DreamForecast 8/19/2014: DALLAS, Scared, Clouds

DreamForecast 8/19/2014: DALLAS, Scared, Clouds

What in the world is going on in Dallas?

There wasn’t a whole lot going on in any of the other cities, but look at this one…

CITY % above Ave.
Dallas 192.2%
Chicago 34.2%
Tyler 30.0%
Boston 26.4%


So, I reiterate…what in the world is going on down in Dallas? The dreaming community is going nuts over this city, and perhaps one of our readers might know of any significant day residue to have caused this. Remember the dreams are no more than 1 week old, but also remember that Dallas has been #1 for two weeks in a row! Surely this wasn’t due to Rick Perry’s latest indictment…that was over in Austin.

I’m also doubtful that yesterday’s Dallas shootings were associated to either the day residue or fulfillment of collective precognition.

Chicago and the other 2 cities up there are still gaining, but not surging like Dallas.



hawaii 30.0%
virginia 24.3%
texas 22.1%
missouri 16.4%


Truthfully, there’s no big surprise here. States don’t normally receive a whole lot of hits, so 30% is not eye-opening at all. However, Virginia is rarely in the running, and Missouri is new to the top rung.


Italy 32.5%
Libya 27.1%
Malaysia 24.3%
India 22.1%
Philippines 21.6%


I find it strange that Libya made it through pretty much the whole summer without significant dream numbers, and now it’s making its climb. Libya news seems way too old for this to be day residue. I think DreamBot2 is telling us something here.

Italy might only have a 32% gain, but it’s never been in the top rung, either. So that will be interesting to watch.



scare 220.4%
joyful 165.0%
anxiety 138.4%
scared 122.2%
confused 118.8%
stress 116.7%
evil 95.9%


Peace was lower on the list with a nice 65% addition from last week’s 100% gain. We also see Joyful accelerating its climb, but Scare and Scared were just too powerful this week.

It appears that FEAR has an edge in the collective unconscious, and I must think that day residue has a big hand in this. We’re being fed news about killer viruses and racial riots. This is the kind of stuff our Paradigm 2 Team will tackle. They will choose a different collective outcome, focus into one word or phrase and we’ll see whether their intentions can come through in the DreamBot. Sound cool?


clouds 129.0%
wet 102.9%
cloud 102.3%
warm 84.6%
Sun 67.9%
rain 59.2%


Something I’ve noticed in doing this work is that clouds surge and retreat very cyclically. I do see this obvious surge in “Clouds” to be significantly connected to the Scared sensation that our dreamers are experiencing (or have experienced this past week).

Humanity is on edge. There is a lot of negativity around us that seems to be lodged in the collective mind. Again, this is something for our future Paradigm 2 team to tackle. If you or anyone you know is really great at manifesting their reality, please send them here. We can’t start our new paradigm until we have really talented creators/manifestors to fill in the missing pieces.

We already have very talented dreamers…that was obvious throughout Proj Aug. Now we need the other type of talented folks…those who could care less what the dreams say. They create their world, and together as Team 2, they will help create ours, too. We need a LOT of energy to do this, though.

Remember the massive peace meditation that I discussed in the last DreamForecast? That was about 33K people who (we hypothesize) moved the word “Peace” up 100% in the dreams two weeks ago. This is the type of stuff our Team 2 will do. They will intend, pray, affirm, whatever modality they choose…they will act in unison and attempt to sway the DreamBot results.

More on that later.

Time Info

August 129.8%
May 120.2%


Surprise spurprise….August leaps ahead even more, but what about May? Hmmm. Remember, the typical word “may” (as in I may eat that donut) is counted in this calculation. That’s why we go by percentage gains and not actual hits.

So, May can be a female name, a month, and a regular old word that signifies uncertainty. The way I interpret this surge in May is that last notion there. Since the month of May is so far away from now, I’m pretty sure that the collective is seeing UNCERTAINTY!

Think about it, we’re SCARED in the dreams, with CLOUDS hanging over us, and a surge in the word “may.” Anyone else think differently?

slow 276.1%
month 176.8%
now 121.3%
week 119.8%
fast 112.5%


The Speed/Time chart above makes me happy. Not only is SLOW surging to the top, but I couldn’t help but read the phrase straight down the left side: Slow Month Now, Week Fast.

If this is predictive, then the fast pace life that I’m familiar with in the past few weeks/months is about over. Thank goodness….a reprieve, which begins after this fast week is over. Might as well make an even month…call it slowing down again on September 1st.


