details, rules, and rewards. It is estimated we will begin October 1st, but don’t hole me to that!




To view the status of all Proj Aug headlines, click here.

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