18 271.4%
17 190.6%
14 182.8%
12 160.0%
13 150.2%
16 129.0%
19 125.1%
15 105.3%
1 104.1%
10 94.6%
11 87.2%
6 80.6%
20 78.4%
9 71.2%
5 52.3%
7 43.7%
8 41.2%
2 38.6%
4 34.0%
3 21.0%


Just so you know, in the raw count, the number 1 has regained the top position, but other numbers have better percentage gains this week. I’m wondering if 18 is nothing more than being yesterday (i.e., August 18th). However, we’ve never seen that before, so we’ll watch that closely next time.


river 252.4%
forest 137.0%
hill 124.3%
desert 114.9%
ocean 105.6%
lake 72.8%
cliff 69.8%


I honestly can’t believe that Forest is still climbing! That’s three big jumps in a row, and we hypothesized that “Forest” symbolizes Transitions. So, are we still in transition? If so, what are we transitioning to???


Sun 118.4%
Saturn 44.4%
Cancer 21.3%
Moon 17.3%
Jupiter 12.7%


DreamBot2 Phrasings.

You can also see these in the forum at: http://nationaldreamcenter.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=37


1 Help getting water
2 Every ground open suddenly turn bad leave family nightmare brother area person standing coming run looks middle until falling
3 Moving starts enough death needed great dead fear
4 Teacher child grabbed crying words except tells party father
5 Police step certain grab children hurt continue shot clear
6 Cover general gold leg broken
7 Arabic sent swim
8 Extra stress arrived counter shocked drove exit plan
9 Eyeball statue soft wet creature staff crash panic quick
10 ?? Dallas tornado dropped slide [driveway boss represent cute connection shooting]
11 Patrick golden climbed careful charge plate
12 Mountain storm alive simply wild
13 Monday emergency struggle [lunch village]


Remember, these are NOT  headlines in and of themselves. We need to go look at the DreamBase dreams to get any value here. Many of them do look daunting, and according to history, at least a couple of them will come true. The dream content will tell us which ones.

I do notice that Dallas is in line 10, and indicates a possible weather anomaly to possibly hit in that area. We need your help, dreamers! We are starting what is called ITERATIVE dreaming, where the pre-sleep intention will hopefully show the dreamer (during the dream) what will happen in that location at a specific time. If you would like to help us, the instructions are here.

That’s it for now. Thank you for the support!

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  1. pollyann August 20, 2014 at 11:16 pm - Reply

    Protest rally in Dallas on Wed. Aug. 20, 2014. Open carry. Related to the Dallas theme??


  2. Grim Reaper-Tonya Brooks August 21, 2014 at 8:12 pm - Reply

    I just heard from a friend in Dallas, TX. The Black Panthers are there and they are threatening a war on the police!

  3. prinze August 23, 2014 at 10:48 pm - Reply

    What does it mean that Dallas is 192% above average?

    • ndcadmin August 24, 2014 at 8:57 am - Reply

      The DreamBot goes out to look at all the words in the dreams, and a separate database keeps historical data on what it finds on both the weekly runs and the daily runs (the two are separate). Therefore, the we know for example that there will about about 619 instances of the word “Class” because that’s the average number of returns we get each week for “class.” If the bot goes out and sees only 400 instances of “class,” that could be significant. We might say that humanity is ‘losing it’s class.” There’s a whole myriad of metaphors that could stir up there, but we typically look at the words that well ABOVE their historical averages, and we are starting to look at week-to-week percentage increases and even daily increases (this would measure percentage gain on the word “Dallas” from one day to the next. In fact, you can see what we’ve uncovered so far at this forum (updated daily or close to it): http://nationaldreamcenter.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=8

  4. shaman83 August 24, 2014 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    l have been reading these Dallas comments with some personal confusion; “yellow” and” “the Dalles,Oregon ”
    feel to be the correct interpretation.l am a lucid dreamer and an empath- the Dallas Texas connection feels incorrect…recent events in YELLOWstone connect to Oregon, not Texas, and my dreams have involved mountainous regions and shaking, not a big city.This is of course speculation,but l have no fears concerning Dallas….the future pandemonium that l “see” is of a natural event, and not in Texas….Now that a huge crack in the earth has appeared in Sonora, Mexico, which is part of the San Andreas fault system, and an earthquake today in California, l believe that the USA is getting ready for some big earth changes.

    • ndcadmin August 24, 2014 at 10:45 pm - Reply

      Thanks, Shaman83. I appreciate your contribution. USA might be getting ready, but others might be as well. This just in…6.9 quake in central Peru…http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/large-earthquake-reported-central-peru-25107682

      We’d love to have you in our forum discussions, as that is where headlines are formulated. I agree with the YELLOWstone connection, but my question is why hasn’t anyone simply received a full up YELLOWSTONE in their dream? I’m totally jiggy with the dream metaphors and I’m not knocking them, but something this big and devastating…just seems like we’d have at least one dreamer with the full word to skip the whole metaphor translation issue. Anyway, please join us, would you? There’s much more discussion over there in the forums. Register here http://nationaldreamcenter.com/forum/member.php?action=register

      Take care and thanks for commenting.

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